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  1. I agree with a lot of your post but just want to make the point that until last year May has been a very durable player. He played 17+ games every year until last year and most of his missing games were due to suspension.
  2. For me a top 4 finish is s pass mark. I don't buy in to pessimism and I believe we are every chance to make top 4. From there it is gong to take a bit of luck but I am looking forward to watching this year unfold. On paper this is the most balanced side we have had for a considerable time. Inside bulls, outside runners, solid defence and potentially both tall and small forwards. It is gong to come down to fitness and form. I can't see the point in being pessimistic, for me it just kills the joy. This team could be anything, I'm behind them becoming premiers.
  3. I don't know what to say except that you are missing the point. Raw talent and recruiting it is only one part of it, having strong on field and off field leadership is another part of it, having a great development program is another, so too is having a strong coaching group. You can add to that having a system based approach that allows a 'one soldier down, the next steps in' approach. You can also layer a great medical and fitness group. Further still you need strong sports psychology or a culture that keeps everyone focussed and positive through personal and group though patches. All of those factors play into success, both one off and sustained. Sure, you will struggle to win without talent, but you'll struggle to win without the other factors also, and you'll need to align many or all of those to create a dynasty. As an aside, great teams make individuals look elite. Very few do it on their own in team sport. Sure there are the freaks but many of the teams that are successful over a period of time are not that way because of individual talent. They make each other look good because they are predictable to each other and drilled on where to be and when so they can receive or block. Talent helps big time but so does all the other stuff. It is just to simplistic to focus on just one aspect.
  4. Great article. I am very interested to see what the changes are to the game plan that he alludes to. It does seem significant that they are working on drilling the game plan even before Christmas. This is so much more advanced than we were last year. Hopefully this highly drilled game plan and significantly increased fitness leads to some better outcomes in games this year.
  5. I hate the old school, fixed mindset talk about players being unable to fix skill execution once they are in the AFL system, it is complete rubbish. Skills can be learned and improved at any age and at virtually any level of skill. If we perceive our players to have skill deficiencies then it is absolutely the right thing to develop drills and training aids to assist players to improve. Doing anything but this would be crazy.
  6. Stats generally fall into 3 categories. 1. Lead indicator 2. Lag indicator 3. Vanity metric Unfortunately, this statistical set seems to fall into category 3. Doesn't accurately describe the previous session and equally doesn't appear to predict the next.
  7. I think Fritsch and Milkshake are going to be the key to our forward line. Fritsch is just an awesome decision maker and really hard to match up on. People forget how pivotal Melky was for us in 2018, he led the league for goal assists and effective kicks inside 50, we really missed that in 2019. Having Langdon is going to make a difference also, his run and carry will lead to greater penetration with entries into the forward 50. I’m expecting TMac to be back to his old self, I just don’t know what to expect from Weed I’m just hoping, but if he doesn’t fire I suspect Petty will take it on or Jackson will get his chance early. I suspect Smith will play the Frost role in the back half. He can play tall and he is super fast, not too sure about his kicking but if he is playing frost’s role then the bar for disposal has been set pretty low. Bedford, Kozzie and Spargo to compete for the small forward role. Petracca to play a predominantly midfield role and take it to the next level.
  8. I think what is going on is that the club is taking a look at a range of players to see if they would improve our list. As I see it, that is exactly how they should spend the period before the draft and PSD. Some, like Sam Murray, it looks like we are passing on, others, like Harley Bennell, it looks like we are prepared to bet on. I doubt we will select Brown, but if we did it would likely be for tall depth and he would probably spend most of his time at Casey.
  9. I have this vision in my head of Hunt, Smith and Bennell in the same forward line just wreaking havoc with their speed, agility and ability to mark. Tmac and Weid would have to get the strong marking defenders but all 3 of our 'smalls' can take a mark as well as run very fast. Add milkshake to that mix and i think they could really prove a handful for any defense.
  10. This is going to be a big preseason and year for hunt. If he drops off even a little bit I can see him spending a fair bit of time at Casey. He does have the attributes to cement a spot, both forward and back, when he is in form and firing. I will be watching with interest. I do think with players like hunt we need to give them one specific role rather than chopping and changing. We can see how Fritsch began to flourish once he settled into the forward line.
  11. Interesting, no sign of Sam Murray at all.
  12. Funny, I don’t feel negative. I don’t even feel negative about Hannan. I just don’t know if he is the real deal or not and since he comes out of contract at the end of the year I think it is safe to say he needs to show something this year to keep his spot. I am not talking about this year as his biggest problem, I’m talking about his total body of work. No doubt he can do some great things in bursts, also no doubt he can run and mark. I have just watched him float in and out of too many games. I can’t tell if it is just needing some time to get used to the pace at AFL or a constant string of injuries, some of which we may not know about, or maybe he is just always going to be a burst player. I’ve never commented on Spargo but since you mention it, I think he too will be watched this year. He showed some good progress in his first year but has shown a woeful lack of both effectiveness and pressure this year and his stats are abysmal. I’m of the camp that you need to give players a chance to showcase a body of work before you can properly tell. Probably the coaches get a lot of that knowledge from watching them train as well, for me I only get a good look on game day so that’s all I can judge by. I’m no footy guru, but even I know that to improve year on year, you have to keep separating the wheat from the chaff. It has to not be personal. I would love to see both Hannan and Spargo really take a step and cement their spots this season, I just note that If they don’t, they should expect that their places in the side will be at risk. Neither of them has shown enough yet to be spared the reaper’s blade due to past greatness.
  13. I just don’t know about Hannan, clearly he had injuries most of last year. I’ve not yet seen him play a full game of football even when fully fit. It is like they take him off the ground for 2 - 3 quarters and then pop him on to do some great stuff and then vanish again. He needs to find some consistency or he will be out. He has the skill and I suspect high half forward or wing is where he can have the most impact. Fitness will be a big factor so perhaps Burgess can get him set up for a good season. As others have mentioned, this is probably it for him. If he can’t sort himself out this season he will be lucky to get another contract.
  14. Neither, I'm just playing back a number of news items that came out at the time. They too may not be fact, footy news can be like that but what else did we have to go on? There was a fair bit of commentary on fan forums saying the same but you take it all with a grain off salt. As for Lever, I don't think you will find too many defenders his age being included in the AA first 40. I have watched most of his games since he came to the dees and my opinion is that he is significantly more skilled player than most of the people around him, ours or opposition, once he gets a few games under his belt. Not only that, though, I just prefer to focus on the positive things rather than hate on the club and players. It doesn't make my opinion right but it let's me enjoy the footy more.
  15. Actually, Howe was the marking equivalent of Frost when he was with us. I lost count of the number of times he would take an amazing mark in defense, go back and kick it directly to the opposition. He always wanted to go to the club he barracked for as a kid, nothing was going to stop that. Ben Kennedy was the sad part of that trade but perhaps that was the best we could do, at least it rid is of Toumpas at the same time and got us pick 29. Strangely, pick 29 was a key part of getting Clayton Oliver since we traded 6 & 29 for 3 that year (along with a lot of other complicated deals) As for Lever, let's just wait and see. When he gets even a little continuity he looks a cut above everyone around him. It's possible that injury will cruel his career but if it doesn't he is going to be s star, no doubt.
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