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  1. Zing, as soon as wrote that - I thought someone would pass this comment
  2. Reduce interchange rotations. I'm thinking of how cooked we were against Carlton in the 4th in particular, and how we couldn't run, couldn't tackle etc. The players would have to conserve energy, throughout the rest of the match - there would be more one on ones...it would then be a spectacle.
  3. Yes, agreed @Bring-Back-Powell I am surprisingly disappointed so far.. he can take some great outstretched marks up the field, and happy to take a hit, it hasn't quite materialised yet in the f50...
  4. Well, with all due respect to Jack, give me Mr Lever for those ceremonial positions.... But moreso - Marty Hore of the chiseled looks (ROLF) - come on - how can that NOT be captaincy material. It's like he is 1940's fighter pilot against the Luftwaffe.
  5. mmm, Im more of a gamelan kind of guy - (but I remembered u2 (who i was in to) sampled this back in 1992...)
  6. Does captaincy actually matter anymore? As teenagers say "Like, actually?'
  7. Public Enemy used to sing @Bitter but optimistic
  8. Remember back in Feb when some of us (me??) thought it was Gawn taps it to Viney/Oliver/Brayshaw for Weid Tmac to mark and for Lever, May and Nev to repel everything.... things were meant to be simple!
  9. That sounds tasty.... so, what's the schism?
  10. So you don't think Jack knows how awful his kicking is , and knows that stats, and knows how ordinary he is, and tries to fix it, but can't because he is well, simply limited. I agree with what @Smokey says, a one trick pony who's work ethic was great/what we needed 4 years ago, and now is superseded by more talented players... this is what SHOULD happen of course. Sometimes you get appointed to your 'position of incompetence'... and whilst Im not saying he isn't a leader, I guess the club understand he is a 'spiritual leader' who lacks polish and class when delivering the pill. That of course, may be fine within the playing group itself, but looks ugly for what spectators/supporters want.
  11. Imagine how dominant we would be if we had connection and work rate!
  12. Language evolves @Queanbeyan Demon, that's alright isn't it? I'm sure he uses language that the player's get. I'm sure he talks about Drake, Fortnight and Minecraft... You might not relate to it, I guarantee you the players and staff do.
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