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  1. It's unbelievable how the Druggies get an armchair ride every week! Out possessed by 40-odd, yet nearly double the frees to Essendon. No doubt due to their whining crowd. Their constant booing of Rampe was childish to say the least. What?... booing him for (stupidly)trying to climb the goal post up in Sydney!!!??? They didn't deserve to win either of those games. The umps absolutely gifted them the Whorethorn game last week, too. I hope their chooks turn into Emus and kick their dunny door down.
  2. Listening to the game on Casey radio, it was almost identical to the seniors. The ball in our forward line the whole time, missing easy shots, then the ball goes down their end for a split second, and they "strike it beautifully" from 52. The only difference was....we won.!
  3. I haven’t read the whole thread so I suspect this has been brought up before ..... but..... Max kept doing his backward tap outs, and Zorko and Neil kept clearing it. Wouldn’t it have been sensible for Max to try to whack it away from the centre, away from the two guys who were tearing us apart!!?? I know the coaching mantra is against the tactic of hitting the ball randomly, since it might go straight to the opposition, and leave you opened up, but...... every centre bounce, you just KNEW Bris would get the clearance with Max trying his dinky backwards tap outs.
  4. Interesting,is’nt it! Perhaps with 2 men down and less rotations, there’s less confusion on the ground about who is on who. Perhaps players aren’t taken off after scoring goals, and stay on while they’re confident, and score again! Also, less wasted energy from 100 metre sprints off, then back on, the ground. We’ve sometimes performed better when we’re down a player or two.
  5. Max...stop trying to find our midswith knockouts . Just thump the b thing!
  6. Hi Supermerc

    Love your Podcasts! Thanks. I listen to them when I'm on the exercise bike, to keep it interesting!

    Re overseas games, I thought I vaguely remembered a pre -season practice match (?v. StK or Sydney?) in New Zealand.

    There's no mention of it in your list, so I guess I'm wrong. I thought it was about 10-15 yrs ago.

    Is your list exhaustive?


    "Jumping Jack Clennett"

  7. I don’t think we’ve ever been beaten overseas. We’ve won in London, Canada, USA,( California and Hawaii),China and , I think, New Zealand. All “JLT” type games, but most hotly contested. The USA game was against reigning premiers, Geelong,in 1963, after the Grand Final, to make us world premiers! Was there a South Africa game I’ve forgotten? Can anyone correct me by reminding me of a Demon loss abroad?
  8. I'm worried about our CWC game tonight v. Bangladesh. Their batting was superb v. WI earlier this week. WI attack not too bad. Once Starc and Cummins are off, our other bowlers are all very vulnerable to being smashed.
  9. Can't agree at all! Top player, courageous, and popular with team-mates. Get his brother when his contract is up.
  10. We dropped Omar after Jenkins got 2 goals on him. Jenkins has Phil Davis, in my opinion one of the 2 or 3 best tall defenders in the AFL on him tonight. So far Jenkins has 3 goals in 2 1/2 quarters. Should Davis be dropped? Or is Jenkins an ok player?
  11. But don't we normally have more inside 50's than the opposition? Even when we lost to Geelong by 80pts! So in fact, it makes the forward 50 frees discrepancy even more incomprehensible.
  12. The guy was in tears! There’s no doubt at all it was burning in his guts.
  13. Surprising that we were clearly the better side with 15 out of our 22 players getting negative reviews from Joeboy. I think his judgment was ( justifiably) clouded by his disappointment.
  14. Greg Parke a knuckle man?????? No....As you say,.he was an amazing mark, a wonky kick,and a top-class team player.
  15. Macca you earlier agreed that “ home town decisions” occur. It is disgraceful that officials allow themselves to be influenced by the crowd. I think eliminating this bias is far more important than all the other measures you suggest. The fact that umpires are consistently succumbing to this weakness adds to the antipathy of the fans. One can’t help but think of them as weak individuals if they allow their judgment to be influenced by the noise they hear from the crowd.
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