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  1. 6 - Maxy 5 - Viney 4 - Oliver 3 - Hannan 2 - Harley 1 - AVB
  2. I was more so thinking about that 73 point win in 2016, which was a real scoring confidence booster for the team at the time and back at the Gabba in 2018 when our season was in danger of becoming irrelevant and we turned it on in the second half to beat them by 69 odd points - I recall Steven May kicking a 60m goal against us that game, we could do with one of those.
  3. Games against Gold Coast have historically been positive turning points in our season, so I'm tipping that to continue. 2 and 3 with the team playing a more confident, connected brand of footy and things won't seem anything like as bad as they do right now.
  4. So shiited off with these shortened 3/4 length games. Despite the melt down started by Oliver in the last 5 minutes, we were playing all over Richmond in the second half and almost looked like the 2018 edition MFC streaming through the centre of the ground. I know some will say that we were playing an undermanned Tigers down their ruckman and only one on the bench, but that's the way the cookie crumbles sometimes and I recall the ANZAC game in 2017 when we lost Jake Spencer in the first 5 mins, had Jack Watts ruck the whole game and then were out on our feet in the last quarter, got over run an pipped at the post. Despite a few woeful plays and players today, I feel like we are actually not that far off playing some decent footy when we move it through the middle and take the game on more.
  5. Agreed. There are times when moving the ball on quickly is important and really helps make the play, but just getting it on quickly is quite different to the hot potato effect of just moving it to someone else to make it there problem or put them under more pressure than you were and this seems to be Oliver's game right at the moment. When him and the team are on song, those quick fire hand passes are going to team mates streaming past into space on the outside.
  6. I'm not necessarily putting it down to him being lazy and not really close enough to him to know if he's big headed, but his form and disposal option selection at the moment is absolute rubbish. Is not creating clearances, just creating team turnovers and having him in the side is stopping us from getting the ball moving to the outside. Needs to wear a collar that gives him an electric shock every time he handpasses less than 2m to a team mate under pressure or just slams it on his boot mongrel pun style randomly to no one. I wouldn't be against dropping him, sending Harmes back into the guts full time and bringing in Jordan or Tom Sparrow at this point, because I actually feel like Oliver is part of what is holding us back from playing a more free flowing brand of footy right now.
  7. - 2 Oliver Not just the shocking turnover from the free kick, but also setup Smith with an absolute hospital handpass to the feet deep in defense. I hardly recall him having an effective possession all game. At his best he Oliver can be highly effective, but right now he is tottaly wasting it and turning it over all over the shop, if not directly, but setting up others for failure.
  8. 6 - Pratraca 5 - Hibbard 4 - Gawn 3 - Hannan 2 - May 1 - Brayshaw 1/2 - Smith
  9. Finding it so hard to be excited about this rubbish season. Was starting get some interest back before the Carlton game, but since then we have had, our lackluster second half against the blues, the Essendon debacle and last week's rubbish against Geelong. I'm sure the lack of continuity has hurt us, as has the shortened games. For now I'm back to a position where I care little about the individual game results or where we finish in this near meaningless season overall. But I do hope to see progress on our system and ball movement, so if we can stitch together at least a few quarters of really good footy against the Tigers today and take in the game a bit more with some dare, I think I'll consider that a win. Would be good to see our boys get back some mojo as it seems like they are playing in a careful reserved maner, to scared to stuff up rather than playing with confidence in their ability right now.
  10. Any normal season and other normal player and normal club and this guy would be suspended for a week by his own club for disciplinary reasons. ...Sorry I forgot this is Collingwood and for them getting mindlessly drunk is normal.
  11. When the Bears were there around 1988, population of the Gold Coast was around 150,000 and the change rooms were tin sheds; it's now up around 700,000 and they have a world class stadium.
  12. Don't agree with this. Unlike GWS, there is a genuine following and high standard grass roots competition for Aussie Rules on the Gold Coast. As much as the bleed of tallent has hurt us in particular, I think that GC are the surer money bet for sustainable growth of the game into Northern market's. If the are sucessful, they will regularly pack out Carrara, which is a great stadium to attend and watch footy from. Hoping to watch us beat Freo there in a few weeks.
