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  1. Great year 1964. The closing match at the mud heap (Glenferrie Oval) probably was the first time I heard a crowd chanting Melbourne Melbourne etc. Exciting win. MCC were great in letting us in early to put banners up and we made the old girl "Greysmith Stand" look good. After making the Granny we were at the Prelim and at three quarter time we went and queued up outside "T-Section" and stayed there all week to get the seats behind the goal. Parents kept coming in with food etc and snuck home during the day for showers. Black & white filth were more than us and we got pushed to the side but still a formidable support for the Dees. The rest was history and after the match, having been there all week, wasn't sure what to do but the Club turned on food and drink outside the change rooms and never got home until Sunday. Sure we were young then and not quite sure how I would handle a flag these days. I'd give it bash though. I have, like most, been really patient waiting for the next.
  2. Sorry for late reply. Come to think of it - no I never have. So why am I surprised that I never got this one. After such a season I thought we should all have received one.
  3. Only been a member for sixty (60) years and I never received this email AT ALL. Sort of sums the year up for me. VERY POOR MFC.
  4. Cannot believe the Giant's figure. Fudge fudge AFL.
  5. This is brilliant. Now just imagine Richmond station being moved closer to the city around about gate 1 and opposite the tennis centre along with Hisense and Storms home ground.
  6. Perfect match. I never listen to them anyway. Can never forgive him for what he did to the game.
  7. Day release people must have been busy yesterday and centrelink must have thought it was a three day weekend.
  8. The noise generated by the Melbourne crowd that day you would have thought it was our home game.
  9. Your comments are spot on. I also have been a MCC/MFC member since 1993 but my MFC membership clicks over to 60 consecutive years this season. Seen the best and the worst and am really excited by our future.
  10. Purely at the time of the match, and just what it meant to Nathan, it would have to be his goal at the start of the last quarter of the elimination final against Geelong. In all the decades of following Melbourne I have never heard such a roar from around the ground, and it was the most loudest EVER from the members where I sit. Years ago I have been told to not barrack so loudly and sit down after a good goal but now I just blend into the crowd. The days of "good goal number 7" have gone. Thank god.
  11. The footy crowd is quite different in the members. There is chanting going on (could be better though) and the support for the Dee's is as strong as in any other part of the ground. I know the members reserve is only one qtr of the ground but for Melbourne matches it's the most packed part of the ground. The finals matches took the support to a new level.
  12. Well from a selfish point of view I didn't mind them so much and I could play golf on Saturday without rushing. That didn't help my score much. Your right though and without so many "graveyard" times (3:20) we may get more families coming along.
  13. MT64

    Gary Pert?

    Absolutely on the 17th @ 6:30 in MCC dining room.
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