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  1. I hope every one on Demonland voted our jumper the best on the AFL website?
  2. Couldn't agree more Nelo, let"s hope at season end the club gets the right people in to prevent such thing ever happening again? Players get injured, but for it to drag on like in Smith"s case makes your wonder what the hell the are doing, or more to the what the club is not doing?
  3. So Dumbford breaks a guy rib and he gets sent to hospital. Daisy, tells the truth, and he gets sent over the coals😕
  4. Allen Jackovich will solve it😉 Get on the great man down there ASAP
  5. These muppets do hate the us, we miss out on a lot of frees, each week.
  6. I forgot about him, fingers crossed we start to get some boys back?
  7. Love the Torp I wish we could see more often?
  8. During the week the MCG has rooms and plenty of them not in use, it seems such a bloody waste to me. We have been trying to get funds from our government and they just keep kicking us in the guts, saying no every time. How the hell do the all the other clubs get funding? I would love to find out why? I think this will be about the 4th or 5th time around every other club has had new club rooms, new locations given to them. I remember Travis Johnston saying back when we were at the Junction oval, that at the time if we had what collingwood had we would have won 4 flags. We are so far back from all other clubs, with everything, we will only be in the AFL just to make up the numbers. It just makes my blood boil, that you hear of all the other clubs given money and help, and all we get is zero.
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