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  1. I am supportive of this possible eventuality as there are quite a few 'neck breathers' near and further for the Dees' backline; it could well mean that OMac sees the year out at Casey, not returning to the AFL side this year. What is suggested for him from several quarters is that all will be ameliorated/repaired/reinvented/recuperated by such a stint at Casey, to get his mojo back and thus, becoming competitive again and in weekly consideration for the AFL team. I'd posit that he still should not make the cut based upon skills and aptitudes, alone. Except for taking two defensive marks and one clearing punch in one game, I have never seen in OMac what others proclaim.
  2. Essendrug have lost their time-honoured mojo. The AFL is attempting to bring it back after recent years of public disgrace. No stone will be left unturned. Hark, the herald angels (fans) sing (complain). Returning silence is appeased and compensated by payments from the AFL. This will assist the Bummers to meet their pharmacology costs, nudge, nudge ... wink, wink. In the meantime, nothing is happening and it is their time to sip freely from the pig's trough.
  3. Now we all love to play golf. I do, at least, and so do every morning at dawn (except Saturdays). A quick 1.5 hours of invigorating Aussie bush and berry, hill and dale, over 9 holes of intrepid change and frustrating form slumps. I even wrestle the corellas and the magpies if they do not leave my ball alone on the fairway as I trundle that dark abyss of hope with buggy and bourbon down the path of no return. It is so addictive. Nonetheless, my game is static; it is the same, always; it is at its peak and peril. However, OMac is apparently a superb golfer. With his handicap, it is evident that golf is a game he has mastered. Few can do this ... you get better at golf until you reach one of point sheer surprise and joy, and never return. But the challenge remains. See? I can compliment OMac on a very great achievement - it just does not happen to be football. It is golf, a far more difficult game with thousands of multiplying characteristics and never-to-be resolved innuendos. Well done, OMac.
  4. I was not necessarily relating 'gamestyle' to 'great' in any way, shape or form as far a OMac was concerned. I was attempting to place my opinion on his form and that contribution thereof where it seemed at odds with the play patterns of the rest of the backline, and did so with little merit. Concurrently, I was also attempting to describe this form lapse (which you have now elicited from me) in a polite yet not too deleterious manner most probably in respect of his brother, Tom, but the cat is out of the bag now. I have little regard for OMac as a Melbourne footballer.
  5. As stated earlier, I would agree with your last sentence.
  6. I am concerned, more than worried. He has openly stated that the two of them are an onfield team - in the past.
  7. With the current list of injuries and soon-to-returns, our side does look stronger, nevertheless, with OMac out. His gamestyle does not support the running defence and pressuring that we are attempting to apply. That is all.
  8. Hore has good experience and was crowned at the Filth for what are possibly valid reasons. I thought that he displayed these for us and should only improve given the responsibility. It would appear that the Filth have even more player pressure for a game at AFL level than we do and if so, this might explain why Hore was repeatedly so good in their seconds team, just busting for a game in the big league. Now that he is more assured of this with the MFC, such performance standards are ripe for our picking - at least he is a real 'go-er' and I feel that he will team up with Frosty very well, support Hibberd and the Jet very well, and provide drive into and beyond the midfield as he settles into another environment, personnel mix and game style. Wish him well.
  9. Happy Easter, everyone. 

  10. We must know from which teams this repeat offending occurs or is characteristic amongst its fans. If it is on the field, umpires would know.
  11. It has been amazing that the 'professional' umpires so far this season do not 'see' Clarrie doing the best work a footballer could possibly do whilst simultaneously being interfered with and man-handled against the rules for an entire game - or two or three. The number of frees deserved and not awarded is quite staggering, watching the replays and concentrating on just one player - Clarrie. Another season of selective attention and selective inattention by the green snot goblins this year, to meet an AFL dictate?
  12. Hope TMac can hold himself together now that OMac is outta the team - particularly, as he realises that we are stronger without his little brother yet still incredibly reliant on the contribution of Big Tom. I am sure he is professional in this situation,
  13. Just seems to hint that there are some schemes afoot in Goodwin's mind with the team and, given the outs, it will be about strengthening the team (as it looks better on this happy day (OMac is out)); rather obviously, whilst the team is named, the positions are unlikely to remain as selected.
  14. I am not too sure that Buddy communicates the strategies too well. He is more interested in his own statistics and purpose.
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