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  1. ergo...9 clubs get it wrong, 23 weeks a year?
  2. how's the serendipity of the timing of his debut
  3. Yes and the other factor - an amazing free kick differential...
  4. It reminds me of the Jetstar flight times - always say it's an extra 10-15 minutes, so you're always pleasantly surprised that 'yet again' you've arrived early. I think in 'org speak' - its called - expectation management
  5. Have these stats been tweeted or insta'd or whatever'd to the afl feed? Maybe to Gerard on Sen? Let's start a conversation for change... FMD - WCE, SYD (for the length of time) and WB for 2016 look like outliers eh... anyone who's got an account - flick it through to sirswampthing to get some p-values organised on that data.
  6. about as likely as those thinking that the next round will be Petracca's break out...
  7. I reckon you're pulling the trigger early @Deehumanizing on May. However I am sure you've made your mind up and the bloke has only played 1 game. I personally think he will compliment the back 6 really well due to his skills sets... and I think with the pace of the game - Goodwin and the FD are wanting the zone, rather than the man on man - but OMAC ((as @binman) has stoutly defended) and May will be more of the one on one player that OMAC - anchor's if you will - whilst the others get to rebound.
  8. What bits are you unsure about @DemonLad5? He's a pretty good kick on the run and set shot, has pretty high tackle pressure - and even the inferred pressure of his speed is there... I personally rate him up forward. Hore is rock solid - brave - happy to cop a hit, just needs to get depth in his kicking (although his 50m goal against GCS semi disproves that)....
  9. 100% Clint, that was my vibe - it's a shame for Lewis, but his little slip sliding goose is cooked...
  10. @Mazer Rackham , do you have Trac's schedule on your iphone?
  11. theyve had a dave williams with them for 3/4 years now.
  12. well, we have turned a corner in many many respects this game - irrespective of the outcome.
  13. As The Small Faces once sang... “And, depending on my labour...the texture and the flavour” - same as a football career I presume... Song of a Baker
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