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  1. Who does he think he is? It's our game, not his. Time to invoke the "up yours" campaign again. In any event, just paying more free kicks for extended possession when tackled eg. 360 or even 720 degrees, and eliminating the stupid rule that allows umpires to avoid ball ups so long as the ball is still moving that causes ugly rolling scrums to form will reduce the number of tackles and the punishment to the players and clean up the spectacle. Watch replays from the 70s and 80s to see how the game should be played. Quick whistles and even quicker ball ups (umpires then took less time to prepare for a bounce than today umpires for a throw) kept the game open and moving.
  2. To monoccular's comments. To suggest that players are scared to shoot for goal for fear of opposition kick in strategy is to deny the fundamentals of footy - that is, to score at every opportunity. Letting fear make the decision is contrary to all that we love about our great game. Is it any worse to squander the chance and concede an easy exit from our forward line and allow a "slingshot" thrust to score easy goals against us? Kick for goal because that is the basis of footy. Kick for goal and let the opposition worry about us scoring goals. Once we get our range we will be right. We get enough opportunities so only a small simple adjustment should bring benefits. 2020 Go dees.
  3. I have written in another thread that there should be a team rule that anyone within 40m of goal and running free (or for Tracca and Clarrie 50m) must have a shot. No more dinky passes or stupid hand offs to players in worse positions with their backs to the goals. If a player must hand off (being tackled) then only to a team mate running free and facing to goals. Better to shoot and miss than not to have a shot at all because of some stupid concern about being called greedy or goal hungry. These should be encouraged attributes. Just shoot. When it becomes normalised we will win more games than we lose because we will be conditioned to scoring with every opportunity. Simple change.
  4. Let's remember that when we had May, Lever, Salem, Jetta and Hibbert out at the same, Fritsch and Frost were forced to play in defence. Both would be better suited to play up the ground but we had to cut the cloth to fit. Both are still learning good skills but this year is now gone so leave them alone. And who would they supplant in the mid/forward line?
  5. To old dee. Of course it's the MFC otherwise these issues might have been addressed some time ago. It is in our dna to dither and fumble. However, it can change abruptly with the right response. If it worked for the toiges and the doggies then it can for us. 2020 Go dees.
  6. Tracca has been excelling in his ability to win the ball and deliver to advantage when in crowded situations. Seems to me he needs to learn the same for when he is free. He knows how to get to where the ball is so let him focus and this and worry less about goal kicking. He can play outside 50m arc and still be effective.
  7. As I have posted before we are close. When we get the scores to match the number of entries into the forward line then we will start winning regularly. It's our inability to convert opportunities to scores that costs us. Keep the ball in the forward line and the easy goals out the back will disappear. Get the forwards to keep the forward line open and lead to gaps will help. Stop crowding TMac so that he is forced to lead to the boundaries (next year). Make sure every tall has a designated crumber who can read the play and where the ball is going to in a contest if not marked by us. Simple things. 2020 Go dees.
  8. Forget injuries and lack of interchange. We should have had the lollie blues on buttered toast by 3/4 time yesterday except for 2 issues that constantly haunt us. 1. Can't kick straight either from a set shot (see weed) or from snaps from packs (see nibbles who otherwise was a good contributor). 2.A reluctance to kick a goal. Every goal hungry current or former forward wanted nothing more than to have a shot. Today, unless they are in the goal square, they seek to lay it off (see Hunt's multiple missed opportunities to score). The first is hard to fix (confidence, balance, goal sense etc). Don't waste time on snaps from packs but weed should be told that unless his follow through finishes at head height, its back to the VLF until he remembers how to kick for goal. When he is kicking well, he reminds me of Darren Bennett who finished up as a punter in the NFL. His follow through reached for the sky. The second is easy - institute an absolute team rule that if within 30-40m and there is no-one running free towards the goal nearby, have a shot. It's not being goal hungry, it's common sense. And any player who wants a cheap shot at goal by demanding a pass should be counseled; any player who hand passes to a team mate with his back to the goal should not only be counseled but confined to the VFL until he learns the basics of goal scoring. Run and carry has now been superseded by run and score. Let's do it. 2020 Go dees.
  9. It would make a difference if we won some clearances from centre bounces. The best ruckman in the game working with a combination of Viney, Oliver, Brayshaw, Harmes, Petracca, Jones and we get smacked in the clearances. How can this happen? When is this going to stop? Where are the changes to personnel or tactics going to be revealed? Why is there no response? What is being done? Just like forward entries on elastic bands (that bound straight back) this should have been fixed long ago. Help. Maccas last two paragraphs are spot on.
  10. I normally defer to Saty's opinions because he is mostly correct and well reasoned. However while he reports that the players were fitter than ever in terms of their 2k run, and while aerobic fitness is good, were they "match fit" as a playing group able to implement their game plan? I am not convinced.
  11. There is cause for hope. Start with Dr.G's last paragraph and add that if only a small adjustment results in a workable and effective game plan then we are on our way and off to the finals. My reservation is that, unless there is a "dees" specific game plan that builds on our strength,s then we might never reach the ultimate prize. We have the cattle and with an earlier start to a more productive pre-season with more players available there is only the game plan to go. 2020 Go dees.
  12. Bagging Goody is not the answer. He must be persuaded that his game plan and the accountability of the players are not good enough. If he can change he may still surprise us all.
  13. Since last century. 1964.
  14. It seems that most are treating this season's malaise as a consequence of one off 2019 problem such as a poor pre-season, injuries and an inexperienced list. Most of the deficiencies issues were also evident in 2018 but we somehow maked them due to good fortune, surprise factor and a stable list. Teams like toiges and doggies had similar issues but still managed to win premierships by adapting and adopting a better game plan based on their respective strengths and personnel. So should we.
  15. All correct about the pre-season and injuries. There is no doubt that they have significantly affected our chances of success this year. But my concern is not that we will miss finals and finish low. My concern is that when, in games, we have the chance to perform to a high level that we still fail. Fatique, lack of match fitness and restricted preparation should not impact on basic choices and skills when we are free to make an impact. It's the stuff ups when we are not under pressure that hurt us most. All 42 (44?) players on our list should be able to execute to advantage. That they can't be relied upon to do this is damning. 2020 Go dees. BBO posted while I was writing. Agree with BBO's post.
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