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  1. I’m wondering why Bennell to us is being reported as a “sure thing” when he’s due to have a medical at the saints today.
  2. Watched footage of him on the NAB app- super underwhelming! Hard at it like viney and can push forward but can’t kick- we have enough of those players. Young for me!
  3. The AFL website has him at 9 turnovers for the game. The most of any player on the ground.
  4. It seems that some posters are genuinely offended when you don't agree with their opinions. I don't understand why people can't get their heads around the fact that this is an OPINION based forum.
  5. As it stands, Lewis and Hibberd are the only two players we are talking to. We never spoke to Rockliff and Gawn isn't going anywhere. Dodoro and Lewis are the only things holding up the Hibberd deal. I have heard the Lewis deal will likely be finalised before the Hibberd deal.
  6. My source is generally extremely vague, but in regards to Rockliff they were very blunt.
  7. Would you be more inclined to believe a rumour if none of the aforementioned journos mentioned a thing about it? The fact of the matter is there has been no talk of Rockliff by any 'officials'. We all have our sources... and mine says we haven't spoken to him
  8. That I can't confirm, but I would think so.
  9. We haven't spoken to Rockliff, this will be confirmed tomorrow. Huge fibs starting from somewhere, but I guess that's what happens during trade period!
  10. Tomorrow. We haven't gone near him!
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