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  1. He’s in, official MFC Facebook page announced it, also Corey Wagner has been added to the emergency list alongside Michael Hibberd, James Jordon and Sam Weideman.
  2. If this is true, no excuse, absolutely stupid mistake and they deserve the week. 🤦🏼‍♂️
  3. Meh, I don’t find Fagan’s comments bad, certainly don’t see them as having a dig at us. He was most probably asked leading questions about comparisons to Melbourne’s rise to play finals, then about our fall to 17th and is he worried about the Lions dropping as far as we did etc? Fagan stated himself that Melbourne had a lot of injuries and that may have led to our bad season. If he wanted to have a shot at us he could’ve mentioned what has already been stated by our own club, that our players came back in less then ideal shape and attitude etc.
  4. Oliver uncharacteristically fumbling a lot today, dropped a couple of easy marks.
  5. Glenn Luff was pretty high up at Champion Data and is now Norths list manager, guess Champion Data are either looking after him, or setting him up as a failure? 🤔😜
  6. We both got stickers in our packs.
  7. Not the players I wanted so if I was to vote on that it would be a C-C+. (Edit: My choices were made on highlights and what I thought we needed 🤷🏼‍♂️) If I was going to vote how I think the recruiting team went, I would vote an A. They obviously went in with the plan to recruit Jackson and Kossie, not only did they get their targets, but they got Rivers as a bonus. 👍🏻
  8. Height 188cm Weight 85kg Current Team East Fremantle, Western Australia Birthday July 30, 2001 DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Rivers is a big-bodied midfielder who oozes class and leadership.” IN 2019, Trent Rivers produced an outstanding season of football that should see him rise up many draft boards. A big-bodied midfielder, Rivers is balanced, smart and is an excellent distributor, especially via foot, making him comparable to former Richmond and GWS star Brett Deledio. He has also shown an ability to play either as an inside or outside midfielder and can even station himself on the half-back line. STRENGTHS Balance Leadership Positioning Footy smarts Spread Class IMPROVEMENTS Locking down one position Endurance There were high expectations on Trent Rivers in 2019, after he finished second in East Fremantle’s Best and Fairest and finished in the top 20 of the Jack Clarke Medal in 2018 – and he truly delivered. Despite playing just nine games for East Fremantle, Rivers finished second in his club’s best and fairest, finished third in the Jack Clarke Medal and eighth in the WAFL Colts Coaches Award. Across the nine games, Rivers booted 10 goals and averaged 27 possessions, five marks, five tackles, and five inside 50s. He was named in the best on six occasions with his best performances coming against Subiaco in Round 2 (29 possessions, sic tackles, five marks and five inside 50s), East Perth in Round 18 (25 possessions and a goal) and Perth in Round 19 (30 possessions and two goals). Rivers also won All-Australian selection on the interchange bench after a stunning Championships campaign for Western Australia. Across four games, Rivers averaged 22 possessions, five marks, three rebounding 50s and three tackles, with his best performances coming against Vic Metro (22 possessions, four marks, three tackles, three rebounds and a goal) and Allies (23 possessions, six marks and three rebounds). As a player Rivers is acutely aware of what is happening around him, knows where to position himself to win the ball, reads the play well, is smart with ball in hand and executes his skills very well for someone his age. He also tested well at the National Combine especially in the agility test (8.10 seconds). However, one of Rivers’ greatest strengths could be considered an area of improvement. His ability to play in almost any position is excellent for someone his age, but he did not really nail down one spot this year. While some of the top 10 players might be considered elite in their respective positions, Rivers is solid across the board, without determining a clear standout role. Although, once he’s in an AFL system, he has the scope to make any position his. The other area of improvement for Rivers in his own words is his endurance, which while still solid, could improve. He recorded a 21.1 yo-yo test and a 6.57 2km time trial at the National Draft Combine, which is impressive in itself given his delayed pre-season. Given this is another area he can build upon, Rivers is a really promising prospect who could have an impact at AFL level early on in his career. DRAFT RANGE: 10-30
  9. I don’t mind the Jackson decision, I can understand them taking a risk on his potential as a fwd/ruck. I am nervous about the go home factor, Peter Sumich being his biggest footy mentor and he loves Nic Nat. 🤷🏼‍♂️ I would’ve loved Kemp at 10 though.
  10. We wanted the little bit extra Salary cap space 😉
  11. I’d take Anderson without a second thought if he was available at 3. I’m not sure about bidding on Green, I don’t think we lose out by getting him and I do hate the thought of GWS being able to get 2 top 10 players. I’m now leaning back towards my initial pick of Ash at 3. 😂 Glad I’m not deciding who we go for. 😉
  12. They have Green’s brother, Josh, available next year. He played in the U17 All Stars futures game this year
  13. Didn’t they pretty much close the loophole on trading out and back? Not sure they have enough remaining, or high enough, picks to do multiple trades with multiple clubs either.
  14. My concern is the rest of that article on AFL.com, not very good reading for ruckman. ”Almost half of the roughly 100 players drafted since 2010 who were classified as ruckmen or spent decent time there – combined with a key-position role – haven't played an AFL match.” “Six-time All-Australian Cox, Tiger-turned-Cat Brad Ottens and then-Magpie Jolly are the only ruckmen in the top 10 of their club's best and fairest in a premiership year since 2006.”
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