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  1. Geez I miss the good old days, like when we were wondering what the opposition websites were saying...
  2. Hope you are reading the positive comments now Oskar. It’s unlikely to be like this in 12 months time...
  3. I’m so sick of looking forward to next season...
  4. Sadly they play the kind of football that I dream about my team playing. Too good all over the ground and their skill makes us look like a vfl team
  5. Good suggestion. I feel like it’s about time he is scrutinised, seems like he always flys under the radar...
  6. So much effort for so little return on the score board. We are soooo dumb with our delivery into the forward line and decision making in general. Our skill level is honestly embarrassing.
  7. Nah he plays for Collingwood
  8. We ended up top 4 last year, we are 2 games out of the 8 after round 7 and right now it’s a very even competition. Surely virtually zero chance is a tad over the top. (Note - disregard this statement after we lose to Gold Coast)
  9. Not quite full strength, May is out. Apparently injured...
  10. 2 games out of the 8 - 7 rounds in. Definitely a chance
  11. A shame we didn’t get some percentage against those spuds
  12. The difference in skill level is actually quite embarrassing
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