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  1. Look at the video again. Walters made a fool of himself in picking Viney but Freo's No. 38 saw Walters coming and chipped in from behind Viney to assist in a mass collision known as a 'sandwich' that by rights, should have knocked the crap out of the lad. Well, even though he applied the crush, it was pointless and pathetic, as well. No effect on Viney and as for Walters, a sore [censored] from hitting the ground so hard after the brick wall from Viney. The No.38 player to whom I referred - no idea who he was and not really interested enough to look it up - but his eyesight well before the dual impact on Viney was out to the right at a suggestive angle to cover the 'timed movement at high speed' of the incoming Walters. It was as if the two of them were following a pre-determined set-up on Viney from their coach. It begs the question: why don't the match review committee experts ask that coach what it was all about? Even though it failed, it was a collective effort synchronised to maim.
  2. Just for the record, in response, MR, it was a very esoteric experience, and a pleasant one at that. The 'when' lasted for a minimal timeframe to equip the glass tumbler with two cubes of ice and to unpeel a small round of French brie.
  3. He is just not ready yet, despite all the experience and preparation opportunities that he has had/enjoyed. This, however, is not a strong reason to dismiss him - just continue the learning, development and physical building roles. He could obviously do with a considerable amount of sprint training as his strength improves. He could, in future, develop better than he has so far and could be an acceptable adjunct to the backline or even, as some suggest, be transferred to a forward role (both functions as items of team depth) should his speed improve. He does kick well. He does need reasons to tag his psyche to greater toughness, speed and competitiveness, and must appear onfield as a player keen to compete for the ball at every opportunity and additionally, provide Team co-operation.
  4. Judge, jury and hangman; boy, you must really be switched on!
  5. Jones might have left a character reference for the umpire's eternal enlightenment?
  6. Frosty is loved. He leaves opposition forwards mentally (censored). McQueen summed it up: '...excitement machine...' if you are a Demon supporter.
  7. His evasive skills could almost make up his entire repertoire to the Team both in possession of the ball to feed handballs as Clarrie so aptly has done, or in leading to space to receive from the fwd pocket areas as his short-burst speeds are still excellent whereby few taggers (if allocated) could catch or get the jump on him.
  8. 'Team' qualities are re-appearing; individual and solo efforts are now a little less frequent. These are good things...
  9. Jones is ageing noticeably; his pace is well down as is high endurance. He is the big offender in terms of the forward line 'bomb' and is more easily frustrated than ever with his game and an opposition's game, and his team's commitment and skills. Some of these things are reasonable; losing his cool as he did is not a Captain's leadership - a tacit word that directs eyes to the verbal argy-bargy is enough - it is a penalty against the team and was rightly awarded. Jones' best skill is his evasion with the ball and the link to someone nearby. That is what we really need from him looking forward; yet I expect a great deal of sentimental empathy will go his way across the rest of the season - producing football work that is sometimes good, sometimes quite horrible. The sunset support that Jones really needs will keep him valuable rather than overt mistakes and moral retributions, like today. Teammates must be near, around him, in a space to receive his quick running evasion and often sensible handball. If he drops forward, he could be very handy in front or near the goalmouth. Jones has always led to space well, ideally finding isolated space.
  10. Just taken off the cap on a bottle of Teachers Highland Cream, myself. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
  11. Then he should go back to the Under 14s team so that he can feel comfortable.
  12. His sacrifice for the Team was astounding. He put himself on the line many, many times and wore the consequences but by hell, he was a great footballer and team man. I watched him ascend from the Reserves games prior the the main game - just knew he was going to be something - and he was one of the greats with all of the necessary skills at very high levels - just misinterpreted by the noisy media about his physical contribution within such commitment.
  13. I'd take Roos back a Coach, any day. Jordan Lewis has much to offer in this regard, as well. We need to assemble a team of Demon ex-players as the FD support coaching team - where the real talent lies. We have fed the rest of the League for too long.
  14. The rest of the year was supposed to be a trial and acclimatisation for all our youth and second-line players. The FD are still nuts.
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