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  1. Hi, welcome David, Burgess has been great, i think we are in for a great 2020, sounds like the players are up and about, so good times😎
  2. Burgess has a wealth of information, in regards of not only the fitness of an AFL player, but also the mental health of the players. I think as fans, we may not even think, of the mental health of a player/players; and how that can also affect the out come of a match; and even a whole season.
  3. I voted Young and Kemp before and still are hopping we are able to get both?
  4. They better not give our picks for later picks🤬 I hope they are not that stupid?
  5. Well will see after the 2020 season. 🙂
  6. To true😅 It's the muppets, with Gil as kermit the frog.
  7. Keep hopping there will be news soon? Or do we have to wait until draft night?
  8. Well we have to make 2020 our year😎 Start the rise dee's 👍
  9. Billy Brownless spoke of how he went out to dinner with Paddy and his daughter; he said Paddy forgot where he was and when they were leaving he walked stragiht into the door. Brownless said it was hard to watch, to see how bad he was, he seemed very concered for Paddy. Wish him all the best and maybe one day he be able to have another shot of playing AFL?
  10. This is great news, on ya Harmesy🥰🤗😎🤘
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