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  1. Lol, what difference a year/season makes! I have often accused others on this thread of making impulsive short term assessments of situations and going with the group think, yet I think I might be guilty as charged on this one. This time last year, I wouldn't have said yes to Harley, but I now agree that he is worth a role of the dice as he could represent a freebie point of difference. Will be interesting to if he and the club can both embrace the potential opportunity from a cultural attitudes and behavior perspective, but also if his body can hold out and he can regain confidence and form. A lot of ifs there, but gee, our [censored] luck has to turn soon doesn't it!!
  2. It took me a while, but I'm guessing that Buckley is the odd man out as the only non indigenous player in the group. As for talent, yep I agree, but if my name was Bruce, I'd probably say Cyril !! (Or "OH, Cyril, Cyril, Cyril, OH, Rioli he's MAGNIFICENT" - to be more accurate ...)
  3. Must have also been special for Flash being inducted at the same time as his brother Alwyn: https://www.aflnt.com.au/news/2019/2019-aflnt-hall-of-fame-pays-homage-to-some-of-the-territorys-greatest-football-names-and
  4. Well deserved. Loved the way Flash and Whelan played. I wounder if another MFC backman will be inducted in the future.
  5. Absolutely, but cheating only gets you so far and makes it even better when we stick it right up them. Those goals to T Mac and Kent. How sweet did that feel. ...arr winning how I long for that feeling again.
  6. ...and May to monster Kennedy I'll also go out on another limb and predict O Mac to rediscover confidence and form to do a job on Darling. I really do question if Lever has the size to play CHB.
  7. Based on us having the feral season we just had, but still nearly knocking them off over there (I actually think we were robbed from recollection) I think we are absolutely a chance. Our recent against WC record in Perth would actually be something like 2 from 4 games, (including the Prelim where a somewhat shagged MFC took on a super fresh and rested WC). Our Demons need to come out with venom in their veins against the West Coast Cheaters.
  8. Another 5 years for Harmes is pretty low risk I would think. He has always been pretty robust injury wise and will tie him up until he is 29ish and would not be expected to loose much pace by them. Love how Harmes breaks lines with his tackle busting bursts out of packs and then gets on his bike and delivers long and deep. The other thing I wonder is if the club has back ended his contract to try and help squeeze in Jack Martin or any other good prospects that might be around over the next few years?
  9. Cheers Lucifer. From all that I can easily find on the interweb Richardson officially doesn't have a title as yet, but I guess that Senior Assistant would be more or less the role he would be expected to slot into once the dust settles. My question was more who was our Head Asistant Coach season 2019? I think the answer to that might be Brendan McCarthy, but the last position he had was a development role or possibly Jade Rawlings. I thought Rawlings actual last title before departing was as forwards line coach, but he seemed to have the stature around the club as being a senior assistant. Interestingly, Rawlings title at North is actually Senior Assistant Coach. I know a title is just that and people will perform in roles outside of their strict title, but I do wonder if this lack of clear hierarchy under Goodwin was part of the reason for a lack of cohesion which 'apparently' (not sure I buy into this conspiracy one way or another) occured within our coaching ranks this season?
  10. Head Assistant Coach - sounds like a bit of an oxymoron, but I guess such a role exists. Out of curiosity, who was ours?
  11. Pre-season is on and we are training the house down!! Seriously does beat the morbidity reading through Demonland late last season though. If guys like Salem and Trac can get that extra bit of fitness and physical conditioning, watch out for the mighty Demons in 2020.
  12. Each to their own. I guess it could mean different things in different contexts.
  13. IMHO, somewhat contrary to my immediate post, everyone Max, Clarry, T Max, Langdon down should be considered depth. That's where we need to get back to. Perform or find form at Casey Fields.
  14. He might have the worst nicknames in the AFL, but on no planet and no AFL team for that mater is Milkshake a 'depth' player. OMG, one rubbish season and Demonland had gone bananas.
  15. My initial reaction to loosing pick 2 to the Gold Coast was to be absolutely spitting chips (like hey, we haven't been shafted enough at the draft by the expansion clubs). But right now I'm kind of at peace with pick 3 and 8. Look back a few years at what picks 4 and 9 got us, how the players taken just before them fared and similar for pick 2 and 3 a few years before that and I think the semi lottery nature of the draft shows it's hand. Makes me think that one first round pick is more or less as good as any other.
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