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  1. There was a clear change in the game plan. We played a sweeper out the back and -1 in the forward press. It worked for us on multiple occasions and is a far safer way to play when team form is variable. We are still sending too many into the contest and not having anyone at the spread or minding opposition players ready to spread. What is going on with TMac? Was such a reliable mark last year but is struggling big time ATM. Can't seem to get himself into it or do anything right when he is the target. It is going to make . big difference for us when he finally starts firing again.
  2. Okay, that wasn't the best game we have played but things seem to be starting to click again. It is not surprising we have been struggling to defend since we actually have more than half our first choice backline injured. I am really looking forward to seeing this team with May, Lever and Jetta down the back. I think our forward structure would work way better with Joel Smith and Hannan there. They are both really hard to match up on and can mark well above their heads and be dangerous at the drop of the ball. They spread the defence and make room for our talls to lead into. When you think about it, this team is pretty much the walking wounded, People have been ragging on them and complaining about lack of depth but look at the injuries: May, Lever, Jetta, Viney, VDB, Hannan, J Smith, Preuss, KK. With the possible exception of the last 2 they are all starting 22 players. No team can cover those kind of injuries. We just need to hang tough and rack up the wins we can during this period.
  3. Fritsch didn't have his best game but that is the first time he has been below par. He always looks a level above those around him in terms of skill. As for Lewis, Goody has made his feelings on the subject very clear: His value as an organiser is worth the occasional clanger. Until May, Lever and Jetta come back I can't see him being dropped.
  4. I'm more annoyed about the clear 50m penalty that didn't get paid to TMac. Hard to swallow in the face of the others paid
  5. Surely this is a joke. This is not a rebuild, we have already rebuilt. We are looking at a team that under prepared in the preseason with a massive injury list that has now also lost some confidence. How could this be a rebuild?!
  6. Let's just eat the meal that's in front of us
  7. Yeah, I try not to get too emotional about it but the membership department communications have always been pretty poor. You really just have to keep ringing back until you get someone who actually knows what they are doing. I assume there are a lot of volunteers trying to do their best but who don't really know how to do much
  8. I think Spargo may eventually be a bit Caleb Daniels like, he is generally a good user of the ball, but 7 possessions and 1 tackle really doesn't cut it. Garlett to get one more chance based on his BOG performance at Casey. Any other changes will depend on injury and fitness. Stretch needs to do better though of he wants to keep his spot .
  9. Funny, this is the exact opposite of what most people were saying preseason. I believe ProDee was leading the charge on how Preuss as a 3rd tall could never work. The scorn for this structure was quite strong. Just sayin
  10. He is tall but he has great closing speed, provides pretty good defensive pressure and is pretty handy below his knees. I don't think he would be left out for the reasons you list. That being said he is a little too inconsistent still and could not be considered a certain starter regardless of his groin.
  11. Preuss seems to be getting a lot of hate mail on DL lately. He is a journeyman ruckman with a completely different style to max. He is certainly a work in progress but even though he is nowhere near max's level he does some good things. He gets to train with the best and max gets to train against a man mountain. I think everyone is a winner and I suspect at some point we will see the two play together and the coaches will take a look at how that works. I suspect there will be more minuses than plusses but it is possible that it will click and surprise us all. If max goes down you can bet that Preuss will get first look at replacing him regardless of what some people on here seem to think.
  12. As far as opinion from Mick goes, this is about as good as it gets. I don't know about getting over ourselves but we do need to double down on our ruthless side if we want to win finals. I would have agreed with him more strongly but after watching us beat teams by 100+ points multiple times last year, I think we are capable of putting our foot on team's throats and choking the life out of them. I do agree though that we need to do this more consistently and not drop off. I think this is more a function of experience though and hopefully we have that critical mass of games now.
  13. I can't see Adelaide winning the flag but I do think they will be up in the 8. As Demonland mentioned, due to their terrible year last year they have a great draw, similar to the one Collingwood had last year. On top of that they had a horror run with injuries last year and a lot of controversy around their leadership program. I don't know what they have done to address their leadership problems but they will at least get a starting midfield of the Crouch bros and Sloane back on the park and that is likely to be quite potent in the 6-6-6 setup. Add back in Brodie Smith running off half back and Seedsman on the wing and they go a long way to fixing up what was broken last year. I don't like the culture at tAdelaide, the way they treat leavers (or should that be Levers) and the inability to keep talent is a real smell. Even with that I think they are set to correct from last years disaster.
  14. I'll explain it but please don't take this as support for it, the science behind it is not definitive and I am not a dietitian. The idea is to trigger the fasting reaction in your body. Both the 5/2 and the 16/8 attempt to do the same thing. There are some studies that indicate that the body does more cell regeneration when it does not have sufficient calories available to just create extra cells. Both diets attempt to trigger that reaction without total fasting, which most people can't sustain. There is plenty of info on the net if you are interested.
  15. Thanks for the needlessly rude response. Perhaps you misread my post, I entirely agree that he grew last season and I really hope that it continues. I am just remarking that his body of work is not at the level where I am completely certain that it will. I don't think there is anything silly about it, although I know your form on this forum enough to know that you get cheap satisfaction from being pointlessly aggressive, feel free to continue if it makes you feel good.
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