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  1. Interesting one Wellsy, I thnk he is always about 1-2m too forward to mark it... unless it's zinging in at chin height. But... I kicked a ball for the first time in a couple of years with my 4.5 yo and some mates this morning, and found I was always dropping the kick about 2m short... I have done that fairly consistently since I played juniors... maybe it's a spatial thing and cannot actually be coached out of him. What I mean is - he knows intellectually what to do, but neurologically, it just 'feels' better the way he is doing it at the time... anyway...some drunkn thoughts.
  2. Because every other team supporter would say the exact same thing about their team when that occurs...
  3. Momentum? Well that's an etheeral construct. Momentum in sport is about a set of behaviours...but [censored] it..let me bore you in game. If a team doesnt have momentum from a commentators/specatators perspective perspective. its because they're doing the wrong thing... systems, personal behaviours, yadda yadda yadda. Momentum is a [censored] construct. .its about choice.. he [censored] up on a few... he'll be right, as the evidence is this year, he is more consistent. Best predictor of future behaviour, is past behaviour.
  4. Mate, i would have waited for that ball to bobble up also...
  5. Mmmm, I was up at Metricon last year, with a couple of mates from here in Vicco, geez what a slog that match was. No turning point last year. But, the team does have ability to pull victories out of defeat. Lovely goal by Marty Hore, set up by some hardness from Hunt. It genuinely feels it wont take much to fix, the conundrum is that it has felt like that for 18 months, so why hasn't it happened early. The amount of I50's means we're not actually getting smashed around the park... which is some light relief.
  6. I love the idea of Brad Green, no idea how is as a communicator or a coach, I'm just going by how he played. Mind you, judging by his posts on twitter, both the AFL and he are done with each other. .... ya need to tow the party line, if you know what I mean?
  7. There is zero irony in that @At the break of Gawn...
  8. Loving the sunshine lollypops and rainbows @PaulRB!
  9. I really like your analysis @Pennant St Dee . My question about Goodwin and co, is what does he genuinely see as our strengths, and what system is he trying to play, and how does he see these strengths complimenting the style of play. Coaches are not THAT arrogant to pursue a plan when it's obvious that it doesn't work over a 20 something game period. (besides there are a range of other staff that have input). Are they all drinking the Goodwin kool-aid? Is Goodwin an adversarial kind of leader? Do they all legitimately believe the game style will work with continuity of time together? The stats that were pulled up last night, would have been available into last season for them...so aside from the optics of what we/they see on tv and at the ground, that data would have been front and centre for a long time. So what is it that they all see, that perhaps we can't? And beyond commentary around his stubbornness, why is it persisted with?
  10. How lovely it was to come on to the site after a pretty deflating loss, and find this thread. Lovely in the fact that there is no anger, just acceptance of the inevitable of the cycle of this club. I cannot be bothered to dissect individual players, critique Goodwin and the FD, or even analyse the game plan. It genuinely genuinely genuinely feels like we've gone back 8 years. Not that anyone knows me, or care really, but I'm opting out of the rest of the season, and the reason I am expressing this, is that I dare say I will not be the only one. Are we at our lowest ebb? Probably not, but jeez, as a country member who has only a few links to the Melbourne City itself... I seriously need to ask myself why would I choose to continue to fund an entity that gives very very little joy.
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