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  1. He’s a pro, deserves a good run at it Good luck Jake
  2. Stretch - a momentum killer What momentum!!!
  3. Do people just automatically put Gawn as the best player? Not a huge influence in my opinion 6. Harmes 5. Petracca 4. Lever 3.Gawn 2. Salem 1. ???? 6 votes is way to many for this mob, it’s to hard most weeks to find 6 good players
  4. The skill level of this mob is pathetic
  5. Why do we seem to miss the scrutiny from the media? Is it because we are still an insignificant club & can’t be trusted & no one cares. We have been woeful, from a preliminary final to second bottom must be one of the biggest falls from grace in the history of the AFL yet it’s “Oh yeah that’s Melbourne move on” Nearly every expert tipped us top 4, so it’s totally unexpected yet unexplainable, but it’s just zero care factor from everyone Could you imagine the uproar if it was Collingwood or Richmond & why does Goodwin & the players seem to get away scot free?
  6. 6. Oliver 5. Fritsch 4. Salem 3. May 2. Harme 1. Brayshaw
  7. May for captain 2020 Pruess a liability, can’t even handball Lockhart non existent Jetta is not fit & needs to be put on ice for next season Other than that a good effort
  8. Fair enough l thought we had something in common supporting the same team, but l forgot l support you criticise Thanks for setting me straight
  9. Get over it mate, he’s back up at best He will get a game next week if Max is out
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