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  1. Julian "the essendon 34 are innocent victims and have had their human rights violated" Burnside? Lol
  2. The solution imho to "congestion" is completely reducing the interchange bench. 18 players on the ground. Matched up. Star mid needs a breather? Sit in the forward pocket. 2 rucks? Gotta be able to go forward and back. Everyone would be too cooked to push up the ground the whole game. Would spread it all out. Tactics? Wow coach a has moved player b onto player c. I miss that. 10 interchanges a game. Max.
  3. If we can get back to say, 6-6 at the bye after QB we'll be in with a shot in the 2nd half of the year. It'll be hard work to do that though.
  4. Actually essendon in 2004.... to Win a final anyway
  5. Geelong are good, very good, but their defend defend defend and then counter attack style will come undone in September.
  6. It's not like he broke the guys jaw or anything
  7. Yeah, it was not lose to those 2 teams. That's when we blew It, not yesterday
  8. Probably 4 point losses to north and Freo will do it, not %
  9. The conference's are a disgrace. The 4 best teams this year are clearly Adelaide, north, Freo and us. Brisbane beating the dogs Is the only time conference b has beaten anyone from conference a. That 2 of these 4 teams should miss out on finals, and that one of Geelong Carlton or Brisbane will get a home final is a disgrace.
  10. Didn't even notice geelong beating the bombers tonight
  11. I've noticed this too. I'd also like to note that the games they do play just get repeated over and over again. It's very poor
  12. Dont worry, the kids at my club dont like AFLx either. If any of our players play and get injured I'll throw all the marbles out of the pram.
  13. I think its the other way. I think this generation behaves BETTER as a result of knowing everything could be posted on the net for everyone to see. We just see more misbehaviour because we see all of it and not some of it
  14. Happy for him to take it slow and be back 2nd half of the season proper. Get it right, dont rush. Finals win flags, not round 1.
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