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  1. Great fight back. Viney playing a great game. Fritta doing a top job up forward. Jetta getting amongst it as is Harmes. Brilliant move Lewis up forward (who ever would have thought). Have been quite happy with Corey Wagner's game so far as will.
  2. The umpiring isn't a non issue. Alot of very borderline free kicks to them, whilst any for us the same - play on. Complete BS
  3. I think that's a somewhat inaccurate assessment of our performance Vs GWS. They would have been trying pretty hard to win I recon: 1. What team wants to go into an elimination final against a team they just lost to {I think that was one of the scenarios}; 2. Whilst top 4 might have been unlikely/out of the equation, GWS were still playing at least for the guarantee of a home final.
  4. Fair call, but I think alot of us are over the pepetual pessimism and self flagellation (well maybe not all on this last part). It's bad enough watching the teams performances this season without having to convince ourselves that we are even more pathetic an unworthy of last year's finals apperance. I do think the question was framed in the most negative way possible though and it's not such a simple issue. Should beating Geelong and Hawthorn in finals be counted because they were games against top 8 sides or should they be discounted, because although they made finals, they turned out to be pretty meek opponents on the day(night). Likewise while Adelaide were technically top 8 when we played them (thumped them) perhaps that too was artificial as they turned out to have a stinker of a season, somewhat helped by what we started. Do we actually discount the West Coast win because they were down some of their stars (Kenedy and Darling mid game, although we were also down Hogan). For me the GWS game was probably the highlight, with two in form teams pushing for the best top 8 position and we beat them convincingly. I do think that last season we turned one corner in mental maturity, but consistently beating the teams below us that we should have beaten, but that in previous years we would have lost to via a combination of complacency, lapses in intensity/concentration and then shittting our pants when the came at us. Winning all those games against the lesser sides was what mostly got us to finals. I think this year we have succumbed to a combination of injuries, mental/emotional fatigue, game plan and lack of maturity. We really need the offseason to reset those things. Moving forward next season, I think we do need to go through that next phase in our development of beating the genuine top 8 sides. I think this has to come with a further maturing of mental application. I think we have both a lack of confidence, of being able to produce sustained effort in games and being able to sense when to attack and defend against the mature sides. Last season for instance, we absolutely smashed Hawthorn in the first quarter of the home and away, but then gave back that lead far too easily and in the end let them play all over us, when we dropped our heads completely and they asserted their dominance. Part of that all was lack of defensive effort, but part of it I think was us also being overawed by the team and the situation. I suspect that it works both ways too, in so far as genuine teams have a sense that we are gettable even when they are being beaten and that keeps them mentally in the game and/or in a position to exploit it if they get on top. This is the sort of leadership issue that having someone like Lewis around should have addressed, but our players now need reconise it for themselves, step up and make the changes within themselves over the seasons ahead. I don't think it is something that Goodwin can significantly influence as these swings within games that we need to address happen within quarters when the coaches now have very little chance of addressing via the runner.
  5. Some of Hunt's defensive pressure and run down work has also been pretty decient at times and has created scoring opertunities for us, but I'm also left feeling like I want more from him in this regards, but perhaps he has been assigned a more offensive role and/or perhaps I greedy, although applying manic defensive pressure in forward lines has become the new black and something that every player needs to excell at for teams to suceeed it would seem.
  6. I want a pair of the rose colored glasses you have Dazzle. Petty only actually took five marks, had 8 kicks and my perception was that he didn't actually provide that much of a target. Don't get me wrong, I have high hopes for Petty, largely based on some things he showed in a few preseason games for us this year. To be honest though, I've found his AFL performances to be somewhat underwhelming and I'm not about to jump on the group think band wagon that his game against the Dogs was some kind of break out game. I suspect that against the Dogs alot more defensive work would have been put into the likes of Petracca, Preuss, Hunt and Hannan than Petty and I don't there is that much chance of him reproducing anything like the same efforts on the scoreboard againsts West Coast as he did last week. A properly fit Tim Smith or Sam Weideman will provide more output than Petty. I agree that based on Hannans game on Sunday you would drop him, and that I'm largely picking him based on previous proven form, but my veiw is that you still need some players down there that know how to play that half forward position and I'm somewhat backing Hannan to regain his past form. He has shown glimpses of his former self to me, particularly against the Lions a few weeks back. We don't have the luxury of a heap of fit, in form AFL standard players to replace Hannan's role at the moment. I think the closest would be Baker, but I'm not entirely sure he would do much better than Hannan right now either. Just my thoughts.
  7. Yeah, that was a bit of a brain faid. Was meant to be Out ANB... got confused by all the initials and hyphenated last names.
  8. In: Corey Wagner, JKH and Weid or T Smith if 95% fit; Out: Dunckley, JKH and Petty contingent on Weid/T Smith; Dunkley just isn't there yet and it's poor for team morale to keep preferencing him over others that are performing in the VFL IMHO and we can't afford players that are not providing more output at AFL level right now; JKH keeps putting in the performances at VFL level and deserves one last opportunity to see if he can translate that to AFL level; It might seem harsh to demote Petty after kicking 3 goals for us last week, but whist it offered some encouragment, I honestly wasn't over the moon impressed by it. Tim Smith or Sam Weideman offer much more as key forward targets and Tim Smith for his greater strength and defensive presence in the forward line. It might also seem silly not to drop Hannan, who I admit is on very thin ice, but again, I think he actually offers much more forward smarts and speed than Petty.
  9. Talking of which I wounder what the odds would have been for the MFC to finish bottom 4 this season back in January?
  10. Although his season has been puntuated by injury and patches of poor form, I think I've also seen overall progress from Weid and the more games we have got into him at senior level I feel he is starting to rise to the challenge of being the second key target. Although he did miss that crucial goal against the Crows, I felt that he really did stand up, create a presence and make a difference in the last half of that game that nearly helped us hold onto that game.
  11. From the small sample size I've seen thus far, since he has got himself right, I've been very impressed with Steven May and I think in the context, we can put that down as a little victory. With T Mac gone, too many other forwards either injured or out of form and such poor connection between our onballers and forwards, I don't have high expectations of us consistently being able to kick a wining score for the rest of the season. However, now that we have a pretty solid back six together, my hope is that at least those guys can get some good cohesion between themselves over what remains of the year. It may (pardon the pun) not provide too much cheer this year, but if we can achieve getting our backline bedded down and purring, then I think that would provide a pretty solid basis to start moving forward again next season.
  12. In my view, Patracca's solid and consistent run of form amongst the carnage has been a big positive. Yes, he desperately needs to fix his mid range goal kicking, buy asides from that, I think he has been very workman like in his approach to keep presenting and bulldozing his way out of packs to often create forward movement for the team where the ball would otherwise have gone nowhere. Once the team gets it's act together around him, I can genuinely envisage thay he will start splitting games open at times. It's hard for him to have the same impact at the moment, when his performances and potential contributions are being dragged down by the team performance around him. Similarly, I really think Hunt has been very good particularly when measured by his consistency across the season and I also think his set shot goal kicking has improved the longer the season has gone on.
  13. If only Gil the dil and his cronies weren't getting paid the millions of dollars they do at the expense of the everyday punters.
  14. I don't think the AFL would want to bring the football world into disrepute by doing that. I think even they are attuned enough to realize that big Maxy would have the weight of the football public behind him on this one.
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