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  1. Tactic would be to bid on green at 3... gws lose 6 plus more..then bid 4 on Henry ... freo lose 7 and more... then the next four picks are Dees, crows, swans Dees ...so we have brought our two picks closer together and we get two of young, Jackson, Kemp, Stephens, Flanders..
  2. Catastrophic they say ... we are packed.. one pair of undies each and two toothbrushes... only one road out... almost sounds like a Springsteen lyric...
  3. Depends entirely on what happens at 3... if we get green with no match from gws ... then split 8 with gc or bris or cats to get a tall ...McAsey or Worrell and a tiny Pickett or weightman... then rookie Bennell and Murray... to add to Langdon and Thomlinson...not bad haul if gws match at 3 then jackson at 4 and Kemp or Flanders or Serong at 8 ... and Brent crosswell at 97
  4. The hills in the northern rivers are shrouded in smoke but still the drums beat and the chillums glow... we should bid green at three because he’s next best... a powerhouse mid... I don’t think gws will match but will take Jackson.. they need to build a team not just collect endless high pick mids..young, Stephens, Serong not the upside... Kemp maybe ... if we get green then we swap 8 in order to get Worrell and Pickett at 14-17 or 15-21.... meanwhile back at the turntable I have Miles Davis and John lee hooker trading licks in a denis hopper soundtrack...
  5. One assumes if you come to Byron it’s too get wasted right.. what’s the prob Gil it’s the holidays?
  6. In advance... thanks Saty and Kev for the great reports and insight... when you are living the life of a retired hippie it’s hard to admit your one passion in life (apart from your wife).. is the Dees... the angst the hope the epiphanies the dread .. but we dare to dream.. Max stripped and training hard... stuff to dream on...
  7. Best small forward by a mile is Henry ...but not in the best ten.. so you go with the best footballer at 3 (Young) then the best footballer at 8 (Kemp) and then the best footballer at 97... ( .......) then Bennell (rookie) then (Martin rookie or Murray psd) .... and let Burgess loose on all 45 (incl. Bradkte)
  8. 3 and 8 get the best Dees .. next generation chance which only happens now and again.. 3: has to be Young (b/c we are crying out for penetrating attack from the back, even in Serong highlights no. 17 looked better than no. 2, let Salem loose in mid or forward) 8. Has to be a midfield bull = Kemp (no crumbed at 8 Martin or Gray in PSD) and both seem versatile.. unlike many current Dees 97: Still need a KPF backup ...Buzza, Moore, ...
  9. IF... these 5 (6) Smith, Kk, Vanders, May, Lever (and Nev) could get 20 games each they would be like new recruits ..... ADD these 7 Thommo, Langers, Young, Kemp, Martin, Gray and you only need 10 more for the 22.. Max, Olly, Melk, Trac, Salem, Tmac, Harmes, Gus, Viney, Fritsch (depth?.... jones, Hibberd, Hore, Weed, ANB, Hannan, petty, Hunt, no.97...that’s 31).. and the others...
  10. Spots 38, 39 and 40 left pick 3 = young (defender who can kick) pick 8 = kemp (versatile mid or forward) pick 97 = where’s Wylie (198cm Forward nurtured at the cattery) pick 2 in PSD if there’s someone better than JKH = Martin even if he’s inconsistent DFA if there’s someone better than Stretch = Murray has pace even if a dh
  11. A++++ .... took the initiative...did it quickly... didn’t screw others over.. enhanced our reputation as good dealers.. got two wingers ... for $$ and not many picks.. stared peter bell in the face ... ended with two top ten picks... still possible to deal with gws for pick three.. and dfa’s with Murray et al.. if only burgess can work some magic..
  12. We could help them by giving 26 And 50 for 18. 26 for Dougal And 50 for Paddy we have 3, 18, and 79... then talk to gws
  13. Sorry ET but he is unrestricted according to afl.com So pies have to join the bidding if they want him
  14. Pick 9 of 22 Christian.. long time since Sandy and your bros Andre and James
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