  13. One of my cousins in Melbourne was trying to get into the Sun's academy - they have long tentacles.
  14. A bit of thread creep, but I couldn't believe so many of those marks were allowed against us. The kick practically went to a player 5m away from the man on the mark. Fffing ridiculous.
  15. Loved Bernie when he was a Demon and recon he is still the same top bloke, but that show Bounce just doesn't suit him. I thought bounce was once a decient show in it's first few seasons, but it has become such formulaic rubbish that I never bother to watch it these days. Bernie came across as a fair dinkum larikin, but Bounce is just cheep plastic crap.
  16. Saad's reluctance to do a contract deal right now is probably a similar reason to why I think it is somewhat futile and highly speculative in trying to hypothesize a deal for him - no one really knows what is going to happen to list sizes and salary caps etc for 2021. Until that dust settles, I think the best move is for our football department to engage where they can with any player we might want to target comming out of contract, which to me includes covering for players we might not want to loose, but may well seek to play elsewhere. I think we could have a significant issue on our hands in this later respects due to the shear number of players we have comming out of contract.
  17. Congratulations Jack and his loveley wife. Kind of difficult to picture Todd as a grandpa!
  18. Some like ANB and Jones have been reported as have been dropped for the second week in a row, so go figure that!
  19. Many like to point to the success of the small Richmond forward line as something we should be trying to emulate. Was well acknowledged by Jack Riewoldt that in 2017, he was coached to and changed his role from that of being a prime target and goal kicker to being that of bringing the ball to ground for their smaller forwards. As much as I'd love to see big T Mac taking more big grabs, I'm not sure that's what is currently being asked of him. I personally thought he competed ok against Carlton from the opportunities he had to present and was involved in some key bits of play that resulted in goals for us, like a recovery and tackle after the ball hit the deck which resulted in a goal for us. Think we need to cut big Tommy some slack.
  20. Hannan and AVB take a decient mark. To me the selection of the two above when we have an almost fully fit list to pick from is a good sign that they are cherry ripe and will have an impact. My view is that people are writing of Hannan as not much of a player based on his 2019 performances when he was rushed back from injury out of desperation when we were struggling just for numbers to feild a side. When he is on his game, Hannan has a lot to offer in his aerial marking skills, opportunistic instincts around goal as well as pleanty of pace up the ground. Add that to a forward line that already contains Freitch, Hunt, Kosi and I think that in itself provides a forward line which will be hard to match up on all at once. I don't think it's beyond T Mac or Melksham to find some form at some point either - both quality players.
  21. I've reported people name calling people of Asian decent "ching chongs" to Facebook before and all the weak [censored] did was hide the post from me - pathetic. Then there is the rubbish claim that these social media behemoths that make billions off advertising revenue, undermine legitimate media (whom are held far more accountable to standards of conduct and legal responsibility for their publications) cannot afford to or can not practically police racism on their platform. Racism exists and thrives on social media, precisely because it is tolerated and people can hide behind anonymity. This enables and encourages racism within society in general. FU Facebook, Twitter etc.
  22. Correct, it is disgusting and it's unacceptable on several levels: 1. The individual's that hide behind the mask of anonymity and commit these unacceptable racist trolling activities and 2. The social media firms that hide behind the veil of free speech, freedom of the internet from censorship and or an inability to police this activity. Free speech is very different from racist trolling and hate speech.
  23. I think we have a marginally better win loss record since 2000 compared to Carlton, but battling it out for least and second least sucessful team of the century is hardly something I'm going to do a jig about. ...it was bloody nice to beat the Blues by 100 odd points a few years back, but perhaps the Cats fans feel something similar about that fateful day down at Kardinia park Dean Bailey era.
  24. I do like the thought of both Trac and Harmes in the guts. Try containing both of those two bulls. Trac probably is slightly stronger, but I do highly rate the bust through and burst ability of Harmes and he probably has the slight edge of pace on a lot of players as well.
  25. Cocky little turd this one. It wasn't so long ago that Geelong were in a similar position.
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