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  1. 21st century instead of flying cars, it's flying s*#%🤢
  2. Hope he stays as a coach? All the best Jordan,😀
  3. Show Lyon some love? Ok i would love him not to come anywhere near our club.🤮
  4. He lasted longer than i thought he would, should have been out the door last year.
  5. Yes please. Both would be great for the club, in a mentor role.
  6. 900k for Hill, 🤣 So off to the saints it is then.
  7. When are the AFL going to tell us that gc are going to be given pp?
  8. So true, just sick of the AFL how they keep getting away with c&@( such as this.
  9. Why the hell should we even agree to this? I will be so p$&##@! off if they get pp in the top ten at all, why should we keep taking this s*#^ from the AFL?
  10. Get the best mids we can at the club. Tell Jones his time is up. Get rid of NT game
  11. Yes of course i will, i love our club. I have made some great friends, who are like family to me. We have been members for over 20 years, and like all demon, members/supporters, we are, also gutted seeing our great club fall into a heap this year. I heard David Neitz on sen a few weeks ago, and he was saying how the 666 rule has hurt us this year, but then said it can be fixed. Also said we should have a near to full list who will be able to a full pre-season. So have faith guys we can turn it around.
  12. On ya lions Because uncle Gil said it was.
  14. The end of season can't come quick enough 😢
  15. Time to pack the office up Gil.
  16. Could we get both Netia and Yze back? Come home boys you have been missed.
  17. Yes please🤗 Agree give them our first pick next year, even better. Then we could use our picks in this years draft for mids.
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