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  1. Couldn't ask for a better role model then our very own Nev🥰
  2. Yes we should be trying to push for a store in the CBD, like Fed square, or the top of Flinders street station? All that empty space on our grand station, just going to waste😑
  3. Yes it's been a long time since we have had an Irish lad at our club.
  4. This guy should have been locked up long ago.
  5. I can't until the crowd yells out Kozzyyyyy 😁
  6. Thanks to those who gave feedback from training today🥰 There has been nothing on the Melbourne website. Who ever is in charge of the media at the needs to be shown the door. And of course on the afl site the filth and the bogons seem to be the only two teams in the afl🤬
  7. Does any body know if we are still going to try and get Kobey (little Wiz) to the club still?
  8. So true on both accounts 🙂
  9. Dee's to win flag Jackson wins rising star Brayshaw wins the 2020 Brownlow
  10. Wonder how their going to feel after win the 2020 flag😎
  11. I gave a B+ I'm sure Jackson could become a good player for us, it's just the go home factor, that's in the back of mine. Kozzie, is he the small forward we have been needing for years, so I'm very happy to have him, can't wait to see him playing next season. Rivers, is a steal for our last pick. Fingers crossed Bennell can get fit, and up and running?
  12. I agree, just seems a waste of time.
  13. Uncle Nev, didn't know that?☺️ Wonder if Uncle Byron will come down and live with Kossie?
  14. I would hate to see Kemp in a dawks jumper🤮🤬
  15. New season comming very soon, so we can put this behined us, and never have to read, or speak of 2019 again. It's time to look forward to 2020🙂
  16. Great we chose Jackson and in two years time he is on a plane back home to WA.
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