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  1. Could be a handy depth player, isn’t heaps in the way of key position depth on our list and could fill a need for a couple of seasons until a better option comes along
  2. Surely he can't name his price if he goes through the PSD?
  3. I tend to agree, however I didn’t really like what I saw from Hibberd this year. Looked slow and ineffective compared to his previous few years, with a talent like laird coming into his prime I’d say you’d have to pull the trigger if you had the chance. But if not here’s hoping Hibberd has a strong pre-season leading into improved consistent form next year
  4. Agreed. The last two months or so he’s been a lot better, I think his averages have been about 20 ish touches and a goal? I don’t want to trade him and see him become a star somewhere else, after the year we’ve had that would be pretty upsetting
  5. Liked what I saw from Wagner, Lockhart and KK especially today - all looked a step above the rest. Petty took some pretty awesome intercept marks I thought and played a solid game. Lefau for Casey also intrigued me, looks like he has good footy nous and natural talent, one to keep an eye on maybe.
  6. Hawthorn supporters aren’t recognised enough for now feral they are - would say many of them are on par with the wobbles or bumbers from my experience
  7. Hopefully a sign that we’re putting in work for him early, would be a great acquisition
  8. Fremantle are trading pick 6 to port for pick 10 and a pick in the 20’s..
  9. Apparently we’re into St Kilda’s Ben Long. Haven’t seen much, if anything of him. Only 21 and was a high ish pick in 2016. Anyone have any info?
  10. Completely forgot he was pick 2, I’m rather excited for this trade period. With or without Hogan we’re looking pretty moist
  11. What would you rather? I’d rather a pick but I don’t really know how good Brayshaw is
  12. Exactly and it always ends up being anti-climatical. Sure the big trades might happen but the media just build the whole period up too much
  13. Ew, I don't like the idea of chasing a Norfff reject. However, I profusely dislike North Melbourne so it would probably hinder my judgement
  14. As much as Kelly or someone of that ilk would help us, i really think players of Gaff's stature are the players to go for eg Lever (Gun but not a superstar - despite the alleged large contract). Why go for a superstar or two that cost copious amounts when you can get very decent players cheaper to make up a very decent team. Even though Kelly would help, i just don't like the thought of throwing the kitchen sink at one player when you can make a collectively good team. Just my two cents y'all
  15. Yeah i realised that after i posted lol, buggerrrrrrrr...
  16. I agree, but hopefully IF (pretty decent sized if) we win he isn't too rusty come finals given he will have had a couple of weeks off.. No Hurley again this week for Essendon too apparently, which fingers crossed is putting them at a massive disadvantage on the weekend.
  17. Gawn a free agent or out of contract next year yeah? Hope all of our younglings listened to Lewis when he was preaching about taking pay cuts to stay together.
  18. Was just thinking similarly, maybe the media is misinformed about the circumstances about their "meeting". Could've just been "coincidentally" running into each other and goodwin happened to get Levers thoughts on footy for next year
  19. Don't reckon we can afford to drop him, I understand what you're saying however I think it's important for him to get continuity and experience in his game. Especially because it's the pointy end of the season and we need to utilise what we have. No point him playing in the VFL, he can be such a good game changer. Let's just hope he can turn it on for the rest of the year leading into those games that get played in September, I think they're known as finals
  20. I thought you weren't allowed to trade out of the first round two years in a row? As we traded our 2016 first rounder in 2015, correct me if i'm wrong
  21. Sorry, visiting the city. Kew more specifically, is what I was told. But again, just a rumour
  22. My mate is an AFL scout, and he thinks lever is on his way. He also said that one of the guys he works with is "best mates" with lever and apparently he is coming to Melbourne for the next few weeks when he can to look at houses. Sounds like one of those "my brothers mates dads cousin knows such and such" I realise but it seems like we couldn't be in a better spot to land him. Rumours are fun
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