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  1. Plan no. 1...... Wear boots with stops that minimise slipping over at Optus. Find out what WCE players wear on their feet, and do the same.
  2. I seem to remember Graham Pinfold (no.21) playing back pocket after Johnnie Beckwith. He'd been tried as a rover to follow Ian Ridley, but never quite made it . I wonder if he still goes for the mighty Dees!
  3. In regard to Spargo’s Casey form..... I agree, he doesn’t stand out. I reckon it’s harder for small players to stand out In the VFL ,since there are more undersize players at that level. The AFL has many tall players,like Cripps and Fyfe at 6 ft 4 playing midfield. When the ball hits the ground , players like a Caleb Daniel and Spargo have an advantage against the tall guys.Spargo showed this as a 19 yr old in the 2018 finals. I’m hopeful he’ll return to that form in 2020.
  4. He’s gone back to our old recruiting zone!
  5. That's true, but they wouldn't have been anywhere near our score but for the two goals they got from kicking our guys in the head and pretending they tripped over.
  6. I heard Gary Lyon on SEN. this morning and I thought..... does he watch Melbourne games, or is he too busy in his job watching the “big games”, unfortunately not involving the Dees? Gary’s opinion was based on on his kicking, which I think has improved immensely over the last two years, but he didn’t seem to recognise that. I’m a Frost fan, but I think his deficiencies are in decision making, not kicking. But I think Frosty has improved year by year in that respect. In my opinion his improvement with experience vastly outweighs his tendency for “ clangers”. Clarkson’s interest in Frost should raise alarm bells in Melbourne list managers. There aren’t too many like him around.Please keep him!
  7. I'm not happy about Sellwood being allowed to stay on the ground covered in blood. It is arguable that we missed the top four last season because Max was dismissed for the last minute at Geelong with the merest speck of blood on his lip.
  8. A slight tinge of green in the pitch, and inexperienced captain Paine says”we’ll have a bowl”. Shades of Ponting after McGrath trod on the ball.
  9. Who's his Mum? (Mrs Elliot, I know!, but is she an accomplished sportswoman?
  10. I suspect there would be Heritage Overlay, preventing the demolition of an historically significant building. Would this not affect the site’s resale value detrimentally?
  11. Thanks for the great posts, Drunkn, we all admire you and your brother very much . By the way, you sound like a dedicated trainer. What level of footy have you attained?
  12. I suspect Heritage Overlay would prevent its development as real estate.
  13. Steve Smith reckons their cricket bats are ok,too!
  14. I don't understand the changes. I dropped in to Vic Park and saw the second half on Sunday. Spargo, (who I think has a great future), didn't get a kick. Didn't see Billy Stretch do much. Nibbler and Marty Hore did well. Chandler showed a lot of pace , and it's good to see him get a game. Preuss absolutely dominated the ruck, and is a superb replacement if Max is ever hurt or needs a rest, Meanwhile, I thought OMac looked promising up forward, and deserved another try there. Can't see why Hunt, Petty, or Baker were dropped. Are some of the omissions due to injury?
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