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  1. Skills, drills and role play. Might have a six-shooter in the hip pocket for 2020.
  2. Great moment it was, too. As good as it gets for an opportunistic goal.
  3. Again, the Goody-Fix-'em-up player welfare group and related hangers-on struck, and this time it was Hannan bearing the consequences too early, too severely and too unluckily. We are all hoping that he hits the recovery and rebound straps this coming season - he is worth several goals per game when let free.
  4. Interesting statements of clarification and tempering, at that, too. We need to watch for him more carefully to find credible potentials.
  5. An asset when courageous, in front of goal, within eyesight of the umpires.
  6. With luck and effort, he could be what we need (and comprehensively so).
  7. It is great news. I have been waiting for Lewis' activation in the coaching sector for just over twelve months now. He has a very great amount to offer the MFC - as a coach/communicator - and it was sad to see such a player attempt to carry the footballing load in the very twilight of his playing career. Kicking coach, forward strategies coach and more. I guess it could all start for him here. Great to have him onboard.
  8. That would be the best result, I'd agree. The field is tight and the daylight is not wide between what is available. Some astute on-lookers already identify three or four great pick-ups, and 3 and 8 would get two of them. Go for the jugular - do not bargain with available picks.
  9. The five year deal ... no ordinary offer for just '...an ordinary player...' - as we are incorrectly yet regularly advised. Onyer Harmesy! Keep going strong.
  10. Certainly is a great 'feeder' within the forward line; seems to pick the ball to deliver quite consistently which is great for Trac, the Melk and TMac. He actually kicks the ball (and gets the ball) reasonably well for one with limited experience with '...our game plan...'
  11. Interesting to see how many he out-marks just through sheer judgment and body mass dominance. He had the goal-kicking yips for two weeks and so many wrote him off as being 'overweight'. He's getting it together, now; he has more confidence in his actions, reactions and scoring opportunities. I like the boy. He is starting to lead to space, as well, which will double his tally from 'usual' static receives.
  12. Serong [3] and Weightman [8], but it won't happen, most likely. Perhaps, Kent as we have a plethora of improving smalls.
  13. I don't think that this unfortunate footballer is going to make the grade - ever. Some players are almost permanently hindered with an injury like this and it will also affect the intensity of his playmaking and prior to that, his training and preparations. It would be in his best interests, surely, to sever ties with an acceptable payout so that any expectation placed upon him to continue in football is minimised.
  14. Forgot to mention Graeme Yeates. Great driver from the backline.
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