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  1. Agrees - bad kicking is bad football and we should have kicked 20 goals tonight. However Oscar had provided a service but its time to move on. If he is in the side next week then we are tanking.
  2. Delist Oscar McDonald and Jeff Garlett now.
  3. J Wagner - Not AFL Standard C Wagner - Not AFL Standard Stretch - Not AFL Standard Smith - 3rd tall only Garlett - Replace with Bedford O McDonald - Bring back Lever Fritsch - What has happened Brayshaw - out of position Jones - needs to retire Oliver - rare bad game Petracca - just so frustrating Gawn - prevented 100p loss Hore - Prevented 100p loss
  4. Another pathetic game from the team with 0 GENUINE effort and once again zero confidence in Goodwin's lack of flexible game plan. Where s the Plan B. When you kick 1 goal in 2 and a half quarters its worth trying a few things. Gawn was our only winner on the field and he wont throw him forward for 10 mins. Rest him there in the square! Throw Petracca to a back flank and Garlett on the wing or to the back flank. We need to stop gifting games to the Wagners and Stretch. Id rather give games to anyone else except them 3. C Wagner - not AFL standard J Wagner - not AFL standard B Stretch - Horrible - Not Fast, cant kick, cant make decisions and is soft H Petty - Too early to judge O Baker - Showing signs T Smith - Needs to be 3rd tall only. C Spargo - Lost all confidence J Lockhart - showing effort at least but has limited ability Biggest concern is our last rising star nominations was Oscar McDonald in 2016. 0 in the last 57 rounds! Take away Clayton Oliver, Harmes and Lever im not sure our 18-23 year old will go on with it.
  5. Would rather go in 2 short that play both Wagners. North identified that pretty quickly with Corey and for whatever reason we thing they can play. Clearly they are in possession of some interesting polaroids of Goodwin. You can add Stretch to that list. Yes i get the Father/Son love but hes is not up to you, is not quick and offers nothing!
  6. I would rather go in 2 short that play both Wagners.
  7. Jones - Leadership skills gone Viney - Wastes the ball Gawn - Best on Ground Oliver - Needs to kick Harmes - Good early on Hunt - Only good forward Garlett - Soft and Wasteful Petracca - Its getting worse Salem - Was well held Stretch - Not AFL standard Brayshaw - Loss his ability T.McDonald - Didn't reward himself Frost - Good until late Hore - Another good game O.McDonald -Wasn't our worse Wagner - Not AFL standard Smith - was well beaten Lockhart - Was rarely sighted Neal-Bullen - battles until concussed Petty - showed some promise Fritsch - Lost all confidence Baker - Had his chances
  8. Umpiring horrible Wagner is just horrible Stretch is not actually quick and kicks 30m clangers Clayton Oliver will never get to his true potential whilst he is handball happy, better tonight but cost us 1 in the last quarter Nathan Jones and Jack Viney have no leadership Jeff Garlett needs to go when its his turn
  9. Spencer. What is he going to provide except a hate thread here this time next week?
  10. 100% agree. What works is the lack of leadership in who gets the kicking in duties. Only players that should be allowed to kick in are Vince, Tyson, Jones or Jetta. Neve used to be a problem when we had Dunny there apart for the odd blowup!
  11. 6. Viney 5. T Mac 4. Harmes 3. Vince 2. Watts 1. Petracca
  12. Agree except J Garlett. He was quiet today but still kicked two goals in game when you need to kick a winning score and co led us in tackles in a game that we were beaten because we failed to match the intensity. O McDonald is young and i can understand why he gets game but he still needs a full season in the twos before he gets games. Grimes really disappointed today and should naturally have leadership, he should of had over 10 tackles if he was serious, White I'm just unsure off. I know he is not going to he is his last years but why we dropped Dunny is beyond me, He deserves to feel let down by the club and would be embarased Oscar is getting a game in his place. We lost today because when the game was on the line EXP in Riewoldt and Montagna stepped up and we had none of that and we failed to match their intensity. Nathan Jones worst game in 3 years. Patracca and Vince misses in QTR 2 were huge in hindsight.. Most of all the biggest reason we lose during the year is over use of the ball and fascination with switching the ball in defence which leads to players like the McDonalds needing to execute kicking skills they don't posses even though today their kicking was above average for them.. How many times to we get a mark in the middle and look back and sidewards to dish off before even considering to be attacking and moving the ball on fast into the 50 like the good sides??? Crying out for a CHF that works and marks and links defence to the forwards like Brad Miller did when he played his best footy, DAWES is not he answer but the Pedo is the best we have and he is at least contributes.
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