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  1. A bit of an Adam Heuskes if my intel remembers correctly...
  2. As we have plenty of time to think... if you had to - who would you prefer? The potential of Jackson on the park or The potential of Hogan on the park
  3. Bruise free football coming up for both teams... and fair enough. There is genuinely no point playing.... perhaps someone can tell me what political mechanics allowed the football season to begin anyway.
  4. Mmmm, i thought that, then I realised I was referring to form from the 2019 season. A whole range of things have drastically changed. I'm optimistic.
  5. Hopefully they're using Andy Walshe as part of this, rather than the product itself... judging the quotes above though, I think not.
  6. Nice research @FireInTheBennelly! Not desirable from my perspective.
  7. On a side note - considering the climate (literal and metaphoric) of the world and how insular people are getting. If I was AVB (from Tathra) I'd move to Bermagui up the road... if you check the map - you can burn both bridges of the rivers and cut yourself off from the rest of the world as there is no other access... just saying property is cheap.
  8. @dazzledavey36 All player discussions are serious... but you know that. Do you mean - 'sadly' his body is not up for it - and what he can do whilst he is on the list is not often enough for him to warrant a spot - even though when he is on, he is pretty good, and he is a top bloke?
  9. drag it out as long as possible AND YOU"RE STILL IN the media...
  10. Post self quarantine... I must remind myself that if I meet any other JakovichScissorKick's around the street, that not ALL JakovichScissorKick's are like the one currently posting on Demonland...
  11. 100% - would love that to be an option in every game...
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