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  1. Bate came good after half time, and played a significant role in our comeback. I'm not sure how much time Morton was on the ground,,but he only had a couple of useful touches. There you have the OMac and ANB of their era....any excuse to rubbish them was gleefully accepted JW was in between. .
  2. I think you’re right, but there’s another player I had in mind.
  3. Which player wanted to be a fireman when he retired?
  4. Became a policeman, I think. I can recall another policeman who played for us... no-one’s mentioned him as an obscure player. Initials... P. P. Anyone know who I’m talking about?
  5. Stuck at home like everyone else yesterday,I watched the first(terrible) half while on the exercise bike. Today 'I'm looking forward to a pleasant hour on the bike again, knowing it's going to be much more fun to watch! Go Ozzie! Are many past matches available on Demonland? '
  6. One recurring problem is that our guys are kicking it OVER THE HEADS of our forwards. Compared to the WCE guys, esp. Gaff and Hurn , who calmly kick controlled passes to their targets, who have to run forward to take the ball on their chest. It is particularly ineffective to kick it high to the forwards who are outnumbered by tall backs. Surely it would be better to kick grass cutter passes, if there are fast crumbers( like Pickett, Bedford and Spargo), buzzing around the legs of tall, comparatively slow, backs like Barass,McGov, and Hurn. Tumble punts (“up-country mongrel finger breakers”) are also more likely to be effective,causing chaos in the forward line, if there are no promising options ahead. We make sure Hurn etc have easy marks, kicking them neat little drop punts,to their zone, well away from any Demon forwards. I think our guys forget they’re “pumped-up “ ,in the pressure of competition, and kick it too hard and fast. In practice conditions, they can pass accurately. Somehow we’ve got to play the way we practise. Also, would it be practicable to introduce a rule....”NEVER kick short to a 50:50 situation.? Surely it’s better to kick LONG to 50:50, if no good option is on offer.
  7. One of the gutsiest players I’ve ever seen. Same with Clint Bizzell.
  8. I thought Tunbridge could have been paid the mark. Frank Schwabb didn't!
  9. Does anyone else remember Gary Byers? Also, we had a Minton- Connell on the list in '64. He didn't play firsts, but would he be Simon's father, and ? Peter Hudson's uncle.....oh no....perhaps we could have secured Huddo, if he'd become a regular at the Dees. We used to have quite an association with Tassie. Remember Jungwirth? (can't recall his first name.)
  10. Of course you’re right, thanks Demonstone! l mixed up Neil Roberts and Brian Gleeson. ( but Terry was pretty unco considering his brother won the Medal!)
  11. Terry didn't have "CoCo's ability,but he was tall enough to ruck. I remember once when he picked up the ball a metre from goal,directly in front, rushed the kick needlessly , and missed the ball with his foot. It dribbled through for a point.
  12. Jimmy Jenkinson, Frankie Giampolo, Lou Salvana, Hugh Brommell,John Clennett(!),Ray Nilson, Frank and Joe Rugolo.
  13. Remember Matthew Mahoney? A contemporary of these guys, I think.
  14. A friend of mine met Alan Rowarth in Apollo Bay. My friend, an Esse’don fan in his seventies, didn’t remember him , but found out he played in 2 premierships for Melbourne. I remember him well, number 2, a shortish dark haired left footer, who played”decoy” full forward. He’d lead out, leaving the forward line open for Big Bob Johnson.It was a role Athol Webb played before him. But he got plenty of goals himself, being an accurate kick for goal. He was originally from Birregurra, but we picked him up from Castlemaine( where we got Barassi from, he informed my friend) .
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