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  1. Did any oother Demonlanders hear the absolute baloney coming from Malthouse on the ABC before the match? He repeatedly made incorrect comments on Melbourne's games this season(factual errors, not opinions). Then after the match he tried to justify Jetta's despicable act. He still loves the West Coast. Were they on the drugs while he was there, or was it all under Worsfold?
  2. The fact that you concede that home town decisions exist ,justifies the opinion of the posters disagreeing with you! As I’ve pointed out in a previous post, Melbourne get far less “home town decisions.” Our supporters are usually outnumbered by opposition fans at our home games at the MCG, except with interstate visiting teams.In those games the attendance is so low in the huge MCG that there’s no atmosphere, and less likelihood of home town decisions. It’s a disgrace that the umpires allow themselves to be affected by the crowd. While they’re not professionals, they are very well paid, and should not be considered above reproach.
  3. The better side lost on Friday due to a diabolical decision on Smith by Margetts(proven to be incorrect by the MRP). Yes , if we'd kicked a third of the gimmes we missed, we'd have won, but that's not the point!
  4. With a competent, sensible ruling on the Smith incident, I'm sure we'd have won,and no-one would be whingeing. But some posters get a warm, fuzzy, "I'm fairer than you" feeling, by ignoring blatant, game-changing errors by the officials.
  5. Lack of depth!!!??? We had a moral victory against the premiers , over there, despite hostile umpiring, and 8 - 10 of our best 22 unavailable. I think that suggests our depth is surprisingly good.
  6. It’s not a matter of the umpires hating us, it’s just that they can’t help but be swayed by the crowds. Unfortunately , Melbourne almost NEVER have the “ fortress” style atmosphere that Perth, Adelaide, and Geelong have. When we do have a home game against Perth or Adelaide sides on the MCG, there’s a pathetic crowd, no atmosphere, and no chance to influence the umpires by yelling “ ball” every time the opposition gain possession etc. I think the AFL are aware of this, and try to educate the umpires not to be affected by the crowd. Unfortunately, that directive was forgotten on Friday night.
  7. Great mark by Ryan, but I thought it was pathetic sportsmanship by the Cokeheads the way they gave it to the punch drunk Gawn ,who had courageously stood his ground knowing the players behind him had the sit.
  8. The better side lost. I know bad kicking is bad football, but we did so well to get the ball to players dead in front. I think we missed 7 absolute sitters. i reckon one of their goals was touched. Another came from an obvious throw. The umpiring error where Smith nearly had his neck broken ...no free... 2 goal turn around.
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