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  1. Like many here I will continue to pay my membership as it's currently well within my capacity to do so, but equally understand if people have to make hard decisions to support their families in times of finacial stress, that football club memberships could and probably should be one of the first things to go. What would be nice though is for the club and/or AFL to recognise and reward the suport of those members who remain faithful with some kind of token gesture like free access to premium/reserved seating and/or increased access to the players. I know my youngest son for instance would be absolutely stoked to get a phone call/face time call from Max Gawn, Tommy Mac or any number of his other favorite players and maybe it could also have a positive impact on for the playing group as well.
  2. Agreed. I think he has clearly under some stress trying to work out how to pay all the clubs employees etc. I don't normally have much empathy with Eddy with all his Collingwood superiority complex, but if you listen objectively to what he was saying, I think he was trying to juggle the dual needs of financially struggling supporters and potentially a club that is financially struggling to support it's current expenditure in an environment with little or no revenue. I also don't think it's a good outcome for financially struggling members to see their club go down the gurgler as rightly or wrongly I think supporting your club on the weekend does give some of these people purpose in like when perhaps all else is falling apart around them. The one thing I would qualify this with is do the big clubs like Collingwood, Essendon, Geelong, Adelaide, Richmond, Hawthorn, WC etc have enough finacial reserves which they could reasonably dip into without too much pain. I partly think the answer to this is no, because many have probably taken out huge loans to pay for grotesquely exorbitant training facilities etc on the basis of their normally high income generation capacity.
  3. I at first mis-read the title of this thread. Thought it said "Cats members expect a refund", which I thought would be a bit rich given they have a new stadium they need to pay for.
  4. Jeff Hilton was one of my favorites 'had potential' type players for a bit and was good for a bit of bash, crash and snagging a sneaky goal here or there. He had games where he would really turn it on, get off the chain and play like a champion.
  5. I was glad to have forgotten that Chris Heffernan played for the MFC.
  6. Kowal played just over 100 games, that's borderline obscure to me.
  7. Top work and great reward for her efforts. Doesn't quite have the same charisma and profile of Daisy, but Karen Paxman will go down as both a pioneer and champion of the women's game.
  8. If Gillan says that buzz word agile again, I'm going to puke.
  9. Well, that's just stuffed. But understandable.
  10. I know this could be a pretty messy season, but gee I'd love to be round 1 winners for once and then get off to a flyer, even if just to build belief and an expectation within to group that we are capable of it for future seasons. Go the mighty Demons.
  11. Thanks for your support, but a few of points of order: 1. Looking back on my original post through an objective lense, I can well see how@Satyriconhome could have misinterpreted my point as it was somewhat loosely worded on my behalf; 2. I'm not really that thin skinned about things to have taken goss offence to the banter back and forth that followed; 3. Yes Demonland is a public forum, but not completely. We probably do need to be mindful of assertions made about public figures and entities as they have nowhere to hide and as highlighted by a number of high profile public figures, the effects of social media bullying can have real consequences for their mental health. Whilst, I realise that some us are probably known to each other in the real world, on the most part, I think any name calling has limited consequences for the typical poster. It may come as a surprise, but I'm generally not called RGB by people in the street, and I'm guessing people don't call you Binman! 4. My observations and personal veiw is that, whilst a certain amount of banter between posters is inevitable and can be entertaining at times, when it gets too judgemental, personal and toxic and starts to dominate the conversation, it becomes quite annoying and really detracts from what we are all on here for. Not that I think this conversation has got out of control by any means.
  12. I hear you firey one. I think we've all just been totally desensitized. Look around at the complete moralistic cesspool the world has become. I could list of any number or recient events that people no longer seem reactive to. It's too late at night for me to sum up a cohearant reaction what I think of the MFC's involvement in this asides from why does anything with potential good like this for the MFC always seemingly need to turn to complete shiiiiit.
  13. I think people are very quick to forget Spargo's 2018 season and base a lot of their views on his lack luster 2019 in which he was probably playing injured for the most part. Not only is he a competitive animal, but his positioning himself to win the footy and use it in dangerous ways is also pretty good. I've got no issues with him being in the side with the form he showed over the preseason.
  14. Out of order, really? I don't think I'm normally one to endlessly chip the club, our players, coach or other posters on this forum. I said it was poor, which I understood could be interpreted as being overly critically of the club. But I think if you read that in the context of my post, you would see that it's was as much about frustration with the general situation at the moment. As an asides and a bit of constructive feedack for the club that asides from the Daisy Pearce Comeback and the To Hell and Back Segments (which have been excelent) their website has been a bit of a mess for the past few months and the frequency with which it has been update has been a bit disappointing compared to what it was previously, even prior to the whole COVID thing. Perhaps that came through in my post a bit as well. These are stressful times for some and we all need to be a little kinder to one another.
  15. Yes, and they are going up rapidly here too. It's the whole expodential growth thing, but it probably has some latency built into it as well, from the incubation period preceding when the greater restrictions were put in on the general population. But the AFL players were also somewhat quarantined two weeks prior to the rest of us before it became cool to be distant and as such the incidence in the AFL player cohort 'should' be even lower than the Aus general population. 22 blokes mix with 22 other blokes for ~120mins every week. It's not like they are having a religious gathering of 16,000 together every week or anything. Anyways, we'll all see in due course I guess. I'm kinda over the whole thing and it's only really been around a fortnight to a month since it's been that heavily on anyone's radar. BTW, it's been on my radar since early Jan/mid when an ex-colleague came back from Wuhan a day or so before they shut down the place. He certainly didn't go to Christmas Island or the NT isolation either, just a few weeks of home isolation as a precaution, before the alarm bells rang in the federal government and they thought they should do something about things. Probably plenty of other escapees before him as well.
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