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  1. Collingwood would be almost 'obliged' to take him on ... and we could demand a substantial trade price to pick up two or three great country kids who are ready to rock n roll.
  2. Agreed, DJ. Lewis should be released from playing ASAP and used in the coaching/strategies/development role.
  3. You noticed it too, WWSW? I really like the line of attack and that backline is the best selection of the year.
  4. I did stay positive until quarter time, in retrospect, DZ and it was a reasonable quarter for us against Richmond. Not long after that I needed another ale or two to stay focused, not able to get a round of golf in the darkness of an approaching night. Weid and TMac didn't clunk anything except their respective reputations; Max was treated poorly by the umpires so the Nank could start the Tigers' engine. Sadly, we did not make them earn their goals - they just did as they pleased against us. Looks like a few teams are going to do that after the first five rounds...
  5. How does this message get through? We have been recommending it for over a year, now - and whilst we are down with rehabs and the ageing know-it-alls, it would be bloody handy.
  6. Hear, hear! Wish we'd kept Gysberts, too - he may have taught the Weed how to take a mark.
  7. I think that his indulgence with half-sucked minties and the two or three musk sticks is a reason that he fails to gain the desirable bulk so required of a KPF who only operates in large packs to make social connections.
  8. The blind kicks, the bombs, the mis-kicks to opponents, these are just killing us and playing to the opposition. Week in, week out. Just some of the many factors to be immediately addressed - so, I guess it will not be done, either.
  9. Fritta is a forward, once again re-iterated.
  10. Free boot-studding and a shower after the game - nothing more!
  11. Midfield is magnificently potent - and remains deplorable. Thanks, SG.
  12. Tim did offer more but was left too often without linking support.
  13. No, the thoughts and languishing hopes of long-term MFC supporters and members need to be heard, heeded and appropriately responded to; and if Goodwin and Pert (who both in my eyes have very little entitlement to the 'throne' of credibility and its proximity to a protecting God as you suggest bing 181, and/or its status-only insulation) they must ultimately be seen as responsible for the amelioration of our current situation in Team management and/or its productive controls and outcomes, These two must be the drivers of both the present and the immediate future, and have unsuccessfully positioned themselves to be accountable.
  14. Absolutely and one hopes that he reads this, and Pert, too, for that matter.
  15. We take in the football environment, its highs and lows, its direction(s), its leadership, its street level culture and expectations, including recruiting, development, skill sets, readiness, game styles and plans, its sports medicine needs, the alleged 'brands' demonstrated by the clubs and so many wildfire coaching 'panels', plus an extraordinary chain of related, intertwined and over-arching considerations such as expert commentary and prediction, whether relevantly or irrelevantly, and genuflect almost continuously on the implications to our game, Club and operative abilities in that changing landscape. A great beauty of Aussie Rules is that these types of reflection and consideration take decades to pan even if only partially, to scrutinise and inform. We reach a conclusion or two across time and miss little, and learn more to better interpret and predict that which fascinates us about the game itself, including our hierarchy in the competition and its status in an ever-changing environment. It is a lifelong study that for some of us, indicates great learning and wisdom, including a sense of belonging. Now, we primarily ask ourselves, WTF is happening at the MFC over the past suite of in-depth 'reconstructions' and secondly, why?
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