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  1. Wow i have tears in my eyes watching Ron opening his jumper😔 Lest we forget
  2. deebug


    So no more hard copies of heart beat?😒
  3. 🤗 Great,so far, great job guyss
  4. Tripple M was also willing the swans on. It really p*##&^ me off
  5. Get ready I'ts a GRAND OLD FLAG😃
  6. Yer having dyslexia means i stuff up a lot with reading, writing, oh and of course spelling. But you have a nice day
  7. Congrats T-Mac, hopping it's a good one to remember?🙂
  8. Steven May, Braces himself from a player running into him gets one week Martin elbows a guy, it's ok dustbin can i shine your boots.. The AFL is a joke🤮
  9. The thing is last year they showed how they can play. This year we are back to square one again, the Melbourne of old. This club seems to have Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde syndrome in that you just don't know which one your going to get year after year. I'm not sure what the hell is going on behind closed doors at the moment? But i sure hope they start to wake up and find their spark again, or it's going to be another long year.
  10. Lazy want run, just jogs around
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