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  1. It’s obvious this thing is going to take many months, not weeks, to resolve. Understandably the AFL doesn’t want to face the facts at this point, but inevitably thIs season will have to be cancelled. Even if after a couple of months the current measures start to show some promise in reducing the infection rate, until there’s an effective way to immunise those who are most vulnerable, the restrictions can’t be relaxed. If they relaxed the restrictions, it would only take a few infected people to start the infection chain all over again and we’ll be back to square one. If an effective immunisation isn’t going to be available for 12 to 18 months, the AFL needs to start thinking about how and when pre-season training for 2021 can be run and what that means for the start date for next year’s season.
  2. The 15 minute face-to-face advise sounds nonsensical. If someone sneezes in your face in the first second you meet them, surely you’re infected.
  3. Just arriving in Launceston, just as wet here as in Melbourne
  4. Like most others lucky enough to see Flower play, easily the best MFC player by a mile in my lifetime. Freakish skills and a sixth sense for knowing how to avoid most of the hits, remembering this was a very violent time in the VFL. He had amazing courage for a bloke who physically looked out of place. I was lucky enough to have a beer with him a couple of years before he died, just a regular bloke who liked a chat, had absolutely no tickets on himself. Such a tragedy that he died without seeing Melbourne win a flag.
  5. If it comes down to a tall forward choice between Brown and Weid, then Weid will need to lift considerably
  6. Very happy with a win, but Adelaide have lost a lot of experience and you’d think will be bottom 5. Spargo unfortunately has no AFL attributes, his best hope is to become a tackling/pressure small forward, but that looks unlikely. ANB, like last year, had minimal impact. If he’s getting games during the season then we’ll clearly be struggling. Weid still can’t take a contested mark, Brown looks a better option.
  7. Channel 7 saying Gawn sole captain after winning player vote.
  8. Hi I’m in again, thanks. Last year & this year’s team name “The Chiefs”, coached by the Chief
  9. Surprised players are getting away with using body momentum to work out their biceps & triceps. Lot of effort for minimal gain.
  10. As Neale lives in Melbourne, staggered he again missed out on this year’s ‘Victorian of the Year’ to go into the running for ‘Australian of the Year’. The courage and selfless dedication to finding a cure that will never help him deserves that recognition.
  11. The Chief, 99 and the 2 junior agents are all attending tonight’s B&F. Last year was a great celebration, on reflection maybe a bit too much self congratulation. Expect that attending tonight’s will be a bit like shooting myself in the shoephone.
  12. Totally judgmental, but if you lined up the pure footy talent of the Tigers defenders yesterday (so exclude Rance) against Melbourne’s defenders, I don’t think there’s much of a difference. But Richmond’s defence in terms of organisation, desperation, teamwork, tackling and pressure makes their performance look light years ahead of where Melbourne’s currently sits. That gap has to be largely attributed to the difference in coaching and development. There is something seriously wrong for this to go so far off the rails in one season and Goodwin must be held accountable. If there’s little improvement by pre bye round next season surely the Board has to act.
  13. Think the views on JKH are harsh, seems to be tainted by his poor performances some time back and not his current form. Has had some major injuries but out of the small mids/fwds bunch I’d still have him ahead of Spargo, ANB, Stretch, Garlett, Jones and the Wagners. On the flip side, Salem’s disposal skills are still viewed as excellent by many, but this year they’ve been mostly poor, probably masked by those around him just being poorer.
  14. Will report back if I hear anything new, though think that’s highly unlikely.
  15. Heading into the MFC Chairman’s function. Be interesting to gauge the mood of the high & mighty on where we’re at.
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