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  1. So much effort for so little return on the score board. We are soooo dumb with our delivery into the forward line and decision making in general. Our skill level is honestly embarrassing.
  2. We ended up top 4 last year, we are 2 games out of the 8 after round 7 and right now it’s a very even competition. Surely virtually zero chance is a tad over the top. (Note - disregard this statement after we lose to Gold Coast)
  3. Not quite full strength, May is out. Apparently injured...
  4. 2 games out of the 8 - 7 rounds in. Definitely a chance
  5. A shame we didn’t get some percentage against those spuds
  6. The difference in skill level is actually quite embarrassing
  7. Fair call. Hopefully players and coaching staff can respond, along with some smart recruiting
  8. Out of interest - did you post a similar comment at the end of last year?
  9. Relevance is we are on the bottom and need to consider change. Some of our best kicks play in defence and maybe it’s worth them distributing to the forwards - Salem is the best example. We generally win contested footy and inside 50s, but rarely do we have quality delivery into the forward line. It was just a thought
  10. Unfortunately we are bottom of the ladder.
  11. Unrelated to this topic but that gets me thinking, why don’t we try a few of our best ball users to distribute to the forwards - Fritsch, Salem, Melksham etc. Currently it’s painful watching some of forwards leading and it goes directly to an out of position opposition player
  12. Our forward line is always crowded and then we keep bombing it in. Surely it would be a good start to address this.
  13. Remind me again who are the clear favourites at this time of the year
  14. Good call, your right, the saints are awesome
  15. 23 games in a season - I thought only the media wrote of teams at the start of the year, not supporters.
  16. Basically if we can’t beat these hacks we don’t deserve to consider ourselves as contenders
  17. Ah that’s better, can watch the footy shows again...
  18. Great post and thanks for keeping the faith. Always enjoy your rational well thought out views.
  19. One positive as a Melbourne supporter is that we are very well conditioned to disappointment
  20. What a shame that Rance and potentially Riewoldt are out. You always want the best teams to have their best players. Hahahahahaha
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