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  1. Clarko built his team with the shrewd and cunning trade to get a high first round pick for a bunny player in the early 00s (was it to draft Hodge) and then had the guts to select both Franklin and Roughead in the same draft and build a team around them. Remember it took years and it was only the catties stumble and fumble in the 2008 GF that they should never have lost that set the dorks on their way. The threepeat took over 10 years to arrive. There is no quick answer. It takes time. A coach needs to pick, choose and coach his team for success.
  2. Weed and Tmac for me. Start with them and leave them to work it out. It's obvious the coaches can't.
  3. If he doesn't play or coach, leave him alone. The board should provide additional match day coaching support for goodwon. He needs it badly. It seems that there was no tactical response to the catties go slow tactics. Such a lack of response is a serious failure and needs to be purged from our coaching panel. Who was it who said "don't think, do". Get him to coach from above where he will at least get a birds eye view.
  4. It's the greatest mystery in footy and has been a failing for too many years. Could the answer be mercenary - perhaps there should be intraclub bonuses for those who kick goals? Maybe the coaches pay should be dependent on scores, not wins. Maybe all the training with classy ball movement is just window dressing as none of it is converted into games - perhaps try no balls at training so that are hungrier for a kick on match day. Run repeated laps of the tan so that at least they are fit and have endurance. Why not try rotating positions each quarter until they discover the right combination. Better than repeating the same mistakes for four quarters. Let's have new mistakes but it should confuse the opposition and the commentators. Imagine Bruuuuuuuuuuce - they've changes positions, haven't they? In other words try anything until it clicks. It has to.
  5. Don't ever sign a coach after one good year, even if it was a good won. Prefer to sign coaches to a yearly rolling contract after an initial 2-3 year start. By then we should know if he can coach and get improvement out of the players or if he relies on managing good players only. A good coach must be able to get more than the players thought they could deliver.
  6. Now playing toiges. What next, playing freo on Rottnest Island? Or filth on French Island. I hear Fiji is clear of covid and looking for tourists. A lightning premiership as outlined above is surely more and more appealing by the day. The constant changing and adjusting of the draw is harming our great game and messing with my mind. Better to have an exciting, if somewhat different, lightning premiership season played in Tassie (or NT) than this farce happening every week where we are the mercy of politicians and false positives. Gil, bite the bullet and show them who is boss.
  7. Lever suffers from a poorly organised team defensive game and a fear of relying too much on those around him. For him to play the game we want he needs to know that he will be backed to attack the intercept and that he will not be embarrassed by his opponent getting free. It is also true that he has not played much in the past 2 seasons and he is still finding his role. It worked for him at crows and it worked for swannees in 2005. Goosy, ask Roosy.
  8. All midfielders. It seems we can't stop a goal or score a goal. Gawn to ff.
  9. And we lost by only 3 point with more scoring shots, more inside 50s, fewer clangers, more clearances, more hit outs, more contested possessions and more frees. Hate to think what would be said if we lost by double the margin. And what if the last shot a goal had been a bit more to the right. It's not the players, it's the lack of a coherent reliable system. Dock the pay of the coach until he works it out.
  10. No. Not on his own. He needs urgent match day and perhaps selection support. Preferably a former average talent, shortish, back pocket scrubber with rat cunning. A Dimma, Clarko, Bevo, Simmo type. And hurry up. I am not getting younger and I still remember the feeling of being there in 1964.
  11. In another thread, I suggested the following player management system. They are now talking about recovery times and turn around times for the players. If it is to be a problem (as Zorko says) then change the format/concept. Each team has a squad of, say, 36 players and their respective game times are rationed by quarters. For example, over five games in three weeks no player can play more than, say, 16 quarters, the equivalent of four matches each calculated as 22 x 4 quarters per game x 5 games = 440 available quarters/36 = 12+ average. Does this mean that players will be rested for whole games? Yes it does unless there is another way to manage the loads. Perhaps play some only 3 quarters in a game, rotate by quarters, pick a side as horses for courses (eg. stack with defenders against high scoring opponents). Rationalise positions - who needs a ruckman unless playing against Maxie? Who needs a permanent full forward if dusty or danger play in the goal square? Inside players v outside players - think of the choices for the coaches. Get rid of 666. Think of the excitement in each game as these moves are played out. Mcgoose and dwayne would soil themselves. Bruce would spend the whole game asking silly questions like doesn't he, wouldn't he. For 2020 season only with a self destruct button. But when 2020 is the asterisk year, let it be for the footy not the virus.
  12. With all the dramas about positive tests, hubs, quarantines, self isolating, forbidden movements etc etc etc I think it is time to revisit a plan from early April. Managing multiple teams in multiple states with flying and travel issues, I propose again the following. Build a hub in Tassie. Tassie which was already socially distancing itself from the rest of the world, seems like a good starting point. Send 18 teams with coaches and staff to Tassie, wait 2 weeks then start training for a lightning premiership season based on a truncated series of matches. Every team plays every other team once (there is of course no home ground advantage) over a short period, say two games a week with minimum 3 days rest with a new game every night for the season to clean up with the TV viewing (just like T20 cricket). If the season runs into spring and summer, so what as it never gets too hot in Tassie and there is no international cricket season to protect. Top eight teams make the finals and an express final series to be played for the premiership. If the virus is under control, play the GF on the G on any day of the week so as not to upset the precious cricket crowd. We will of course be gentle with the surface of the drop in wickets but all those studs would only aerate the soil. Non-stop footy every night on the telly, saturation coverage in the media and around the bbq and cooler (if we are allowed), the locals can attend in club colours (they will also have been in quarantine) and a season to remember. Who would go back to the old ways? It's yours Gil. I'll let you work out the details of times, duration, number of players in the squad and on the bench, payments etc. But no change to 18 on the field although, like in the old days, the forward and back pockets are for rest and the resting players cannot chase the ball but can only attack the ball if it comes to them (they will need their rest). Royalties welcomed. 10% of my cut to the MFC so long as I get my 2020 MFC/MCC scarf. I got my scarf so 10% donation to MFC gladly donated.
  13. If we win, its legit. If not, then it's an asterisk.
  14. With the changes in personnel over the summer its too early to know. Picking up two hard running wingmen and possibly a rejuvenated Bennell to add to a midfield of Oliver, Petracca, Viney, Jones, Harmes, Salem, Brayshaw and others, the promise of Pickett, Rivers and Jackson as well as the return of Hannan and AVB, gives me heart. Plus all are fit and, apart from Jones, none are old. The window is ajar and we have to find the way to fling it open and climb through. 2020 is almost gone due to too much disruption against WC and drons. Go dees.
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