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  1. Matt Jones delisted this morning. Good luck for the future Matt. Thanks for your contribution over the past few years.
  2. He would have played more than 10 games if he wasn't injured. Goody likes him so he's pretty safe
  3. Mills won it - officially. Hopefully Jayden still gets a go before the end of the season
  4. I know for a fact that Simon Goodwin really rates him. He'll be around for a while so get off his back and get used to him.
  5. Matty Jones was doing everyone right before injury and Simon loves his work. Need to find a spot for him next round.
  6. I think you'll like Sansa again after the 9th episode of the current series
  7. Speak for yourself. You are no better than the three bogans with comments like that. Shameful
  8. Their comments were totally uncalled for
  9. I think everyone should be nice to each other.
  10. I'm sure the high sparrow is a fake. He's a no-one.
  11. Can someone explain the premiership predictor on fox footy !
  12. I was really hoping Matt Jones made the side. I expect a "no change" now.
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