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  1. Dead right. It is becoming a commitment thing - am I committed to making an effective play (by good disposal to a target on the move)?
  2. How phascinating was an old collection of sequential 'Footy Records' discovered in a mate's garage ... no glamour, just print and a few snaps.
  3. It is next to impossible to attempt to make a fool out of an actual, ego-maniacal idiot. However and although I hate to say it out loud, I agree with some of what Eddie McGuire might have said. Membership fees are paid to the football club to support its operations and essential requirements, the trend is to receive something back from the club. In these difficult times, football operations had to cease leaving clubs facing enormous, regular costs of many varied necessities despite no football revenues or dispensations from the flocks of crowds they may attract. The membership fee assists to support the club. In hard times, the support needs to be greater from supporters and the viewing public. For this reason I would have no hesitation resisting the calls for return of membership fees and cannot request or accept a return in kind during such hard times. If things were rosey this year, the MFC would deliver, as far as I am concerned. I want to seriously support the MFC in any way that I can - so that the Club and its entourage emerges with as little damage as possible on the other side of this calamitous pandemic; if that support turns out to be financial based upon my (our) earlier and annual commitments to the Club in a fee-paying advance, so be it.
  4. :He was dropped...his game had a bad stink about it?
  5. I really used to enjoy watching our forward recruits and wanna-bees. One of them kicked 11 goals in one game! At the 'G, in front of adoring crowds so hopeful that we had obtained a real winner. His name was Ray Carr, I think.
  6. A classic, un-passable CHB - great games, penetrating footballer.
  7. Reminds me about how many cigarettes Crackers Keenan puffed at half-time breaks ...
  8. This fella was so unlucky with injuries - and when match fit, so talented.
  9. Connolly is a Demon, through and through; played tall, contributed tall, single-minded intent for the Club. If he is onboard with this, I'd believe it, very strongly.
  10. Agreed because Jackson can play many positions / roles and at the heat line down the ground, we'd have two highly mobile, marking-running-athletic-ball winners of note. We now have the smalls in support for the loose balls.
  11. Your Numbers 23 & 24 can be sold to The Filth and replaced by others in the retained listing.
  12. Just so much footballing talent in this list - very difficult to rank them but pretty well done as it stands. Boy, do we miss some of this footballing intent and team value. We should make a priority of these types of natural footballing talents in our recruitment processes - a very high percentage of skilful attributes contained in each. How good it is to reflect on these players and the games that each of them has played for the mighty MFC.
  13. Interesting to see (and remember) a young David Williams amongst the class of that Demons team. He subsequently became one of our more famous and consistent ball magnets - racking up possession after possession through several home & away seasons to follow. His running game was next to perfect on the MCG - a real space and pace hunter with excellent delivery skills and vision.
  14. Nope, not done. I was just confounded in the re-recognition of the behaviours by the same people.
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