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  1. I have but don't recall it getting into the specifics what they are doing other than its very different to past seasons
  2. This chart shows the drop in games better. Player quality flat lines around pick 8 to 20. So there may be some merit in the argument that we trade pick 8 out for 2 picks between say 10 and 20. The argument against this would be that by all reports this draft pool is deeper so pick 8 may be better than the historical average
  3. I have seen it mentioned by the player a few times now that the running program over the break and also the sessions they have planned as part of preseason training are a lot different to those under Misson. I'm intrigued to understand what the differences are in terms of volume and exercise type. Anyone have some insights on this?
  4. Nasher, the reason you get such variability is because its such a small sample size. If you drew a linear line to best fit the graph it would show a downward trend. The quality of picks after 7 drops significantly. l would also treat pick 13 is an outlier and ignore it. To increase the sample size you could bundle picks 1 to 3, 4 to 7 and 7 plus. A chart with those 3 data points would show the decline in games by picks alot more clearly
  5. Looks like they're in good nick, although I would swear that salem and petracca a sucking in their guts just a little
  6. Hey Binman, your response to was to Deespencer's post that made reference to the doggies premiership in the context of not resting players due to injuries. So its fair to assume if you agree with that statement then that is how you also feel. Will take it that that's not actually what you meant though ... sorry for any confusion
  7. If Burgess tells us around 17 players needed post season ops / rehab after 2018, I'm pretty sure at least half of them would have been carrying those injuries from early in the season and didn't just get injured at seasons end. That being the case mfc had the option to treat players (with ops and longer rehabs) earlier in the season and have them back in time for finals and the next season. Below are some examples of players that re-injured and should have been given proper rehab and ops earlier in the season so they were back in time for finals and 2019 (and these are just the ones I can recall): * McDonalds injuries started in the 2018 preseason and then again in May 2018 * Viney's troublesome foot flared on multiple occasions * Hannan had persistent knee injuries throughout 2018 * Melksham carried an ankle injury through out 2018 and had repeat hamstring injuries * Hunt twice injured his ancle in june and again in august 2018 These players all had leg injuries. Players can carry shoulder injuries and still do the running to get themselves up for the following season, but its leg injuries that cost you the following year and we should have better at managing them early in the 2018 season so they were back for finals and 2019.
  8. Not sure how we can be compared to Rich and the Doggies. Neither of those teams carried injured players through their season. In fact the bulldogs in particular relied on feverish team/system pressure with young players coming in for 1st games playing on enthusiasm and knowing their roles.
  9. True to some degree that they were pushing for finals but we clearly risked too much and mismanaged things. We absolutely got ahead of themselves. It will also cost us big bucks in 2020 memberships as failed season hit finances harder in subsequent years. Going forward, where possible players should be operated on earlier in the season so they can be back in time fit for finals footy and the following season
  10. Good to have them on board again. In this case, I think the fact they are a year to year proposition reflects their own financial position and is a little less about mfc. Also, with the fixture now out and an extra MCG game, its easier for the club and sponsor to quantify the exposure the mfc can offer their brand and how much that should cost. All supporters (even if you aren't looking at buying now) should click on the links as these stats are used to assess marketing performance!
  11. Found myself not wanting the interview to end ... really interesting fitness perspectives about mfc last year and also afl vs epl. On reflection: * Expectations of most supporters, media and betting agencies for a top 4 or top 6 finish this season were ridiculous given the number of ops to our best players although 17th place surprised all of us * Makes you wonder why we carried so many injured players through to the end of the 2018 season. Smarter player management would dictate that we stagger ops strategically throughout the season to ensure that we don't have so many missing at once and hopes for the following season aren't completely lost * EPL players train much more often than AFL players even though they play less minutes * Mental health is so important these days. Perhaps this is part of the reason why caring coaches are doing well at the moment
  12. Not going to need that pick as we will exchange 3 and / or 8 into multiple picks
  13. l think this will get done. Both parties have gone public about the potential partnership which suggests they have an in principle agreement and he just needs to pass the medical. Its classic Mahoney media management
  14. l think Harley saw the same gold coast sports science specialist that said that the root of KK's concussion issues had been newly identified during trade talk. Atleast KK didnt have any behavioral issues. Not interested, will just be a distraction
  15. it was reported that the mfc would only consider him if he had some interest and he doesn't so we move on and use the cap space next year.. Carlton and his mgmt were are all over him going to psd well before trade deadline ended and he will get to Carlton. Move on everyone and focus any truely 'available' players
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