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  1. So sad, he lost two brothers. Love one of his sons is nick named thrasher😄
  2. I hope clubs don't agree to this? I'm all for helping, but we can not risk players.
  3. Congrats to Jack, Charlotte and family☺️ So little Viney will be here, just in time to his/her dad win a GF😁
  4. I hope he can have a good season in 2020? Fingers crossed.
  5. All the best Martin, for the future. Hope you keep an eye on the red and the blue😀
  6. Do we still get our car sticker, with our memberships?
  7. Always missed, but never forgton.
  8. A very Merry Christmas to all at Demonland and a safe and very happy new year😎
  9. Great viewing, funny how they kept on seeing if the phones were still working.😄 All our newbies are all from WA, even Kossie.
  10. A few years ago, i had Sen and Josh mahoney was speaking about Jack, this was before he was captain. Mahoney said Jack would sit down with all the first year players, such as Clyaton Oliver, from the previous match. Mahoney said it was all Jacks idea, and that he was told to do it from the coaches, Mahoney said he was blown away, by what Jack was doing. He also said at all the clubs he has been to he had never seen such leader ship skills. I love big Maxy as well so would be happy with both being captians.
  11. Couldn't ask for a better role model then our very own Nev🥰
  12. Yes we should be trying to push for a store in the CBD, like Fed square, or the top of Flinders street station? All that empty space on our grand station, just going to waste😑
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