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  1. Some Velvet Morning When I’m .......................sttttraight... Lee Hazlewood!
  2. Fix the midfield pick 2 Anderson or Rowell pick 3 Green trade anyone (bar Max) for Coniglio and ZJones
  3. I watched the filth game and completely changed my view on what’s needed for 2020 and a more competitive Dees... ( not forgetting better pre season preparation, better luck with injuries and some learnings in the coaching department) ... I was pushing a cull and Hill, Langdon Butler, Cutler, Patton Thomlinson, ZJones etc.. but I’ve had some sort of epiphany or lobotomy or was it that bag of gunya I picked up last week in Upper Main Arm... now my thinking is that what we desperately need is at least 2 A graders in the middle.. You can’t win unless you have someone who can tear the game apart (and there’s your leadership factor as well)... The guys we have who we thought might do it have plateaued.. Oliver doesn’t take the game on but racks up meaningless handball stats (he is no Martin, Danger, Coniglio, Yeo, Treloar, Boak, Neale...)Salem racks up 15 metre soft kicks sideways (cf. Houli, Wilson, Hurn, Crisp...) Trac although improving still isn’t winning us games etc for Viney, Harmes, ... What about Max you say... indeed we have Max and we should be pounding every other team especially with 666.. And so my take on the draft is that we have to use pick 2 (we are not going to be this low again..ever) on Anderson or if it’s 3 on Green ... see Knightmares summaries ... potential match winners.. even if they take 2 years to start showing their class.. But our big play must be for an A grade mid ... and we pay whatever it takes... Coniglio is my preference and the Giants can have anyone they want bar Max, and our 2020 first and 2021 first..or whatever.. Then we embellish our issues within the list ... RUN... with Langdon and Zac Jones, for players or picks. FORWARD PRESSURE ... Butler...and so it goes on..
  4. Sorry but perhaps too much Tempranillo... much of this sounds as though we are miffed at missing out on pick 2 ... give the suns the first round entirely... as long as we get ... Langdon, thomlinson, Roughead, zjones, cutler, .......
  5. The gloom is not all black... Melksham comes in for ANB.. now that’s a big improvement... Preuss comes in for Smith now that’s at least bigger... JKH comes in for Jagner ... now that couldn’t be any worse... and Dunkley comes in for Nev... now that’s younger.. its not black but very grey but I’m gonna watch with my bottle of Chivas... (somebody stole my chillum)... and I reckon we can scrotomise these tiggggers... go Dees
  6. Ya know contrary to many I think the first thing I would fix is our defence... and that might ripple through some other areas... I only have three certainties in my 2020 line up... xxxx May Lever Frost xxxx xxxx i would target Keath and ZacJones for the half back roles and someone quick and a good kick for the pocket from GWS... Jetta Hore and Hibberd are depth not best 22... wildcard is Hunt to pocket Then I would look at the one pace midfield... Gawn Oliver xxxx xxxx Brayshaw xxxx Langdon for one wing seems a given with Jack Martin in the middle and someone quick and a good kick on the other wing ???? ... or rotate TMac and Tomlinson ..depth here is shin deep... Harmes, Viney, NJones, Baker, Jordan The forward six are shrouded in mystery... Salem TMac/Thomlinson Melksham Xxxx Petty xxxx Get a little Tiger Butler Bolton or Baker or two tigers or another little Giant but they have to be QUICK ...depth up the pointy end is not that sharp with Weed Hannan Spargo Bedford Lockhart .... so in order .. get more run and rebound from the back 6 ... get more run and attack and defence from the mid 6 ...get more run and run and run and goals from the front 6... come on Dees, we can do this...
  7. Clearly OMac has to go ...there were 11 times on the weekend where he only tried one percent... Max Lever and Frosty had 5 times and Nev 3 but everyone else had only 2 or less , so they must all be safe... and for the Tiger Grimes and Astbury were the only guys in double figures, bludgers, and Martin and Houli not far behind on 8...
