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  1. There might not be a next year as there is no garantee all clubs will survive especially those getting annual afl / mcc hand outs ... when assets get devalued as is happening now, banks come calling to recoup debt ... mfc need to do everything they can now and in the next few years ... suspect they will be calling on only wealthy supporters to help initially ... without income mfc staff will also lose jobs
  2. Clubs would know already what is happening and all signs are they are getting ready to play. I'm sure the AFL want to roll out a more comprehensive plan and hence are taking a little more time ... including some positive news on ways for members and supporters can watch the games
  3. The MVP is heavily influenced by how good the player is, whether they play are more specialised positron, the quality of their replacement in that position, and how well the team can adapt to cover for them. For those reasons, quality talks and forwards tend to be MVP's. The wing is also an important role for us to fill as we found out last year. Tmac, May, Gawn, Oliver, Melk in that order. Langdon, Fritch, Viney (if uninjured) may emerge as mvp contenders as the year goes on
  4. He has the great leadership skills to go with his communication skills. However, is it just me or does he come across as being a touch happy with himself which might be perceived as not being as selfless as others.
  5. Hibberd is the one we have probably forgotten. Booming kick with penetration. Hopefully we see a lot more of it this season
  6. Appreciate the overzealous official was out of line but hardly a third world problem
  7. We need our own Dusty ... it's no co-incidence that Richmond has dominated in the same period he has become arguably the best player in the comp. Without him they are just another team in the top 8
  8. with the grand prix cancelled, the precedent for cancelling populated events has been set. l suspect the season will be postponed. All that needs to happen to put the nail in the coffin (and it will happen soon enough) is that an afl player tests positive .. sorry for the negative view but seems inevitable to me
  9. That's because they are self isolating under the beard
  10. Weideman ankle should be fine Bennell light calf strain (that's two now and he hasn't started match sim or matches for points) Salem recovering and good for round 1 (I prefer he takes a little longer to recover and comes back via VFL to avoid relapse other issues) AVB different injury to original one (l'm still very concerned) https://www.afl.com.au/news/384774/luckless-dee-set-to-miss-season-opener-after-another-setback
  11. An understatement to suggest we are a touch sensitive
  12. Please no ... AVB would be 4 to 6 weeks and not play afl again this year!
  13. You have posted a number of times on this forum, as have l, are our lives really that interesting that we can't afford time for a 30 sec new gen clip 😊. For the record l'm not in the target demographic but enjoyed it just the same
  14. Our modern day Robbie Flower! Stayed loyal to the club when there was no reason to do so and coincidently wore the same number 2.
  15. Cool little clip, and nothing wrong with it. Perfect for sharing on social media to new generations of mfc supporters. Recall a number of initially negative reactions to the doco series also and most now agree it was will done
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