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  1. Wagner pretty unlucky. Frost’s selection looks like coach’s conceding we lacked speed last week and Cats looked very quick.
  2. Not too hard to articulate the problem, history shows how difficult it’s been to actually solve. I had some dealings with Pert at the Pies, he can spin a good story. I’ll hold my praise until he delivers the solution.
  3. Not sure about those saying it was like a training session between 2 teams. I was surprised at how physical it was, there were a number of clashes that were very audible, Brayshaw in the 3rd probably the loudest. Lions looked much quicker, not just because of leg speed but also they linked up much better. Obviously their extras on the bench and our injuries were factors in this. Their quick movement out of the backline kept finding our backs poorly positioned or isolated. Our backs looked slow and we’d have to be considering Frost for OMac to help fix this. Inclusion of Jones, Viney and Melksham would surely have got us the win, so I’m not too stressed by the loss. Selection for Rd 1 will be very interesting, didn’t see much to excite from Spargo or ANB, if they play then training form must be rated higher than practice game performance.
  4. Yes, he’s blinded by the light and easily led astray when we’re on the gas
  5. Did my bit today by convincing a West Coast supporter who has just moved to Melbourne from Perth to buy MFC membership.
  6. Pruess’s ruck timing is way off, needs to fix it fast to get that second ruck position.
  7. David King keeps saying he ‘can’t wait to see Max Gawn in action’ in Shepparton, has there been a change or is Kingy on the gas?
  8. Like to understand the logic of how running through snow helps with an ACL recovery. Some fitness genius probably getting paid big bucks for this training ‘innovation’. No concern with any risk from slipping over from a knee under recovery?
  9. 1 Melb marathon in Oct 2 Tore calf week before Xmas 3 Rehab Jan & Feb
  10. Yeah f#$&ing 87 Prelim. I was a stupid 22 year old hot head. Couldn’t believe we’d lost, got into a push and shove with some random Hawk supporter and then got blind. I’d like to think I’d handle it a bit better these days.
  11. If it’s a choice between TMac and Hogan for key forward position, have to go TMac as he’s a far better contested mark, more reliable kick and doesn’t crack the sooks when things don’t go his way.
  12. All looked fine. Watched them leave the ground, just looked tired
  13. Bit hard on JKH, had plenty of touches and disposal has been ok. Garlett showing bugger all so far.
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