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  1. Both captains frequently kick long up and under rugby style kicks into the forward fifty. This is a total misuse and waste of a possession and often leads to the opposition rebounding for a goal down the other end. They need a kick up the bum.
  2. Hogan wanted to leave. He wasn’t going to stay. He was injured for a large part of last year and has not been that great this year, including some disciplinary issues.
  3. We’ve been called “the young Demons” team for the past 45 years.
  4. Why would Preuss be “unfit”. He did a preseason, he goes to training like the other guys.
  5. He’s the unofficial captain. Leadership by example!
  6. And pay some external consultants to produce a report on the bleeding obvious?
  7. Out Spargo, Macdonald, in ANB, Preuss, Fritsch to play forward.
  8. Hannan was disastrous yesterday. Dropped a sitter and missed easy goals.
  9. A top five pick is unlikely to make a difference next year. They usually take a few years to develop before they are at AFL level. MFC is more likely to mess with their mind and turn them into a jellyfish anyway (watch Petracca, Tom Mac) also remember the development of players like Gysberts, Watts, et al.
  10. The Blues are useless. They will continue as cellar dwellers for years yet. Unfortunately we look pretty useless at present too with so many losses. It’s so frustrating to watch the players get it towards and into the fifty and then not be able to capitalize and get some goals. We could have won so many games this year with more accurate kicks into the fifty, better leads from forwards and more accurate and opportunistic kicking for goal.
  11. Please play Fritsch in the forward line.
  12. He just spewed out the club line that May had disappointed everyone. He was no doubt told to do it by the big bosses.
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