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  1. 6' 2" and looks to have a pretty solid and strong frame on him, maybe we could sign him up as a category C or whatever that international recruit thing is. He sort a looks like a footballer if you can get over his awkward handballing style (big Jimmy learnt how to sorta bounce the ball eventually didn't he?) Think we could offer him something financially competitive with what he's paid as an international tennis player 😉 ...Tennis player Tennys - sounds a little bit like ATM machine. Roger certainly had some fun with it!
  2. You're right, it was a stupid call. I didn't realise it was actually his wedding. Just seems that as supporters we get treated a little bit like mushrooms sometimes, which is quite reasonable in a sense, as players are entitled to some privacy, but it does get a little frustrating. Also me just going a little stir crazy waiting for the season to begin.
  3. Convenient wedding. Out of the injuries we have, Melksham is somewhat a worry for me. I'm hoping that it's just a case of playing it safe and the Milkshake man plays another great season for us, but being the gun, pivotal kind of player that he is, it does worry me that he isn't out there. He may not quite be on the Maxy kind of level of influence, but I think it's just as important that we have Melksham out on the park as Steven May. I actually think that Melksham is almost the general of the forward line as much as we are looking for May to be the general of the backline.
  4. 1. The presentation is better than steamed two headed Yangtze river fish platter. 2. You can get it in a two for one deal adventure tourism package with a 4 week stay in an isolation ward of developing world hospital thrown in on the side. ...
  5. Lol. Love your work worship. Similar to your comments elsewhere, I do wounder if and how anyone could get much understanding of game plans from watching training drills and even circle work or match sims. I guess the well trained eye might make some pickups about these things, but then, I guess that Richmond aren't exactly going to go changing their set-up based on what they just saw a 17th placed Melbourne's training. I'm guessing the valuable information is all the verbal instructions delivered by the coaches at the huddles on what we are trying to achieve which can't be spied from the outer. As @Earl Hood so poignantly noted, it's only if we can actually translate what we do on the track to matchday that anyone will take serious notice and there are no secret games, so the tactical game plan stuff is well on display for all to see then anyway. I'm not totally dismissive that tactical initiatives at this point in the season can't / don't make a difference but agree with you that it's beyond most casual observers to pickup.
  6. Which Selwood? I'd hardly consider May and Melksham as peripheral for some that have spent, or are presently spending stints in our rehab group, though hopefully they are back our of it soon enough.
  7. Concussion, broken jaws and a kick square to the nuts - the Brayshaw boys seem to get all the most unpleasant of blows dealt to them.
  8. As preseason roles along, the start of the season is finally within sight. Not that I put huge weight on the outcome of our first preseason game, but I'm personally hanging out to watch some footy again and that preview of the state of the side and how individual players are tracking in something with less resemblance of a training run. Also a good point to sit back and understand how the fitmess of our list is tracking for Rd 1. What is the potential lineup of fit and ready to go players? Interested on others thoughts and assessments of all of the above.
  9. As your earlier comments and the one above both alude to, being awarded the free kick or not is almost just the icing on top, but the physical presence and pressure that gets applied through these acts is priceless in so far as the impact it has on the opposition's psyche.
  10. Or from a MFC perspective, channel his inner big Carl!
  11. Ed Langdon added to the list of MFC culprits. He and Jackson need to follow the lead of Mitch Hannan by tidying up their long hair do with a neat short back and sides, us being the gentlemens club and all. Barassi wouldn't have had a bar of this long hair hippy nonsense (take note Goody), no wounder we had the season we did last year.
  12. Yeah, I know, but in the tradition of Australian journalism, why let the truth get in the way of a good story.
  13. Merged topic from discussion in a few threads. Early candidates are: Ben Brown Brodie Grundy Luke Jackson Max Gawn Nathan Jones Dyson Heppell James Worpel
  14. At which point they should like suspend any Essendrug side from competing in season 2020, no top-ups, just no Essendrug FC.
  15. Hope they have got a "get a f@#%ing haircut" clause in that deal.
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