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  1. This is very true! Fingers crossed this can provide the right players with an oppourtunity to play and the following week can be a positive one for the club.
  2. ...Coming back from NT always tires them out... and we have Hawthorn the week after... not a good mix... although that could still go any way...
  3. OK so I was watching a footy show on channel 9 last night.. and they advertised The Footy Show. In particular... Old lady crawf and this weeks prank. Did anyone see Bernie Vince in that preview? Or was it just me. I know he has already been pranked... and it looks like they are doing fresh young players.. Parish last week... So I was thinking, how cool would it be if they pranked Clarry?! He'd go so red and embarrassed. Gosh I'd love to see that. So I had a random thought that maybe Vince might be the person who knows what is going on and MAYBE Clarry might be the one being tricked. But that's just a guess. How cool would that be though!? Your thoughts?...
  4. Upon first looking at the Jersey in the Demon shop I wasn't too excited about it. But now that I have seen the other teams Jersey's (i.e. Hawthorn which I wouldn't have even known it was for them unless I was told AND GC ...which well... go look for yourself and you will know what I mean).. I actually really like ours. Put the cultural aspect aside... It doesn't look like it was drawn by a little person... Thumbs up I say!
  5. Just wondering if anyone has any of the past or present Melb Demons BCNA pink lady Guernseys for Sale? I'd love to own one myself Thanks
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