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  1. Viney has become an overrated spud. Trade him out. Jones has had it. Force him to stand down as captain. Stop listening to Viney’s dad.
  2. There appears to be absolutely no pride in most of these players apart from Gawn, Lewis, Fritsch, Melksham, Viney and Frost. Brayshaw kicked it long straight to opposition players meters in the clear on their own. Has the concussion addled his brain more than we supposed? Jones must retire, he’s utterly lost it.
  3. Possessions yes, disposals no: eg handballs at the feet of a player, kicks along the ground., goals missed.
  4. We were fifth at the end of the home and away season not fourth.
  5. But we’ll still have a high chance of losing to them.
  6. Thanks Garry Lyon for your constant non-constructive criticism of the MFC and your role in picking the worst coaches we’ve had this century. Thanks Gerard Healy for leaving us in the late 1980s just when we needed you to help win a premiership. Thanks Roosy for taking the big bucks, leaving when we still needed you and now just sniping at your successor. You all need to take a 360 degree look at yourselves!
  7. Because you have two more Senior AFL games to develop yourself and the team. Like the Brisbane Lions in the second half of last year. Anyone with any footy nous could see they were going to climb up the ladder this year with their attitude and hard work right to the end of the year.
  8. Except that our guys miss the goals more times than they kick them.
  9. Garry Lyon has become a Dees hater. Perhaps Olisik is his name on Demonland. His comments are equally helpful.
  10. It doesn’t really work like that. The Board is quite removed from the coaching panel. They don’t drive the coaching moves. They drive the general direction of the club and manage the finances, etc. Yes they could sack him like a board once sacked Norm Smith. I doubt they’ll sack him any time soon given that they’ll have to pay out his contract. Sacking coaches doesn’t always lead to good outcomes.
  11. Garry Lyon bags MFC constantly in public without making any suggestions as to how to fix the problems. He was part of the problem a few years ago when he participated in coach selection.
  12. Not so. Many of those supporters would have been MCC members.
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