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  1. maybe they don't have a viable plan b is the other possibility
  2. Now preuss is missing with the same injury he carried into last week ... how about we play a fit side and let injured players heal ... Jetta started sore and only got worse!
  3. He's not back yet ... all words at this stage
  4. Or poor management by the club more likely
  5. Goodwin has played games before although there are examples of other coaches that do it more than him ... I don't read into anything he says on the injury front. Also don't read into training reports from those with rose coloured glasses or deliberately trying to misinform. Doubt Preuss will play and suspect that they want to keep st.kilda guessing about our final team and whether they will need an extra tall in defence... all the smoke and mirrors is a waste of time and supporters get misinformed in the processes
  6. Paying big developing forwards on potential hasn't worked in recent times e.g. patton, boyd, daniher, and cameron to a lesser extent. hogan would be one of the exceptions
  7. Sounds like we have our own version of lawyer x amongst us. will be hard to take the training reports seriously.
  8. Collingwood don't have the money, going by the fact Beams caused team mates to take a haircut last year.
  9. Assuming someone has a misogynist view based on a pretty basic observation is key board warrior stuff. Play the ball
  10. Missed any earlier discussion on this but it seems your actually saying the club deliberately mislead supporters last year about Viney and his injuries. Thats a disappointing outcome if true. Don't want to hear another poster stifling debate about the communication and management of injuries with worn out statements about posters like 'we are not medical professionals', 'we are not on the inner sanctum', 'I will place faith in the leaders of the club to manage injuries'.
  11. You make references to government, corruption and bring misogynistic. Are we still talking about footy injuries? It was a one off review after a spate of foot and other injuries. When it comes to injuries we are poor at communicating and managing them. Feel free to keep your head in the sand though
  12. The findings of the review into our sport science team PJ announced last year haven't been shared with members which is disappointing given we would like to know the outcome before launching into another season. Most agree we have had a spate of foot injuries, reoccurring injuries, examples of poor injury management and deciding when players are match fit and right to play AFL. LDVC what would you expect to happen to the leader of a team that has had a review announced into their teams concerning performance in a ruthless results based industry? My views is they are respecting his tenure and don't want to pay out his contract. He wisely has seen the writing on the wall and looked at other opportunities with his family. Seems like good timing and all the best to him. He joined us when no one else wanted to
  13. Don't need to understand medicine. This is a results based industry and the sample size is big enough to make judgements. Worth noting that Peter Jackson launched a review last season of our sports science and Misson is now moving on at season end.
  14. Not trying to be dramatic but will be pretty happy just to make the 8 this year given the predictable slow start we are going to have. My hope is that we can be the bulldogs of 2016 and finish strongly. Way too many injured and under done players in the lead up to round 1. Could they have been better managed? Jones, Melksham and Viney had been in rehab for a ridiculous amount of time. AVB and KK have reinjured themselves. JSmith playing out JLT injured. Max and some others didnt look fresh. Misson is leaving later this year so good time for some fresh ideas
  15. Might be a touch optimistic GCDee. While many are becoming available and/or passing tests,, I'm not sure we can carry more than a few players with niggles/little match practice into round 1 when the intensity will be high. We are going to need to finish the season pretty strong and hope for some luck and better player management with injuries.
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