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  1. Yep, it's official, but doing expect to read it in a medical journal
  2. It's also a fact that both kk and harley reached the mfc on the back of medical reports that suggested a new miracle cure for recurring / career ending issues. Kk had new medically identified neck issues that caused his head to wobble too much while harley had newly identified nerve issues that tickled his calf muscles. I'm fairly confident both players also had their fair share of other medical reports that said they had little hope of an AFL career. You may be aware, Freo already sent him to world renowned German soft tissue experts without luck. That's not to say l don't want him too make it. He can play, comes cheap, and helps to sell hope.
  3. We need you to do the mfc injury reports each week .. thanks for the insights
  4. Can't believe we bought the double calf surgery story, but at least HB comes cheap
  5. Luke Jackson would be well advised to get one also
  6. Barrels, speckies, match day kick to kick, finals buzz, transparent injury reports, training bbq's, father sons, draft gems, new revenue streams, no concussions ....... and less bushfires!
  7. Robbie Flower was a very reliable kick at goal. If only he had the ball in his hands in place of Eishold, Yeates or Campbell in that last quarter.
  8. Look at the positives, no new injuries to report and no one in rehab
  9. That's what happens when you trade away 1st rounders
  10. jury is still out for mine. need a bigger sample of past injury reports to assess and reflect on but excited to have him on board
  11. l may be too. any procedure involving the knee makes me nervous especially when its something odd like a cyst. hopefully our training reports are a little more transparent under burgo
  12. Bit left field but former demon Cameron Johnstone was/is a handy kicker for the Philadelphia Eagles
  13. MFC's official training photos are on the improve, but not sure why they would include photos of players drinking water. Last time l checked you get zero Champion Data points
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