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  1. ...and actually much like @Pates, at times in the past few weeks my mind has wandered towards re-watching those finals games of last year. I think recalling 2018 gives me hope of rebounding to finals like competitiveness in 2020.
  2. All those and I think I also even have the Geelong win at the Catery from a few years back when they had a Max Gawn superstar feature week. The break through win against the Hawks (back in 2016? was it) is still in there somewhere as well. I actually have troubles deciding which old ones to delete, though I don't think too many from 2019 have been retained, perhaps with the exception of the game against the GC, but probably only the last 40 seconds of that is worth actually watching!
  3. Probably belongs in that other thread and I hope I don't jynx the young guy, but it's about time #17 got a good custodian. That bloke Sam what's his name was starting to establish some good tenure in the number, but then he [censored] off to the wees and poos. Number 17 hasn't really reestablished it's self as a well respected playing number since old Brett Lovett back in my day.
  4. What a ripper of a thread. I wouldn't quite go along with the Buddy Franklin call made somewhere else, but all the above is pretty spot on assessment from @Yencks. Good find @Whispering_Jack
  5. I note that Langdon and Tomlinson have both been given number 0 on the club website. I seem to recall a teammate I played local footy with requesting the jumper No. 00 just for the humor of it once!
  6. I couldn't rate this draft an A+ until at least one or two of them have premiership medals around their neck for us. Sounds a bit hard on these individuals, but you recruit to achieve team success and not star individuals. That said, I'm quite happy with who and how we drafted. Jackson at 3 is quite OK with me as no one would have quipped drafting a ruckman in Nick Nat at 2 or even 1. I did like the look of Young in some respects, but also feel a bit burnt recruiting this type of player with a high pick from the Toumpas debacle. Picket looks like an absolute goer and I'm very glad we used out second pick on him. Rivers rounds out the bunch nicely with that common thead of compeditiveness. With Tom Sparrow having spent most of last year on the sidelines, it will almost be like we head into next season with two fresh first round and two second round draft picks developing away in the background.
  7. I don't think Max would give up Jimmy's No. if he was offered to be captain or be the best paid player in the league. Loyalty and honour still matter to some people - Big Max and Big Jimmy were cut from the same cloth when it comes to that and I will revere them always for it.
  8. Sorry would have to disagree with that one Dr. - IMHO all of Hannan, Fritta, Melksham, Trac, AVB (if he comes good) and possibly even I'd say T Mac have pretty decent goal sense. That goal that Oliver snapped from the boundary was it last year or a few back shows that he has it too. I do like the look of KKP though.
  9. Out of curiosity, can anyone envisage GC doing a St Kilda and taking Jackson with pick 2 and letting Anderson slip through to 3?
  10. Must say I'm getting a bit of national draft eve jitters myself (and no, I'm not in it - way too.old and too much of a hack for that). I completed understand the folly of placing premiership hopes and otherwise unrealistic expectations on a bunch of highly rated, but unproven kids, but with the year we have just had, it shows the kind of despation for something good to emerge from yet another season from hell.
  11. ...though it must be said that big man Gawn's goal kicking numbers are not horrible. I think frustrating is the right word to use with Max, because he is more than capable of roosting goal through the middle from 50m out and doing inside out checkside banana punts around the body on the boundary with total control, yet completely shanking them from 20m out dead in front. It's all in that rather different head of his.
  12. Get him onto Max big time. If big Maxy can start putting away those sort of numbers goal kicking wise, then the MFC is 'cooking with gas' ...and Max wins the Brownlow.
  13. Sorry, if we ate to become a great side, I'm not sure that makes much sense. It's not to say that players should never take a low percentage shot at goal, but that's quite different to giving them a license to do so more often. When we were up and firing and one of the highest scoring sides of competition in 2018, it was partly because we were creating and taking more high percentage shots on goal and that's where all the focus should be - creating easy shots on goal where we out play the opposition as a team and have players taking marks sitting on there own in space and walking into open goals. About the only time I can think of I'd give any of our players license to take low percentage shots is in junk time if we are 50 points up, but even then, I think it creates bad habits. That all said, I wouldn't hold it against any of our players to have a spur of the moment stab at an opertunist throw the boot at one near the goal square in congestion and I think Trac already does this kind of thing quite well as do numerous of our other forwards like Fritter, ABN, Gus, Clary and T Mac.
  14. Is it Patracca doing the trash talking or others writing about him? Not having a wise crack, it just doesn't seem to fit with the rest of your comments and I'm a little confused.
  15. That wasn't exactly what I was inferring Old Dee. i.e. Terry Wallace was a 6 week holiday etc. But I know what you mean and my wife often makes similar suggestions. I can only hope that her beloved wees and poos enjoy the kind of success over the next 50 years that we have the previous half century.
  16. Weeks. ...my standard mid season kind of holiday!!
  17. “Everyone’s come back in good shape – a few boys are flying, ..." He has got the preseason clichés pumping out thick and fast there, that will make him a good footballer. Seriously you would think they would come up with something original to say wouldn't you. I guess we only have one Max at the club.
  18. One of the highlights of play from an individual for us over the last sever seasons locked away in my memory bank.
  19. I know where you are coming from, but better that he went out on top of his game than limping over the line.
  20. Lol, what difference a year/season makes! I have often accused others on this thread of making impulsive short term assessments of situations and going with the group think, yet I think I might be guilty as charged on this one. This time last year, I wouldn't have said yes to Harley, but I now agree that he is worth a role of the dice as he could represent a freebie point of difference. Will be interesting to if he and the club can both embrace the potential opportunity from a cultural attitudes and behavior perspective, but also if his body can hold out and he can regain confidence and form. A lot of ifs there, but gee, our [censored] luck has to turn soon doesn't it!!
  21. It took me a while, but I'm guessing that Buckley is the odd man out as the only non indigenous player in the group. As for talent, yep I agree, but if my name was Bruce, I'd probably say Cyril !! (Or "OH, Cyril, Cyril, Cyril, OH, Rioli he's MAGNIFICENT" - to be more accurate ...)
  22. Must have also been special for Flash being inducted at the same time as his brother Alwyn: https://www.aflnt.com.au/news/2019/2019-aflnt-hall-of-fame-pays-homage-to-some-of-the-territorys-greatest-football-names-and
  23. Well deserved. Loved the way Flash and Whelan played. I wounder if another MFC backman will be inducted in the future.
  24. Absolutely, but cheating only gets you so far and makes it even better when we stick it right up them. Those goals to T Mac and Kent. How sweet did that feel. ...arr winning how I long for that feeling again.
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