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  1. I would love to hear about the initial steps of the football club making enquires about Bennell, how far back it was, what was said in reference to role he would have, whom we thought could help. I'm not sure if it has been reported/discussed in the media, but I feel as though this could have been 6-12months in the making. Of course, I could well be wrong. Anyone got some intel? (is that jargon still used in the industry?)
  2. For the life of me, I cannot see how anyone can link how Goodwin operates in press conferences - which we ALL know - have very little resemblance to how any coach operates day to day - and how players/staff react to him - and then FURTHER to how he has a future in the game... They are mutually exclusive things.
  3. Thanks for the heads up Scooter - erm I presume I would not want to be misinterpreted as Laughing Goat? Ones a goat, ones a dude coming off the back of a wave at The Wedge.
  4. What do suppose allowed that to happen?
  5. Armstrong certainly injected a lot of volume ...hyuk hyuk hyuk
  6. I dont have a problem with this, I also dont have a problem with players forgetting to update their apps (is this how the modern age works)...humans forget, this stuff happens. It also looks great for the AFL's window dressing of keeping the scourge of drugs out of their industry. #harmreduction
  7. yeah I knew that, just wanted to riff on it a bit more
  8. What else is there to say however @McQueen? Not many trophies in the cabinet recently, aside from the bad boy below....
  9. I'm pretty certain this however was thought about, debated and designed of cups over coffee and tea cake spiked with copious amounts of lsd.
  10. perhaps not everyone, or every entity is reactionary as you?
  11. Hang on! Wasn't he upset at Goodwin, the players etc etc.... That Goodwin, he is so stubborn eh!
  12. Thanks for sharing Willmoy. My thoughts on the bolded bits about Jesse (or anyone) is I think the point that some folk are saying, is that they understand that the death of a loved on is/can be disruptive. It's exclusive to the conversation about how much he earns (or has nothing to do with it). In the end, it's Jesse's choice, sometimes mortality hastens peeople to fall into line to get the best out of their situations, othertimes with the exact same experience, people go '[censored] it'
  13. These assumptions frustrate me - purely from an employment perspective - why would a club (Melbourne or other) entertain employing someone if they don't care... he clearly cares.
  14. Yes,, but what about the r'ship in particular b/w Bennell and Martin? Are they best mates?. KK and MAY were there also. Does Martin not have any other mates in the game?
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