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  1. We lost games even though we had more scoring shots, and we lost games after smashing teams with I50’s. The question is why? I believe, and I’m not a coach, that it’s a few things combined. 1. Our goal kicking needs a lot of work, we missed a lot of easy shots on goal with little pressure. (Pressure at AFL standed at least.) 2. Our mids and forwards aren’t on the same page, to be fair a consistent 22 would probably help. Hopefully our new fitness bloke will help with that. 3. Our skills and decision making need to improve. Either our players miss hitting up our leading forward or they handball to another player who is either under pressure or fumbles, or their handball is crap putting the other player under pressure etc. I believe this is causing the leading forwards to double back, abort leads or just be out of position when said under pressure player just bombs the ball in. Surely our highly paid coaches and players know this though, I’m just an armchair critic after all. 😉
  2. I will next season, mine is automatic anyway, but if next year is as bad as this one with no changes, then I don’t know after that? First change I want to see is an improvement in our fitness team now that Misson is gone, I want May and TMac fully fit. Second change is an improvement in our efficiency, turnovers kill you at AFL level and we are the champs at it. 🤦🏼‍♂️ Third, a GAME PLAN B 😓
  3. I always thought he’d take longer, like Dusty who took about 4 years before he could run out a full game in the mid field. Trac was a big unit when he started, fine at TAC/Schoolboy level but at AFL level he needed to up his tank. He missed the first year and has had interrupted pre seasons, so I believe he’s behind where Martin was. We are finally starting to see him put games together and he’s starting to pick up his averages as a result. I agree that he needs to be a bit more selfish and back himself going for goal though...maybe not his set shots though? 😜
  4. I may have missed the Eagles players prior opportunity? 🤷🏼‍♂️ I just flicked back over from checking the Saints game.
  5. Well, Gloutfis just gave us a cheap goal there
  6. Nice work by Salem, crap kick to Frost and then tries to knock him out too. 🤦🏼‍♂️
  7. Males

    Sam Weideman

    I would be interested in seeing how many here, who want to get rid of Weid, would take Tom Hawkins? Tomahawk played about 5 very good games in his first 100, in a very good team, and was a man mountain to start with. Weid has played 30 odd games, between injuries, in a team that bombs the ball in to the fwd50 and refuse to lower their eyes and hit a leading fwd. 🤦🏼‍♂️ We improve our fwd entries and Weid will look better.
  8. I had heard Dylan Stephens (SA) was meant to be a decent prospect? He’s also ranked 9th on the link furious d posted. I’m hoping the Crows will think picking a local will offset the difference? 😉
  9. The Crows might lean towards one of the local SA kids with Carltons pick, so we might still steal Anderson or Rowell if we finish 16th?
  10. Anyone know how this kid has been going? JEREMY SHARP Club: East Fremantle, Western Australia Position: Midfielder Size: 185cm, 72kg Champion Data player comparison: Andrew Gaff Foxfooty.com.au says: The WA wingman was one of the shining lights in the Under 18 Championships. Sharp runs hard on the outside and played his best game of the carnival against Vic Metro, where he had a team-high 26 disposals. The blonde haired midfielder was named in the All-Australian, with his ability to collect the ball around the flanks and hit up a target being a strength. He is clearly one of the best prospects in the west.
  11. In regards to the free kick, I believe the original free to Lockhart would’ve been from the top of the goal square, because Freo were kicking out. The reversal against Jones though should’ve just been a free kick to the filthy diver where he flopped. I wasn’t aware of the rule, but the commentators did mention that if a team is kicking out from a behind and get a free, it’s 50mtrs. I believe this is where the issue may have come from, the Commentators mentioned that it was the umpire near the goals that gave the 50, not the umpire who reversed the free. I reckon the umpire near the goals has just heard the free kick to Walters, therefore paying the 50 when the other umpire didn’t, possibly thinking the other umpire missed it? The umpire who reversed the free kick probably assumed the other umpire gave the 50 for another reason, just an honest miscommunication that cost us a goal.
  12. That’s the context he stated after the fact, I believe that if he stated he was going to do this before the game the supporters probably wouldn’t have unleashed as they did? Also, as I stated, he could’ve done it in front of Swans supporters, they would’ve loved it and it wouldn’t have blown up. So I stick to my point that in this case he could’ve handled it a little better.
  13. Firstly, who said those supporters were terrified? It was a stupid thing for Goodes to do with no context of why he did it? A reason he came up with later, which I personally believe he used as an excuse so he didn’t look as much like an idiot, but that’s my belief. He could’ve done it in front of his own supporters and they would’ve loved it. Also, what are your thoughts on another player standing in front of opposition supporters, pointing his hand like a gun at their heads and firing? After all, it’s imaginary? I didn’t particularly like the way Goodes played for frees and sniped on occasion etc, I booed him on occasion if he did it in front of us, am I racist? Because this is where I took offence at the time to commentators and the bleeding hearts of society who claimed that if I ever booed Goodes again I was racist, no ifs and buts. NO, I would’ve booed him again if he dived for a free in front of us or took a cheap shot at one of our players, not because he was Aboriginal. You can’t lump all of it together and claim that everyone who does it is automatically racist or crap morals? I hated the way Lloyd played for frees (great player and goal kicker), I hate the way Selwood plays for frees, actually add the whole Geelong team. I detested the way Lyndsey Thomas played. I’ve booed these players too. Am I racist? Would I do it in the street if I saw them? No, I don’t hate them as people, I hated the way they played the game. There were definitely people who booed Goodes because they were racist, but don’t lump everyone who booed him as racist or questionable morals.
  14. Lever just said on AFL tonight that he’s not playing this week, didn’t come up after training and should be back against Collingwood.
  15. This is where we need a plan b, which we don’t appear to have? We need to learn when to slow the game down, hit targets, BY FOOT, reset and hit another target etc. I’m not as bullish about our lack of leg speed as some, you hit targets by foot consistently and you cover it. I also believe a team looks slower when they turn the ball over constantly, players running in offence then have to stop and change to defence, now 5-10 meters behind their immediate opponent. I also believe if we slow our ball movement down and hit targets, we’d actually move the ball faster, with better delivery to our leading forwards. But I’m not a coach. 😜
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