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  1. Not watching tonight and never went, just too nervous. Felt me not being there and not watching might help. Hope I am right.
  2. Was not going to let go but decide that it was time. There is a problem at MFC but what, who knows? I think we got ahead of ourselves hoping to be a hawks of 2008, but unfortunately we will not. I firmly believe that the year has gone to [censored]. We will win 8-10 games and miss the 8 but for the first time in a long time, couldn’t give a fluff. Next year I see a fresh MFC. A new plan, rejuvenated playing group, a new coaching team and the soul back. I have been guilty of bagging this club, wrote letters and email to the club and even thought that horrible thought of moving on. This year certainly has not helped but I do think 2020 will be the year. flFor those that purchase GF ticket guarantees, sorry. This is not the year. Hogan went! He will stuff up at freo, give it time. I wish him well but a fact is a fact and Jesse is what he is! Our injury list is long but know that Lever, May, Jets and the Vine will be ready to rock next year. A good draft and trade will further enhance this group. Happy to wait till next year.
  3. The gruelling camp should be back on the agenda. Maybe do mid season to wake the buggers up!
  4. Might throw an umpire or two on the fire too
  5. I am done with this team. They are simply [censored]. I shall be sending back my membership and will not be renewing. Bonfire at my place, bring your dees gear!
  6. This has last years start all over it. Give it 3 weeks and see where we are at. Even comp so 12-14 wins will get us in.
  7. Get the delight but we have a few issues ourselves. Best we get those sorted as we could have played the Narabeem colts side and lost Saturday the way we played .
  8. My big gripe in AFL and I seen Melbourne get caught up in it on Saturday, is why do 5 guys chase 1 with the ball. By doing this 3-4 opponents become free and essentially set up to receive the ball. We did it over and over against port and hence the uncontested count. All feel uncontested possession wins games. port were not that quick, they just played to our see ball get ball mentality. I am sure they are [censored] at their effort and Gawn will gain from the experience. Let’s hope Preuss can get a wriggle on.
  9. Relax just round 1 . WCE pies crows lost Richmond won but not convincing and no Rance.
  10. Travelled from the west and must say was like stepping back 5 years. We might make the eight but I think the team look fragmented. Hope this changes.
  11. Can someone help. Trying to access member ticket off the app. Flying from Perth and can’t seem to get it to work
  12. Heading over from the west. Pre game beers are where?
  13. I must admit, getting ahead of ones self is hard. We have a solid backline with muscle, dash and class. A forward line that I believe will simply be the bottle of red, improving over the season and ready to uncork at finals time and a mid field of grunt and class, with a dash of crash. Depth to die for and a bloody good coaching team. Nothing more to say!
  14. I said from the start he will be the lad that is the difference between the flag and no flag. Not only forward but ruck and a run through the guts. Love this fella and mark my words he will sign a six year deal, bag a hundred and be a dees premiership player.
  15. Absolutely love this guy. He will be the key.
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