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  1. You and I are the same sort of classy Greg - I like it. ...and I hope Mumford likes soup.
  2. Please start writing off more of our players if it results in them having similar form reversals.
  3. Or try bringing the interchange numbers back to what they were in the 80s/90s.
  4. A number of great points. I particularly agree with the comments made Re Gawn. Perhaps it was because I was at the game and was able to notice it more clearly, perhaps it particularly bad against GC for some reason or possibly just coincidence, but I noticed exactly the same thing against GC last year in our game against them at the Gabba. Until we broke open the game against them last year, practically every time Gawn went off, we would loose control of general play and they would get a few goals back on us and stay in the game.
  5. It would be a good 10 degrees warmer than the players are use to down south this time of year. I wounder if there was heaps of sweat getting on the ball or players hands during the game. I remember walking off being drenched in sweat training up here at night in Queensland.
  6. Thought his run, disposal and ball use in the first quarter in particular was pretty good.
  7. It would take a heap of pressure off T Mac and our other forwards if Jeffy becomes truely dangerous again. Footy is a team sport and it certainly helps when those around you are playing well, not just it being a one or two man show.
  8. I'm still having difficulty understanding why we didn't pick a fit Preuss against the Suns.
  9. I agree with what you are saying in a sense, but my reflection on that last play of the game isn't quite so negative. Some have criticized Harmes for not making the distance, but I actually think he was trying to be unselfish by hitting T Mac at the top of the square in enough space that he could have marke, gone back from 15m out and absolutely sealed the game. Harmes execution was perfect and T Mac should have absolutely gobbled up that mark every other day of the week, then could have taken up another 30 seconds before slotting through a goal. As disappointing as it was that T Mac dropped the mark, his decision making and realitive composure having dropped the mark was perfect and literally won us the game. In seasons gone by, maybe someone tries to pick up the ball it gets held up, siren sounds and we tie the game instead of getting the full 4 points and us MFC supporters are left spewing about another win that got away. In another season when we are in a more compeditive win/loss position, maybe that win gets us a ladder position 2 - 4 instead of 5 - 8. I'm not suggesting there are not major problems with how we are presently playing, but let's take those victories when they come.
  10. Sign her up for the Red and Blue. She will probably hate you for it, but one closer to 50K
  11. Great to hear that Hannan is in good form, since he isn't playing at the moment. We desperately need him back though. I never thought he was such an important part of our forward line, but with him gone, I realise he is most things we are missing up forward: Leads at the ball carrier with pace; Gets to the fall of the ball and mops up the crumbs; Can take a pack mark; Has pace out on the flanks and delivers well inside 50; Good at kicking that mercurial goal out of nowhere.
  12. 6. Salem 5. T Mac 4. Hore 3. Jones 2. Harmes 1. Frost
  13. Totally stoked to get the win in the circumstances. That last 49 seconds was the inverse of the Leigh Montagna loss to St Kilda to me. To those criticizing the coaches - please. The coaching team are actually human beings, not robots and their reaction well understandable. Talking about some focusing on the negatives. I thought we dominated the general play for about the first time this year, but just couldn't convert that, with the entries inside 50 and lack of holding a mark our biggest problems. Should have won that game by 6 goals. I can't believe just how jinxed we are with injuries. Hibbo was just starting to play some great footy again.
  14. In Preuss, Smith. Out Hibbard, Lewis, Keilty.
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