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  1. I don't think the Feldmanns qualify.
  2. Clarko was never elite but a top class role player who suited our team at the time. Guess that was when he learned to find and use role players in his recruiting for his coaching career.
  3. They may still look the same but their playing styles were noticeably different on the field.. Michael played in the centre (when there was such a position) and was a runner in perpetual motion pushing the ball forward for the whole game. Henry played more as a forward/utility who was also a runner but like taking speccies and kicking goals. Both were great amateur footballers.
  4. Heard stories today about sending teams to quarantine for two weeks in the same spot and then playing footy. Tasmania, which was already socially distancing itself from the rest of the world, seems like a good starting point. Send 18 teams with coaches and staff to Tassie, wait 2 weeks then start training for a lightning premiership season based on a truncated series of matches. Every team plays every other team once (there is of course no home ground advantage) over a short period, say two games a week with minimum 3 days rest with a new game every night for the season to clean up with the TV viewing (just like T20 cricket). If the season runs into spring and summer, so what as it never gets too hot in Tassie and there is no international cricket season to protect. Top eight teams make the finals and an express final series to be played for the premiership. If the virus is under control, play the GF on the G on any day of the week so as not to upset the precious cricket crowd. We will of course be gentle with the surface of the drop in wickets but all those studs would only aerate the soil. Non-stop footy every night on the telly, saturation coverage in the media and around the bbq and cooler (if we are allowed), the locals can attend in club colours (they will also have been in quarantine) and a season to remember. Who would go back to the old ways? It's yours Gil. I'll let you work out the details of times, duration, number of players in the squad and on the bench, payments etc. But no change to 18 on the field although, like in the old days, the forward and back pockets are for rest and the resting players cannot chase the ball but can only attack the ball if it comes to them (they will need their rest). Royalties welcomed. 10% of my cut to the MFC so long as I get my 2020 MFC/MCC scarf.
  5. Add Trevor Korn. All played with AJAX in the ammos.
  6. Nearly chased down Gabbo's run to the goal square in the last quarter of the 64 grand final. Caught up with him at the 50th anniversary lunch in 2014 when he signed my team sheet from the GF Footy Record. Fourteen out of twenty were there. Not bad after 50 years. For those who played and those who were there we are getting to that age. Another premiership would be nice.
  7. Herbie Matthews - son of swans brownlow medallist Michael Byrne - another cast off to play in a premiership with another club
  8. As I recall, Stinga came on for the first time in the last quarter (interchange but no rotation in those days) and kicked the winning goal with his first kick.
  9. Robbie's first final in 1987. The 118 point demolition of roos.
  10. Brett Bailey - kicked the winning goal in the 1987 night grand final defeat of the bombers. Left foot snap from the forward pocket.
  11. Earl Spalding - Duke (of Earl) well known pop song from the 60s.
  12. Bruce Brown - son of Alf? Paul Goss - son of Norm?
  13. David and Don Cockatoo-Collins. Drafted as a pair to honour a promise to their mother. Good moral choice, not so good footy choice. Matthew Mahoney - starred in Toronto post season games but did not kick on in the real world Brent Heaver - five goals on debut against Carlton but that was all Luke Beveridge - learnt about coaching from his time with us (perhaps what not to do). See also Clarkson.
  14. Melksham - milkshake Joel Smith - smithy Tim Smith - smithy Bayley Fritsch - fritter
  15. Correct. Classical tanned blonde aussie with great footy talent. School teacher and principal and led the aussie team for a year in Antarctica. Told some interesting tales.
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