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  1. I have often thought this is exactly the role viney should play. Also I think his set shot kicking is ok, compared to his field kicking which is below average
  2. Unrelated, but kind of a funny story. At last years kids clinics he was running one of the games stations. Basically poison ball and kids had to aim below the chest. He advised the kids that if they didn’t play by his rules he would send them off to do a lap of the tan. The parents found this very funny and the kids played by his rules!
  3. Geez I miss the the threads on “what opposition supporters are saying”...
  4. Great post. For me it’s about players knowing their limitations and working within them ie short kick/handball to better distributors. Obvious problem is that’s what we lack and need to address by some good trading. Also think we should be getting Salem up the ground to help with this problem so he can feed it into the forward line - he weights his kicks perfectly
  5. Fair enough. I’m still slightly concerned he can’t convert easy set shots. Kick the goal and then you don’t need to set up zones...
  6. One thing I hate is a forward giving high fives after a mark in the forward line. Trac did it in the last quarter then predictably misses the goal. High fives are after you kick the goal!!
  7. In an ideal world we pinch a spot in the 8
  8. Geez I miss the good old days, like when we were wondering what the opposition websites were saying...
  9. Hope you are reading the positive comments now Oskar. It’s unlikely to be like this in 12 months time...
  10. I’m so sick of looking forward to next season...
  11. Sadly they play the kind of football that I dream about my team playing. Too good all over the ground and their skill makes us look like a vfl team
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