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  1. I played for Uni Reds, under legendary coach, Kenny Frencham , in 1971/72. There were quite a few Demon diehards in our team, and I wonder if any of them are now Demonlanders like me. We played against Reservoir, Fawkner, Brunswick Districts, Jacana, Merlynston, Brunswick Districts and Westgarth All Blacks( captained by Pastor Doug Nicholls' son.) We struggled. The next year we joined the lowest level of the VAFA. Less physical! I wasn't sure which forum to post this in, but this seemed the least inappropriate! It'd be great to "swap notes" with any of my ex team-mates. I'm sure they will have stuck by the Demons all these years!
  2. If only he hadn’t dropped that sitter dead in front early in Q1. I’m sure we’d have won. ( to say nothing of Pickett missing from 10 m out straight in front.) I
  3. I can’t stand seeing such scathing criticism of Viney. It’s hard to think of any player who does more to give his all for his club. He throws himself in , gets the hard ball from impossible positions, then does his best to move the ball on from congestion. What a gutsy team player! I admire him greatly, and it hurts to see fellow supporters suggesting we should trade him. Keep fighting for us, Jack, you’re a Demon through and through!
  4. What fantastic spirit and endeavour our guys showed. An ounce of luck, and we’d have won. Does anyone notice how Geelong get away with quick throws, and we don’t? Surely Tommy should have had a free when hit by Henry!
  5. We want the ball more than Geelong. Keep it up and it’ll be a great win!
  6. How good are the Dees!? We knock off Carlton on their home ground, then they beat the Cats at their dung-heap! But Hawthorn and Carlton don’t know what it’s like with 30000 Cats fans pumping up the players, and influencing the umps. Essendon and Collingwood don’t know either.
  7. I'm amazed our club leaders either turned a blind eye, or somehow failed to recognise his life-style. I thought that sort of behaviour was mainly at West Coast. Brock should have gone there. He would have had a bonanza. Was it endemic at Melbourne? Are any players like that now?
  8. I have been watching old games on YouTube while on the exercise bike. So few wins, I'm watching a few losses now. I just saw that 2007 Ess game at Docklands,Danners last as coach. Yes....we were 17 up with 4 min 25 sec to go. Then the UMPIRES!!!. made three diabolical decisions. Lucas's first was a result of a very definite throw. The next came after Bruce was tackled by the legs, in what the commentators described as a "professional free" ("cynical foul" in soccer).....NOT PAID.!! The other goal came as a result of a dubious holding the ball("?dragged it in") in our forward line, when the umps had otherwise "swallowed the whistle". Melbourne had fought back brilliantly after being 30 points down early. I remember walking away from that match feeling absolutely cheated. Otherwise, I had eradicated it from my memory.
  9. So courageous. I remember when Sean Wight stood in the "hole", knowing L,ockett was coming with the pack at full speed. He kept his head up, took the mark, then was made to "pay" by Lockett with his knee right in the middle of his back. Though it was a late, vicious assault, there was no 50m paid.
  10. I think Paul O ‘BRIEN had a recurrence of his ACL injury at Essendon when he jumped in the air to celebrate a goal, and landed awkwardly, ending his aaAFL career.
  11. I persuaded my mate to accompany me to that game. He wasn’t happy with me!
  12. I was at that Windy Hill game.( at the outer, opposite ,end). I think Clark’s mark was about on the 50 m line, so he had to clear 55m at least. He tried a torp, and got hold of it ,but it fell a metre or so short. Can Demonlanders remind me of games where we’ve won with a kick AFTER the siren. ? I can think of a few wins JUST before the siren ( eg Gold Coast last year, Schwartz knock to Leoncelli in Adelaide, TMac v West Coast on the MCG), but no wins after the siren come to mind(unlike several losses AFTER the siren.)
  13. The turning point came early in the 4th Quarter, when Yze and Robertson, who were both starring, clashed heads during a gutsy marking contest. They both had to go off, and Adelaide got back on top.
  14. Like yourself, I'm told, Bobby. Don Williams used to take hangers( front cover of footy record for ages), dash out of defence bouncing it, then kick long drop kicks! He was spectacular....and tough.
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