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  1. Ablett's hit was deliberate, unnecessary, to the head and with raised arms. One week minimum. Soldo was responding to an aggressive movement to block him while play was stopped. One week laughable. Gilo and Chriso should both go now to save further embarrassment. Shocking Hocking too.
  2. Is this like 1987? No. No way. No way Jose.
  3. For some time I have been ending my posts with 2020 Go dees. I explained in an earlier post that 2020 was the year when the core of our best team will have played about 70 games together as a group (Oliver, Harmes, Gawn, Tracca, Brayshaw, Hunt, TMac, OMac, Jones, Salem Jetta, and some others) and fulfill the late Dean Bailey's prediction that it takes 70 games together as a group to blend as a team. Further, 2020 is the year when most of the above will have been in the AFL system for at least 5 years thereby fulfilling Brendan MacCartney's comment (made to me at a family day) that it takes 5 years to create an AFL footballer. Cats and Tiges experience is instructive and may work for us as well but the development of our team rates higher. So I continue to say 2020 Go dees.
  4. Phil Rhoden in the ressies. Best drop kick I have seen in 60 years of watching footy.
  5. A good kick into 50 relies on someone willing to lead or at least make good position to the expected drop of the ball. Clarrie's team mates must know by now where his long bombs will land and start heading in that direction before the oppos. Long bombs into the forward 50 will then work to our advantage. We have to stop dreaming about "lace out" passes and work to retain contested possession where we should have a slight advantage in skill and knowing where to go.
  6. The spirit of our game is dispirited tonight. How can a player doing no more than shepherding a team mate and who does not leave the ground or raise an arm be offered a week while a player who deliberately raised both arms, leaves the ground and makes contact with the head of an opposition player get off. Degree of damage should not be part of the consideration on guilt, only on penalty if considered deliberate. It is a great miscarriage of justice and a sad indictment of the depth to which the administration and adjudication of our great game has sunk. And the Rampe non-decision discussion is also troubling. The original intent of the 50m penalty was to prevent time wasting. How can time be wasted after the siren? Can you imagine the outcry and embarrassment if the result had been changed due to a innocuous action like this? Games should be won, free kicks should be earned and 50m penalties should be awarded from a contest, not some silly little strict liability nonsense like this. The shaking the post prohibition is meant to prevent players from deliberately and vigorously shaking the post to disturb the player shooting for goal (remember this goes back to the time of shorter, timber posts). In this case, the only umpire intervention should have been to reset the game. Pedantic, pathetic and puerile decisions should be avoided for the good of the game. Gil, go. MC, go with him. You are both dragging our game down. Footy is our game, not yours.
  7. Was it Gawn who got the ball out for Hunt to handpass to Dore?
  8. It was almost nauseatingly apparent that both Garry and Roo had been instructed to talk about how many "ground balls" we gathered in the forward line. It seemed as if it was "ground ball day" all day for Jeffy and others. And Jeffy at least got to the ball drop and had scoring opportunities. Finally we were able to hold the ball in the forward line and prevent "slingshot" clearances leading to easy scores against. What a change! The coaching panel finally also decided that a "back stop" last man behind the ball was going to work. No more easy over the top handballs to the goal square. But why has it taken seven weeks.These deficiencies were obvious in round 1. 2020 Go dees.
  9. When May, Lever and Jetta return, it will free up Frost and Hunt for the wings. Open space to run and long kicks to attack. Rotate through the wings with TMac & Weideman to offer variety in size and marking ability as well as run. Tracca needs a chill pill and to be instructed to hold the ball after a mark to take the time to make good choices and to set up his kicking. There is no rush to win.
  10. Correct. Ball drop is the key. Both in the starting point and in control onto the foot. The guiding hand should control the position and posture of the ball before it comes into contact with the foot. Note that it is "guide" not "drop" and should be gentle. Tracca is of the school that believes that if he slams the ball onto the foot it will go further. He needs some one-on-one practice guiding the ball onto the foot to produce perfect drop punts starting with short kicks and building up. Develops muscle memory. Not hard to fix but takes time.
  11. Exquisite ball skills, perfect balance both sides, could play tall or shorter and in any position, a capable mark one-on-one, even netter mark when out of position (notice how many two grabbers), versatile, tough, courageous and a great leader. If not for injury would have been undoubtedly been forward of the 90s after Schwarz and Carey. Magnificent promoter of the club and the game and also a great analyser of the game. Not too good at picking coaches. The video highlights are how he played all the time. Thanks for the reminder.
  12. When the opposition run the ball out of our forward line, transition to attack and score an easy goal because of our inability to hold the ball in the fifty, it has zero to do with 666 or any other afl induced rule change. It's our fault alone. The rotten part is that if we can fix this problem, we will become dominant with our extra inside 50 entries that we can convert. Maybe not far to go but it will take a massive effort from the coaching and selection panel. 2020 Go dees.
  13. I couldn't watch the whole game yesterday but three things did stand out: The ball still comes out of our forward line quicker than it goes in with almost no resistance. This has been a failing for more than 2 years and, sadly, I have come to the conclusion that it is a coaching issue. More inside 50s for fewer scores and a 40 point loss is totally unacceptable. Geelong was worse. Fix it or get a new coaching panel. Twice I saw the ainters tall forward successfully fly for marks against Hibberd and Fritsch who were both too short to compete. There was no one taller in the backline to compete. How could the selectors allow this to happen. Fix it or get a new selection panel. I was staggered to see Gawn and Preuss compete for a mark in the backline against the point post. WTF????. How could this happen?? This is not the way to play two giant rucks. Who was meant to be up the ground as a target to relieve the backline pressure? If that's the best two ruckmen plan, then fix it or get a new coaching panel/selection panel/gameplan panel. The current ones don't work. It is now clear that all opposition teams have figured us out and are playing to negate our strengths and punish our weaknesses. Pious and serious statements of greater intent and effort no longer have any currency. The only currency worth having is success. As always, I say 2020. Go dees.
  14. It used to be that the game itself was the only star that was needed. As for alienating fans, even with the increasing competition for eyeballs, the lack of any sustained organic increase in fan numbers with the extensive amount of promotion/publicity/pitching is a worry. Let the game speak for itself. We have the greatest game on earth and to treat it like a mere form of entertainment is a travesty. Shame on the AFL and the paid boosters. Shame, shame.
  15. Let's separate the issue into pack/contested high marks and leading marks. We have not been as dominant in pack marks as we would expect with Gawn, TMac, Preuss, Weideman running around from kick ins and long transfers down the ground. Can't explain why but they just don't stick even when we get first hands to the ball and we seem to be easily outmarked. Better at one on one contested marks but not by enough. Then we are behind other teams in our ability to deliver direct passes to leading targets (not targets wide on a wing). Again either the ball doesn't stick or the passes do not advantage team mates by kicking to the open side rather than dropping the ball into a contest. Our ability at chaos ground balls is not enough to overcome these deficiencies and the coaching team should be working hard at a fix.
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