  8. I believe we need MEN not boys and EXPERIENCE in bucket loads and so with picks 2, 20, 38, 56 etc..... Trade pick 2 (2517 points) to Lions for picks 16, 19 (2115 and either 44 worth 362 or Cutler, my preference) 16 For Jack Martin from Suns with something back in 3rd 19 for Zak Jones from Swans (or Papley) with something back in 3rd 20 for Ed Langdon from Freo with something back in 3rd Buy on the meat market.. Jamie Elliott from Pies $400k for 3 yrs Thomlinson from Giants $600 k for 5 yrs ( or Patton from Giants for crumbs) Dan Butler from Tigers for 38 Alex Keith from Crows for two 3rd rounders or Stretch and ANB Go to draft with 48, 59, 77, 2020 round one.. Jetta May Lever Frost Keath Salem Langdon Z Jones Thomlinson Martin TMac Melksham Fritsch Weed Elliott Gawn Viney Oliver Bench... from N Jones, Butler, Trac, Harmes, Hibberd, Hunt, Hore, AVB, J Smith, Petty, Hannan, OMac..... Gone... ANB, Stretch, JKH, Lewis, Garlett, J Wags, KK
  9. Perhaps this is part of the explanation for our inconsistency within and between games (notwithstanding injuries skill and game plan factors) Men playing boys... (if you look at every clubs senior list of the number of players they have born before 1994 that is are 26 or older) .. you would get a league ladder like this.. Pies and Cats 20 Hawks and Roos 19 Eagles and Crows 18 Giants and Port 17 Freo 16 Tigers and Swans 15 Bulldogs Bombers and Saints 14 Suns 13 Lions and Blues 12 Dees 11 (and so every Man in the Dees team is critical but if 5 of them Jetta, Vanders, May, Garlett, Melksham and Lewis don’t play many games ... we are in trouble) or you could look at it from the other side of the street and say it’s not just age but experience that is number of players wha have played more than 100 games (lists as of today)... and the expected ladder would be... Pies and Hawks 17 Roos 16 Cats, Eagles, Crows and Port 15 Tigers and Bulldogs 14 Giants 13 Bombers, Swans, and Saints 12 Lions 11 Freo and Dees 10 Blues 9 Suns 8 perhaps there’s a correlation of sorts between these two ladders and the Dees season.. perhaps it says don’t go to the draft but get some mature footballers..
  10. 6. Lockhardt 5. Frostick 4. Petty 3. Braydick 2. Jonesdick 1. Vinedick
  11. I wish I’d continued wandering through Turkey and Georgia rather than return to the Northern Rivers to watch that unaccountable slop on Sunday. That’s the most ineffective midfield group we’ve ever put up. So let’s change it up.. (rest Gawn) ... the new mid six is... Preuss, Lewis Petracca and Salem in the square and JKH and Baker on the outside. The front six is T Smith Oliver and ANB, TMac Fritsch Hunt and the back six could be Jones May Hore, Frost Lever Viney... Leaving the bench of Weed to spell Preuss, Maynard as a mid, Hibberd and Lockhart... gotta do something drastic because getting rolled by Carlton would be the pits. Outs..Gawn inj. Brayshaw Petty Harmes Hannan dropped In.. Preuss, Lever, Lewis, JKH, Maynard
  12. Goody did one smart thing last night .. Melksham in the middle.. suddenly someone who can kick... Viney Brayshaw and Oliver in there is killing us all three just give it away either by foot or hand ... perhaps just change it so every centre bounce is Max Melksham Salem and Stretch ... others like Gus and Olly (who could start on the wings) and Jones can play on ball after the bounce and Stretch and Salem go onto the wings .. Weed needs to go back to Casey to work on his game and he can be tried at CHB to develop bits lacking in his game at the moment...bring in Preuss or Keilty... TMac was better , although limping in last quarter (toe?) keep him back ...Jones? Viney? Trac? Lewis? Too many blokes we are trying to hide..
  13. Chilling.. just watched the SBS report on Srl Lanka... my advice to Jonesy, Louie and Jack.. just tell the boys to enjoy it... we all love you
  14. At last something Lewis TMac Hore Salem Frost Frtisch Melksham Viney Oliver Trac t Smith Hunt Jeffy Weed Lockhardt Gawn Harmes Stretch IC... Brayshaw, Jones, ANB, Hibberd ...deck chairs he’s been moved now can we find some heart?
  15. Seems obvious to me .. but not Goody et al... that we need to restructure the forward line to hold it in there longer... you can’t have Trac, Melksh, Preuss, Weed and TMac as 5 of your 6."... too big too slow too inflexible .. I’d keep Preuss as the big target and also to ruck in the forward half so Max helps out the wall.. make a choice between Trac and Melksh ... make a choice between TMac and Weed ... then you have 3 smalls for pressure ... Jeffy, Hunt, and Corey or Spargo, Stretch, and Lockhart, or Sparrow, ANB and Chandler ... Jeff Farmer, Aaron Davey and Keeny Emselle.... at least show the supporters the coaches are trying!!
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