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  1. I would not be surprised if GCS pull out the Green bid first. Just a thought. If going for Jackson need to have him signed and resigned for next 5 years.
  2. Bid on green. Get him, bonus if miss out on what want ,at 8 see if we can secure Geelong's picks.
  3. 100 percent behind the trac to absolutely kill it this year. Has we played like 2018 this year, he would have been even better. I am tipping all Australian Squad next year!
  4. Very true. Young at 3. WA lads do get a big home sick and the lure of eagles is always a factor. now Ross has left maybe freo too
  5. He is an out and out star. And yes, the equivalent of a top 3 pick. If he gets back health and firing we just grabbed an amazing player.
  6. One issue is the game evolves. Ten years ago small forwards were not the must. Richmond changed that. In a few years time it will be a new system. I believe if we get it right on the park, those types of players we need at time will come. Really just need to draft the best players available. The only exception would be key forward / ruck as they are a rarity. I back the dees to hit back next year and if we can compliment Langdon, Bennell and Tomlinson with 2-3 ready to young guns this will be a hell of a team. Just need weeds and big Macca fit and firing.
  7. Was in local news paper will try to get a photo and post.
  8. News in the West has the Dee’s seriously looking at Jackson. They are deciding between him and Young. Personally, go for young and if Jackson there at 8 then grab him. If not, there will be several good quality players in the mix.
  9. Outstanding fellow by all accounts!
  10. Will he be on the park for 2020, Round 1? If so, this could be a crackin' pick up. Feel like a fit 22, we have the mold of a top 8 team. If Weeds (a player I believe will be a gun) and big Macca are fit, we could look to a top 4. 2019 was just one crap year and those thinking we are miles off I believe are wrong. We have the right people now, a good draw, a mix of experience and youth and if Bennell is fit, we just pick up a guy that a few years back was going to be elite. So back to question, will he be set to go.
  11. I wished it was. Let's hope that will be next MFC announcement!
  12. Lets get him and see what happens. Could be worse! We have taken some doosies over the years and this one may pay off. I like Bennell and believe he has grown up and now knows he has 5 years of footy left and needs to sort out his future. Bennell in the Red and Blue!
  13. Simply like these retired footballers who have nothing to really talk about in the off season so they just find something to say. Harmes came of the rookie list and has not looked back. Yes, 2019 not the best but name 5 who were. Happy to back him and contracts these days don't mean too much anyway!
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