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  1. Our skills were ok last year although we still had i50s wasted. Think we are less fit and tired mentally which leads to poor concentration and form. Fitness area thankfully is having a much needed revamp
  2. Definitely hampered during the year but kept plugging away. The main issue here is that we miss manager players injuries. Should have rested and been given the chance to have a good run at it injury free.
  3. Really liked his interview. Didn't want to make excuses and we have seem efforts to change things up like the coaching structure mid year which is essentially a opportunity for test and learn before we re launch next season.
  4. With the end of the season approaching and questions being raised about our game plan, lets hope the 't' word doesn't rear its head again. No, not tanking, turnovers! At least in years gone by when we finished down the bottom we often weren't trying.
  5. Pretty sure his high performance program won't involve bricks ...
  6. 4-6 weeks in rehab is code for 12+weeks but we don't want to tell supporters and sponsors that
  7. Can only assume he was trying to pass that off ...
  8. He has said himself that his issues were in Yuendumu and not at mfc. having said that 'm sure drinking doesn't help
  9. So when do we lose patients? Is it the game plan (coaches responsibility) which leaves us under pressure / in bad field position or personnel (player talent) that can't execute and follow instruction. Even when we win we tend to have been inefficient
  10. China was in 2010 and his first charges were in 2012 so cant see the link. First got himself in trouble in NT when intervening in complex family / cultural troubles
  11. l'm sure one of the challenges the coaching staff would have set for 2019 was am improvement in our conversion and delivery around the F50. Seems an epic fail with few signs of any progress. l give them until mid 2020 to improve otherwise some new ideas are needed by end of next year
  12. Issues started when he left mfc not prior
  13. As long as he's not out for the dreaded and cursed "4 to 6 weeks". If that's the case, we won't see him until mid next year!
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