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  1. He doesn’t. The ball is kicked too high and over his grab.
  2. Exactly. Also if our mids stopped blindly bombing it into the forward line via the stratosphere or kicking it directly to the opposition it would help.
  3. Why does Neville need 10 weeks off for a simple meniscal tear? Should be an arthroscopic removal and 1 -2 weeks of rehab. Must be more to it.
  4. The other issues up forward: 1. The ball rebounds out of our forward fifty too easily due to lack of tackling. 2. All of our forwards go up for the one mark and don’t spread. 3. There is nobody crumbing effectively. 4. The players all seem to be scared to have a shot at kicking a goal! They prefer to pass the responsibility to another player who then gets tackled, the ball spills free and the opposition rebounds to kick a goal. 5. Out tall forwards don’t supply good leads.
  5. We’ll be thrashed. After 54 years of disappointment, another year of disappointment.
  6. Petty, Keilty and Oskar Baker are NQR VFL players who have been seriously underperforming at Casey. You don’t seriously want to throw them into the team when even our best players are playing poor football. That’s a recipe for disaster!
  7. Howe was played in the backline in his last year at Melbourne.
  8. He can’t even kick straight with his right. How about that set shot missed goal from 25m directly in front against St Kilda?
  9. Many of these players were in the team that took us to 2 wins in finals last year. Goodwin was coach then too.
  10. Spargo is 173cm=5ft8inches. Lou Richards was 170cm allegedly although he looked shorter than that when I met him. Aaron Davey is 177cm.
  11. Tell the coach to connect his head to his [censored].
  12. You’re joking! We’re on the bottom of the ladder or near it. Get some perspective. You sound like a Carlton fool.
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