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  1. Won’t be any worse then Viney in there, his disposal efficiency has been pretty bad. 😢 Edit: Just googled Viney’s disposal efficiency this year, I stand corrected, it stats he’s going at 71.88%. Surprised the hell out of me, I would’ve put it at around 50%. 😳
  2. Weids left knee strapped up, did he have it strapped last game?
  3. I saw that, I assumed that you have to press a button on the side of the headphones to talk and McCarthy had left his turned on and was laughing with Jones while Goody was trying to talk with the coaches upstairs? Nothing malicious in it.
  4. Won’t get a game for us then, he must jump for every contest with our other 3-4 players in the area. No smart crumbers at MFC, thank you very much. 🙄😜
  5. Personally I’m not happy with the result, but as long as the AFL is consistent for the whole season, so be it. Be interesting when the first big name player does a similar thing though? If I was MFC I’d be asking for a refund of the $10000 as soon as a player gets off for the same thing. 😉
  6. If it was a compound fracture would the doctor try and put the bone back in on the sideline? That’s what he tried, hence I assumed it was a dislocation at first. I did google the following though. What is the Recovery Period for Compound Fractures of the Finger Bones Postsurgery? The recovery period for Compound Fractures of the Finger Bones depends on the complexity of the injury and to what extent has the tissue and bones been damaged. If it is a minor fracture and the injury is mild then the patient may return to normal activities within a span of 6 to 8 weeks. If the finger bone fracture is complex and the injury is deep and complex then the recovery period may take three to four months before the patient can gradually return to full function of the fingers.
  7. How many weeks is a compound fracture?
  8. Hopefully it’s not a broken finger.
  9. Pressure on players returning early is an interesting point, I assume the club doctors wouldn’t take that into account though? Don’t most of the contracts draftees sign though give them a base wage for the year, plus match payments for each game they play? I assume for salary cap calculations the club would have to calculate the base wage and what the player would earn if he played every game though? 🤔
  10. Surely Nic Nat wouldn’t be getting his full contract though? Unless there’s nothing written into his contract about injuries and amount of games he has to play per year etc?
  11. James Harmes Clayton Oliver Max Gawn Angus Brayshaw
  12. Alex Neal-Bullen Aaron vandenBerg Angus Brayshaw
  13. Joel Smith Bayley Fritsch Josh Wagner Tom Sparrow
  14. Hadn’t received ours before I left for Cobram on Monday, got back a couple of hours ago and they were in the letterbox, must’ve arrived after I left. One was an Xmas present for a new member, she was still ecstatic when we got home today and I got her to open the mail. 😉 Not happy with the club and Aus Post about how this was done, but at least they arrived. 👍🏻
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