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  1. Seems to ignore all the positive influences that nearly every other team in the AFL has utilised to improve successfully.
  2. Other than the current state of absolute wastage at the MFC, there is nothing worse than a once-hot chip indented with shoe-sole engravings. By the way, these marks on the chips are not griddle lines.
  3. I am not going to buy a membership (renewal) next year in protest of how our Club has neglected and wasted the footballing careers of so many of our players since 1964. This year has been the greatest dread of all - close scrutiny leads me to believe that the Board and the FD are not really serious about success, just themselves and their little empires. The current plans backfired at the end of last season, re-confirmed this season in a glaringly obvious way and provide no indication that continuous growth has been or will be pursued. One summer layoff is not long enough to re-build, re-stock, re-train professional footballers whose practice and development regimens are akin to 'kick-to-kick' runs and giggles.
  4. I'd like to think so, but the team is stuffed in the head with misunderstandings about a game plan, about contested footy, about finding spaces forward of centre, about the positive uses across a game of the wings, about just nearly everything that Goodwin has done; and, as a team, it is exhausted.
  5. Nice idea - if others cannot come to the party. Proven in many ways at the MFC. I'd also link in Jordan Lewis - too talented and knowledgeable to overlook; but if Yze decides to return, all three would be a good mix.
  6. We will be creamed by the Swans tonight, I think. Any team with OMac in it is a disaster - even on the bench or the emergency list.
  7. There is a lot to like about what you have said, Doc.
  8. It had better be a fiery affair - there is some cleaning up to do and the new broom will be needed to get 2020 off to a good start.
  9. Oh, Gawd, no! Possible but not warranted.
  10. Bullocky good pace, eye for a goal, talent to snap early at goal, confident and accurate kick over acceptable distances. Tough tackler. Small, but hopefully resilient. Well done young man to get a game due to ball movement.
  11. Frosty is rapidly becoming our favourite player - for good reasons. Onyer, Frosty.
  12. Elegantly - and appropriately - posited, beelzebub.
  13. Absolutely calling the shots in areas of no concern to his position with the AFL. Not even down the line should a transfer emanate. Must resign or be removed for examples of his leadership flaws across the tenure.
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