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  1. What a dumb post! So we play 1/2 a side next week do we? We’ve got 14 injuries and 3 concussions doubtful from last night and you want to drop both captains Take a breath and wake up
  2. How would it have helped? He’s out for 5 weeks!
  3. What’s going on down there, J Smith does his groin in a practice match comes back on & looks like he’s going to miss up to 16 weeks & now Melksham has a fractured foot & he comes back on. Im surprised Hibberd didn’t play out the game with a broken collarbone Not to mention Viney the last couple of years No wonder Misson leaving at years end, before he gets the sack!!!!
  4. Oliver 38 possies & 15 TACKLES!!! not enough?
  5. Just win for my footy tips, don’t really care other than that
  6. You’ve got to be better than that. Even if the Hawks supporter was carrying on like a peanut, look who’s getting in trouble & giving the MFC unwanted media coverage
  7. An abomination of a club, from preseason premiership fancies to Wooden spoon contenders in 5 weeks, absolute disgrace
  8. Cut us to ribbons? They lost by 2 points!!
  9. That back line is VFL standard
  10. The panic on this site is hilarious, get a grip people.
  11. So Perts getting paid a fortune for delusional comments like this Fair dinkum, let’s try and get 50k for the first time Bring back PJ
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