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  1. Goody did one smart thing last night .. Melksham in the middle.. suddenly someone who can kick... Viney Brayshaw and Oliver in there is killing us all three just give it away either by foot or hand ... perhaps just change it so every centre bounce is Max Melksham Salem and Stretch ... others like Gus and Olly (who could start on the wings) and Jones can play on ball after the bounce and Stretch and Salem go onto the wings .. Weed needs to go back to Casey to work on his game and he can be tried at CHB to develop bits lacking in his game at the moment...bring in Preuss or Keilty... TMac was better , although limping in last quarter (toe?) keep him back ...Jones? Viney? Trac? Lewis? Too many blokes we are trying to hide..
  2. Chilling.. just watched the SBS report on Srl Lanka... my advice to Jonesy, Louie and Jack.. just tell the boys to enjoy it... we all love you
  3. At last something Lewis TMac Hore Salem Frost Frtisch Melksham Viney Oliver Trac t Smith Hunt Jeffy Weed Lockhardt Gawn Harmes Stretch IC... Brayshaw, Jones, ANB, Hibberd ...deck chairs he’s been moved now can we find some heart?
  4. Seems obvious to me .. but not Goody et al... that we need to restructure the forward line to hold it in there longer... you can’t have Trac, Melksh, Preuss, Weed and TMac as 5 of your 6."... too big too slow too inflexible .. I’d keep Preuss as the big target and also to ruck in the forward half so Max helps out the wall.. make a choice between Trac and Melksh ... make a choice between TMac and Weed ... then you have 3 smalls for pressure ... Jeffy, Hunt, and Corey or Spargo, Stretch, and Lockhart, or Sparrow, ANB and Chandler ... Jeff Farmer, Aaron Davey and Keeny Emselle.... at least show the supporters the coaches are trying!!
  5. Goody must know this season is cooked unless he makes some dramatic changes ... even with limited personnel.. the fixture ahead is tough with tigers, pies and eagles twice, hawks giants crows and saints again, and seven possible wins against flakey sides akin to us .. dockers, Lions, blues, dogs, swans , suns, and Roos... but at this point it’s hard to see a win ahead. Here’s an idea Goody for the tigers ... Back six .. Lockhart TMac (Lynch) Hore Salem Frost (Jack R) Frittata Front six.. Melksham Weed Hunt Garlett Preuss Chandler Mid six.. Oliver Harmes (Martin) Brayshaw Gawn Viney Stretch (Oliver and Brayshaw to the wings) I/C... Petracca Sparrow J Wagner Keilty Out.. Lewis, Jones, Hibberd (managed) Jetta (sore) Spargo, C Wagner (omitted) In.. Stretch, Sparrow, Garlett, Chandler, Lockhart Keilty Come on Goody show some imagination!
  6. I went to my first game this year.. sorry but did someone give votes to Petracca ......... wow do i have a different narrative,!!!!!
  7. TMac has to go back or go out .. he was an embarrassment this week.. he can’t run! ... although we looked good for twenty minutes while he was injured.. perhaps he will miss 4-6
  8. The fat fella gets another chance ...... ???
  9. Albeit my smoked eyes and watching without sound in the mullumbimby pub could have impacted my judgement but... I thought our two most ineffectual players were the fat boy and little Spargo (and of course Viney who looked sore). consensus is May will come in for either OMac Hore or Frosty... I’d make it OMac to go to Casey and try and get some steel. Happy for Hore to get 3 or 4 games to see if he can get up with the speed of the game. I like frosty’s craziness. billy Stretch has got to have more flexibility than Spargo even if only so Jones or Frittata don’t have to play wing. Spargo can play midfield for Casey and try gain some new tricks. the fat boy is a worry. I’d like him to play at Casey and he can’t get back until he rips it up there two weeks in a row and he would have a license to be selfish. Keilty starts on the bench and gives Weed and Max spells. If Lewis is fit I’d bring him in for Viney who can’t come back until he is pain free and fit enough to play at least 80% game time. 4 changes is a lot but we don’t wan to be 0-2 or 0-4 before we move.. TEAM could look like Jetta May Hore Salem Frost Hibberd Stretch Gus Jones Melksham Weed ANB Hunt Tmac Frittata Gawn Oliver Harmes I/C.... Sparrow Keilty Wagner (Lewis or Viney)
  10. It’s a long way to the grannie so get them all ready.. round one 2019... jetta May Hibberd Salem Lewis Frost pruess Oliver Viney Brayshaw Harmes Kolodjashnij gawn Weed tmac cwags track melksh i/c... jones frittata Vanders nibbler to play sometime in first ten rounds...OMac jsmith Spargo Garlett Hore grannie team.. jetta May Lever fritter Salem omac gawn oliver viney Brayshaw Track Kolodjashnij weed tmac Spargo melksh Vanders bedford i/c... jones Harmes Hibberd sparrow emerg.. Jsmith Lewis pruess
  11. High expectations are the driver and an A+ is the cup. The pass mark a C has to be making the eight ... then the real game begins.
  12. If I was the roach I’d be starting him at Casey with the knowledge he won’t come back into the one’s until he plays three excellent games in a row and only then if the guy who has taken his place (Fritsch or J Smith or ...) need replacing...
  13. It’s raining in the rainforest but my Lebanese Weed is dry and smoking and hanging on the drops as it climbs through the giant red cedar limbs... but round one of the tilt at the flag needs to show some class and a new plan... Rear six... Jetta May Hibbo.... Salem Frost Hunt Starting six.... Gawn Oliver Harmes.... KK Brayshaw Draft 28 (Xavier!) Front six... TMac Melksham Weed... ANB Preuss Draft 23 (SS!) Bench four... Harmes VAnders Fritsch Jones Emergs .... Lewis Petracca OMac Garlett Injured ... Lever (3-7) Viney (1-12)
  14. Easy there bro... seems to me Wise has just been doing the same as most of us ... just watching the smoke get thicker and thicker and waiting to see if there is a fire... speaking of smoke bro take a toke on this and relaaax..
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