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  1. The color code for the above pic is; Blue= Elite Green= Above Average Yellow= Average Red= Below Average
  2. In under 12-16’s maybe. Highlights are from U18’s NAB cup etc, he’s playing against other elite kids who are a similar size and development. He might look taller when playing in the midfield because he’s 193cm, playing against some that are only 178cm etc. 🤔
  3. I’m guessing he has Freo taking Jackson. I’d take Ash in that draft guess, with a Kemp gone
  4. Robertson is another in and under midfielder, I don’t see him being that brilliant that we can’t not pick him, just more of what we have. I’ve been in Young’s camp at 3, nothing’s changed that. At 8 I’ve been interested in Kemp or Ash, but I wouldn’t be to unhappy with Jackson if they believe he can impact as a forward. Only 28 more days to guess 😂🤣
  5. 23/1/01 191cm/89kg NSW-ACT/GWS Academy Midfielder September ranking: 5 The thing with Green is that his performances stack up. As one recruiter said recently, if Green was playing in the NAB League and not tied to an Academy, he would have been spoken about more as a No.1 pick contender. His performances for the Allies, leading his side in the midfield against highly rated stars each game, and his consistency for the GWS Academy team, adds weight to his efforts. A tall, big-bodied, strong and hard-headed midfielder who goes and wins the footy and gets it out. Likely to attract a very early bid for the Giants to match. Based on the above, and if you were going to take best available, I think we’d have to seriously look at him. Personally I think Young might suit our needs more then Green, but if he has the potential to be the next Cripps, can you pass him up? From everything I’ve read though, GWS will match any bid on him, and his brother next year too.
  6. North Melbourne also poached Glenn Luff from Champion Data last season to do the roll their.
  7. I hope he’s a nuffy who has no idea what he’s talking about then. 😜
  8. And we have another month to keep guessing. 😂 I don’t know enough about the kids to pick, only what I’ve read, but I do like the idea of having an elite kick coming out of the back half to set up attacks though. I actually think Kemp will slip through to our pick 8, just don’t know if we’ll pick him. 🤷🏼‍♂️😉
  9. If GWS are forced to match a bid for Green, it only leaves Adelaide, Sydney and Fremantle to bid on Kemp. Adelaide might prefer one of the SA boys and Freo might look at Ash or Stevens after losing Langdon and Hill. Sydney might look at Sarong if the Crows don’t take him with the plan to replace Papley next year?
  10. Nope, prefer to keep 3 & 8 and use on Young and Kemp/Ash
  11. I listened to an Interview with Young, he stated that they (team he plays in) have given him time in the midfield but that he sees his best footy at halfback and believes that’s where he is suited to and where he sees himself playing at AFL level. That’s not to say that the club doesn’t believe that he might push into the midfield, or that he might decide that he’d like to get into the midfield after a preseason or two.
  12. I think the old rule about not taking a halfback top 5ish is just that, old school. Look at the amount of teams that set up their attack from halfback these days, they say Young is arguably the best kick in the draft, good decision maker and can intercept mark. I’m looking at him replacing Jetta or Hibberd in the future and setting up a lot of our attacks. 😁 I’m only going off the few highlights and draft reports though. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  13. Voted Young with 3 and Kemp with 8. Wouldn’t be disappointed with Ash at 8 though.
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