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  1. FFS, what's next? Please stop, just make them stop😓
  2. Both the AFL and those scumbag umpires can go and get s&##%@ far as I'm concerned 😡 I know they want but i wish the club would say something to the AFL about this?
  3. Looks the goods. Sadly don't think freo will let him slide ?
  4. Gus was hurt i think in the first q, was right in front of us, so maybe wasn't feeling the best?
  5. Why stop at Clarry, why not have a garage sale and sell the whole place? Yes lets give up our good players to start yet another rebuild😣
  6. In or local paper they had an article on a player from the Calder Cannons, Harry Jones. His 194cm key forward Likened to Nick Riewoldt ' Harry moves really well, good runner for his size,likes to launch at the ball, so as a key position prospect he's certainly one to keep an eye on. Also says he has an enormous work rate and the GPS figures say it's certainly a strength of Harry's.
  7. I hope so when he is playing, we seem to go up another level. He also lost his Dad, i think last year, so he may be given some time from the club to get his mind and body right for next season?
  8. Well i hope we might still have a chance?🤞
  9. Would be great if we could make it happen? I think we need help with $$$, and sadly our government, will not be giving us any help. like all the other clubs in the AFL.
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