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  1. I'm glad a melbourne member has it now🙂
  2. That is so cool🙂 Hope you get to keep it?🤔
  3. We have a team with players, and not players who want to play as a team.
  4. When you have bled red and blue, your whole life, and watched as other teams seem to find a way to win flags, such as the hawks, cats etc only after a few years, i think you have the right to be *#$$% off. I said to my best mate's daughter, you will have to bring our ashes if we ever in a GF because i don't see it happing for many years, if in fact at all. The Norm Smith curse lives on. I don't think i could take it if the likes of the blues, or ess pass us to win another flag.
  5. We keep on going to water, year after year. I thought this year we would a least show more than this dribble
  6. Just add it to the 50 others from the past. So ##*@^$) off right now🤬
  7. Get the YZEEE at the end of the year. Goodwin needs to go, enough is enough!
  8. This #*&@# 🤬 Was looking forward to this game.😒
  9. Fix this s%^& Goodwin, or we will be going no where and you will be going out the bloody door😬
  10. Well done Rivers, hold your head up high young man.
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