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  1. Basic 1 percenters that become momentum shifting is what does me in. In the first qtr himmelberg kicks a goal that goes through 2 meters high as Max has been bumped off the line. Two mins later Mcdonalds shot from 45m out doesn't make the distance and is touched on the line and there's no one there to shepherd it through. Later on I think in the 2nd, when they're all over us and by right should have been 10 goals up. Viney takes a mark and has the look of 'Im captain I'll take responsibility and kick this goal' and he misses and they go down the other end and kick the next 8. I know we have injuries and have our $3 million backline out, but this is basic stuff and the 2 scenarios above (which there were many) fell on to our 2 'leaders'. Then there's skill execution, which is just going to drive me up the wall so I'll just leave it at this. We need to be aggressive and savage come trade time & bring in players that can use the ball.
  2. Time to make McGovern my supercoach captain this week
  3. Eh! this is still better than the crap my girlfriend watches
  4. Agreed. I caught on late. Went to an event at Whisky & Alement last year and had it. Went to buy a bottle the next day and couldn't get it.
  5. Its a good drop for $80. Im sweating on the Glendronach 15 'Revival' to be available again or better yet my 30th birthday in November so i can crack open my 1988 Glenfarclas
  6. Trade news at Stevienic headquarters. Out - Glenmorangie Dornoch In - Glendronach 12 List manager Steve thanks Glenmorangie Dornoch for its services throughout the 2018 season and looks forward to the new chapter
  7. Took Gus during the year to win at $501. Didn't go each way and just saw he was $251 for top 3. I feel ill!
  8. Didnt we actually have full sessions during pre season where they could only use their opposite foot?
  9. I can handle losing but [censored] me not like this. Show some [censored] pride!!!
  10. Did you try and get a reserved ticket today mate?
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