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  1. Virtually Lol. Didn't get that at first. Great work by The Bull - another three quarters virtually like that would be bloody awsome.
  2. I could definitely handle another game for us like that Carlton one. Might get our percentage back to somewhere over 50%.
  3. Still not happy with this. Many are presently decrying a lack of pace within our present squad - something Dean definitely does have. Would be just our luck that he now gets through to the end of his career with few injuries after being pepetually on the casualty list for us.
  4. Haven't seen one of these in a while, so I thought I'd throw one in for fun. Whilst I'd admit that a victory against the Tigers would appear to be unlikely, stranger things have happened in sport. Is it the mix of players we presently have in? Is it confidence? Is it system? Fitness and work rate? Or all and the above? Watching the game last week, in the periods of the first half when we were still the game that we dominated general play, but I felt that we somewhat over used the ball across half forward by hand in an effort to create the perfect forward 50 entry and then subsequently fumbled or otherwise turned it over. Well doucmented that when entering forward 50, we just couldn't take a mark or find a crumb. Let's not even bother talking about defense. However all these problems are fixable, we still have a great midfield and dominate the forward 50 entries for the most part and at some point the worm had got to turn doesn't it? Anyway if we beat Richmond tonight, I'm having a beer or two in celebration and I'm hoping a few other Demonlanders might join me in that gesture. GO THE MIGHTY DEMONS!!
  5. Expecting a hard fought spirited performance from our lads today. Jack Viney got back to his hard tackling best last week and Jets and Lewis back into the side should also add some hardness. It should also help playing with a full 22 players from the start of the game, rather than the 21 we effectively have been playing with Oscar's output this year. Everything on the line, nothing left in the tank is how we should be playing practically every game right now. If we ultimately can't do enough to make finals in 2019, then so be it, but we achieve nothing by going soft and throwing away the season at any stage. One match at a time, win or loose, so long as we are putting in 100% and working to rectify the chinks in the armor then we achieve something. Personally I'm in the camp that the Saints are overrated. No push over, but not the damaging side that some are making out either. We weren't on our game when we played them mid last year and I doubt we will make that mistake twice. Carn the DEMONS!
  6. Your thinking is way too logical for the AFL to contemplate.
  7. I'm interested to see how the big Preuss goes this week. From what I understand, the Saints backline isn't that much chop. If we are worried about covering their run, they should be worried about covering our tall forwards. We also need to learn to kick better to position with Preuss in the side and for him to be in the right spot. If we do that, then all those practical loose ball gets that Alir Alir mopped up last week disappear and Preuss either clunks another half a dozen marks and/or we have crumbers at the drop of the ball running into goal. Guys like Hunt, Spargo, Hannan and Jeffy, could/should have a feild day!
  8. I'm thinking the comeditiveness in Tommy will probably be happy that Oscar has been dropped and that he's not a liability to the team given what his output has been. That said Tommy hasn't been that great in his own right, but it's both harder to play forward and he has shown he might not be that far off his best in patches. If Tommy were to spend a bit of time in the backline to provide a bit of tall cover for Oscar, filling in the hole and clucking a few marks, that might be good for his confidence as well.
  9. Something I think people may be under valuing at the moment is what the speed of Sam Frost brings to our backline. I can't remember if it was Buddy himself who said it or a comentator, but Buddy knew he couldn't try to burst away from Frost and that helped to significantly contain Buddy. In our last game against St Kilda (less Frost), they burst away from us out the back on a number occasions into huge open space, where if Frost had have played, he probably would have caught them. Whist we need a good team defensive effort as well, I think having Frost down back does give us some good defensive cover that few other bring. He has been in pretty decent form most of the year and I think he can be a part of a good win for us on Saturday and remain an important part of our backline as the season progresses.
  10. Without being disrespectful to Lewis, I think you have it the nail on the head with the above. That said, if we can squeeze a few more good games out of Lewis whilst we dig ourselves out of a bit of a patch of poor form and down a fee key troops, I'd be happy with that too. On the leadership thing, Lewis wasn't a backman most of his career, so it's not like he should have anything too special to add to that part of the ground. Realistically, guys like May, Hibberd, Jetta and even Lever/Salem should have enough experience and leadership potential between them to steer the ship post Lewis. Likewise enough leaders and experience in other parts of the ground - we need them to stand up to really take the team forward. There was a time that Lewis was in the same shoes as our emerging leaders. It will be interesting to see if Lewis takes relligation to the two's as well as Bernie did and if he can play a good developmental role with our young guys comming through. One thing I've been a little suprised and perhaps disappointed with is the lack of presence on match day that Lewis has had while injured, but perhaps there are several reasons for that and it would be interesting to know what his contribution from a leadership/mentoring perspective has been behind the scenes at training etc.
  11. With Oscar dropped, Josh Wagner has been promoted to No.1 whipping boy. With his confidence and form as bad as it had been, just about anyone would have been better than Oscar the past month. One thing I'm quite comfortable that Wagner will give is 100% effort, commitment to the football and create a contest. Conversly, I'm struggling with all the instantaneous love for Jeffy after soo many here completely [censored] canned him most of last season. Quite happy for a desperate Jeffy to absolutely bang the door down at Casey, get rested in the last quarter and come in fresh against Richmond.
  12. The whole team has gone back to what it was before Weid had his breakout game, but I know where you are comming from. It's so much easier to be a good player in a dominant side. It's probably because we don't have much else to replace him with now, but I've still seen some good signs from Weid that he is making a valuable contribution and I'm backing him to keep improving. Highlights from him for me from Thursday night were: * That vision and switch into the centre in the second(third?) quarter which cleared the way for us to use the corridor and resulted in a goal; * Classy 50 goal under pressure at the start of the last quarter which really steadied us; * Thought he generally got more involved in the last quarter, perhaps taking a few solid grabs for us comming out of defense, a few deft knocks to the advantacge of our players and thought he tackled/harassed and showed good desperateration to win.
  13. Pedersen was a pretty decent pack and high mark at times. I think we are also missing Hannan's marking ability. Although I feel he doesn't pull down nearly enough of the high marks he jumps for, he has a good knack of either getting on a lead and racking them up that way, or reading the flight of the ball well, positioning himself well and taking those sneaky marks that elude the main pack. The other aspect to all this is how well the ball is kicked in to the forwardline, either as bombs, poorly executed passes or alternately as well weighted kicks to the advantage of our player - Melksham and probably a few others are exelent proponents of the latter. Makes such a difference. I think this is one area that we improved at times last year and have somewhat fallen away at this year so far. We could have got so much more milage out of big Preuss on Thursday night if we had have kicked it to him better. Even kicking to a man mountain like Preuss, we can (and mostly were) kicking it to a position and in a way that it was too easy to spoil.
  14. A semi random thought regarding May and Lever - it kind of depends on how our key backs settle and build form over the next few weeks and it might be a bit old school, but personally I'd be in favor of bringing back both lever and May through the twos. Let their bodies build back into a fully match fit state for the rigors of compeditive senior footy and let them build some confidence with the ball as well. Steven May hasn't looked in great nick reading and finding the ball for his entire injury interupted preseason and Lever took at least half a dozen games to find form with us at the start of last season and he has missed practically an entire season of compeditive footy since then. I want these guys back in the side as much as anyone, but I want them in and firing, not struggling to get back into the game.
  15. Any further word on how Preuss's shoulder has pulled up?
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