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  1. Are you @Sir Why You Little with a different handle?
  2. The selling out is an interesting perspective @DeeSpencer - what's your take on that?
  3. Nicely put - I sometimes find it hard to work through what people/commentators 'really mean' by that sort of phraseology around being x% better. Sometimes i just like cold hard quantifiable metrics.
  4. What does finding 5% for Salem look like @BAMF - put it into some observable metrics for me
  5. I agree, but I cant be bothered to compile it - are you keen?
  6. Maybe he is not being advised. Maybe he can make his own decisions, because, well, ,you know, he knows where his career is at.
  7. @DeeSpencer I don’t think there is anyway I can ask this without sounding like I’m having a crack at you but... Are you a medic? You’re thoughts sounded like someone who has significant knowledge in the area.
  8. Including the conversation of whether there is middle ground or not...
  9. That'd be two more than Goodwin and the prelim eh?
  10. love the recent addition of the links to the training report @Demonland, well done.
  11. I agree @rjay. I thought about adding a caveat of course. I think everyone who posts here, who leans towards that being tired/cooked was a significant part of the 2019 season also acknowledge that it wasnt the only reason, whether it is posted within a post or not. I'll try to be clearer next time. From a weighting perspective, where I put ownership of why the 2019 season played out the way it did Strategy Injury/Rehab Personnel 15% 65% 20% STRATEGY *disappointed with how the i50's went in, as well as the inablity to keep it in - and I still see that linked in to the injury/rehab component, however tweaks need to be made PERSONNEL*I am all for players who play their role , who are not superstars and I am very accepting of errors, there are a range of players who I do not think will be part of a premiership winning team, this would unfortunately include J.Hunt, O Mac and a few others, whom I have been 'willing' to kick on, but I believe will be superseded due to inconsistency. AND these players played more than they would have based on who couldnt get on the park.
  12. All clubs, all the time, week in, week out - are reviewing strategies to beat any other club... the oft trotted out line of, 'we will just focus on us', is well a smoke screen'. The magnitude of the loss is important in so much as, that we can acknowledge throughout the season, the team put numerous clubs to the sword. If we kept losing matches by 4-6 goals week in week out, then clearly teams had worked us out/the system didnt work. However this was not the case. I wonder what the conversation would have been if we lost by 5 goals... would we be unlucky, would we be tired, would the WCE have worked us out? We got annihilated because we were exhausted. You don't lose matches by 11goals purely by strategy, its either a Neeld era team, or the players cant run to position. AND then linking the belief that 'we was worked out in 2018 prelin' to how we performed in 2019 is reductionist and simplistic. If the players haven't trained, and don't have the capacity to run out games, then in the modern era of aerobic fitness, the team is f'd.
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