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  1. Erm, are you suggesting a media conspiracy?
  2. Extremely briefly - Confidence comes from the execution of task first... good (or bad) feelings always come after the action.... Yet, coaches and players buy in to the need for confidence...confidence just makes things easier.... because if you believe you need confidence to execute, what happens when you dont have confidence (your execution goes to [censored], as you are not task focused).... more Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in the club please Mr Williams...
  3. Please let me know how is someone who has no direct link to a club's acceptance or non acceptance of 'mediocity' - part of the teams problem?
  4. With all due respect @stranga, what does that even look like? Kind of reminds me of the hollowness of David Warner fully apologising re: Joe Root and telling us all he has 'taken full accountability' without actually doing anything more than saying those words.
  5. Valid point @Damo So perhaps Goodwin in his pressers, detailing how surgery has impacted on fitness, which impacts on availability of athletes which impacts on roles which impacts on running patterns which impacts on available strategies whilst unfit which impacts on technique which impacts on 4qrt efforts which impacts on confidence which impacts on execution which impacts on trust in others which impacts on subjective things from the fans such as , belief, hardness, desire of said team, players etc... could be a useful thing?
  6. For those bitching about Goodwin and his soundbites to questions that are posed to him... I would love to see your own responses to them (seriously, write them down)...because I suspect there is nothing he can say that would appease any of you? I'd hate to be a coach and be under scrutiny publicly week in week out....and having to justify/explain/mansplain reasons for a loss...
  7. hilariously i booked some prof development up on the goldy 4 months ago as i thought we'd be playing some great football and in for a thumping at Metricon, whilst I sink beers... I do believe the thumping may still happen, whilst im sinking beers still...just to us.
  8. he didnt want to be at this [censored] club... comprehendè?
  9. The downturn is really hard to make sense of. Did we overachieve last year? Well, that's bollocks, you can only win against who you play against. So what has changed (aside from personnel) for things to be so vastly different in 7 games (inc prelim '18)? And more importantly why has it changed, and what needs to be addressed. I'm really hoping Goodwin (or the rest of Demonland) can give me some clarity and answers on this.
  10. Is Goodwin 'woke' enough to change tactics? I also 'woke' this morning for a run at 6am in the dark, and ran by BMAC (not TMAC) down at Barwon Heads, having a morning stroll...didn't know if he looked [censored] off, tired, or just disengaged...
  11. Is that a genuine answer... as in - they're not aware and they don't care?
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