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  1. I'm still hoping that both Vanders and Benell can get over their injuries. Plus getting as most games as possible into Jackson, would help out forward line.
  2. I watched this Asian reporter when this all began to spread. She was interviewing a doctor from the US. She came out with, due to the last four viruses that had escaped from their infectious disease facility, do you believe this one is another man made virus? Well i almost fell off my chair when she said that to him, i was expecting him no it's from bats, snakes etc, but he had a long pause and gave the China is doing their best to try and stop the virus speech. She kept on asking him, not once did he say no it's not man made. Also when you haer from different news reports, no one has came out with yes it's from bats, iv'e heard bats, snakes and some other animal. This could be man made, and as a result that's why they are worried? Things just don't add up? With Sars they got that under controled with in a few monthes, there is something that's got them scared.
  3. We already have, people are NOT 😡listening. Both adults and children are out on the streets having a fun time. The ice cream truck even came out this after noon. People are stupid!!!!!
  4. Guy Rigoni - Horse Aaron Davey - Flash Matty Whelan - Wrecker David Schwarz - Ox
  5. Yes please stay safe each and every one of you🙂 If your feeling alone or down, come on here and talk to us, plesae know we are in this togther and we will get through this togther🙂 It was a bit of a downer today in that we lost, but things can and will get better, and maybe soon we can get back to watching our side again.
  6. This could be the first of many😁 so yes for me.
  7. Well said🙂 I hope your dad is going to be ok?
  8. Well at least Corona draught makes you feel better😉
  9. Been saying for years we need some Irish players in the side😃 Now for the men👍
  10. This has to be a joke right?
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