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  1. Paul was a wonderful guest speaker at our Gippsland Primary Schools Sports Camp in the 1990's, and I'll never forget how his personality was aptly refelected in his recorded phone answering message. "Hi, you've rung Paul Callery. I'm not in right now, but please leave a message, and remember, if you think terrific, by golly, YOU'LL BE TERRIFIC!"
  2. Found this old photo from the 80s during Barassi’s coaching years but can’t seem to figure out who any of these players are, can anyone help?
  3. What game were you watching? Your negativity is astounding!
  4. Roos also briefly talked about Hogan's kicking style too. Compared it to how Kennedy was initially criticised for his style, before he got more experience and is now considered a pretty good forward with an odd style. Roos said he expected the same to happen to Hogan with more experience and opportunities.
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