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  1. As I said in another thread, have a look at who our forward line was on the weekend: Petty, Lockhart, Dunkley, Fritsch, Hunt, ANB, Petracca. Of those, only two would have been in our first choice forward line over the pre-season, and of those two one (ANB) has always had a problem of struggling when the rest of the side is down. Of the rest, two weren't even on the list for the pre-season, one has been mis-managed in terms of being asked to play too many positions in his first two seasons, and one was groomed as a defender. In form and available forwards have been non-existent for us this year. That's a combination of injuries, but also shifting responsibility (e.g. TMac and Weideman) and increased expectation (e.g. Spargo and ANB). But I've said a couple of times now that I don't think we're that far off turning it around, and this statistic (inside 50 retention/scoring) is the one thing that is holding us back more than anything else. We developed our list and gameplan around dominating in the middle and creating significant amount of ball in our forward half. That sort of gameplan just does not work unless we hold marks inside 50, and unleash pressure through our forward half. We've done neither of those this year. TMac and Weideman have struggled to hold marks and we haven't had a proper third tall (J Smith could have played that role, T Smith is just a VFL battler, vandenBerg hasn't played, Petracca is being asked to do too much and isn't always succeeding, Melksham is injured, Fritsch has been in the backline). And with stacks of ball hitting the ground, we haven't been able to lock it in. Spargo and ANB have gone backwards from last year (in Spargo's case significantly), Hunt is just OK but exhausts himself too often, Hannan's struggled when fit, again no vandenBerg hurts, and our midfielders aren't two-way running and putting in enough defensive effort. Without marking and forward pressure, the ball rebounds out of our forward half with ease and our backline gets put under inordinate pressure. Then strip that backline of May, Lever and Jetta, take Hibberd and Salem out for periods, put an out-of-form OMac in there and a first year player in Hore, and here we are at 5-11. My view remains that if we improve our forward pressure and hold some more marks inside 50, our overall performance will lift significantly.
  2. If that's your standard then we have one of those wins this year - Fremantle. And as to your second line, what about Collingwood last year, who finished the H&A season with one win over last year's finalists (us)?
  3. Nup, not any more. I reckon he's worked much harder this year to develop consistency in his game. If I have concerns over our young mids, it's over Oliver, Harmes and Brayshaw. I don't see enough defensive running from any of them (Oliver in particular). I don't see enough buckling down when the going gets tough. I don't see enough leadership. I see too much sulking, too much poor body language and too much selfishness from each of them. All fixable things, and if we're going to go anywhere as a club then these three need to learn from their flaws.
  4. The disappointment I feel with the game comes from seeing the same mistakes being made. We were dominant in the second quarter but didn't put it on the scoreboard. We generated plenty of time inside our forward half/50 but didn't score. But we played with a makeshift forward line (none of Petty, Hunt, Preuss, Lockhart or Dunkley were in our plans for our 2019 forward line during the pre-season, I doubt Fritsch was either, but here we are. I mean, Lockhart and Dunkley weren't even on our list!) and we played with two underdone defenders (Lever, Jetta). My view has been that if anyone is borderline on fitness we shouldn't be playing them in this long-dead season, but I want to see us keep Lever and Jetta in the side to get our best backline working together and using these last 6 games to gel. Our big problem is our forward line though. Not enough pressure, too many out of form/low on confidence players, it's all just not working. Petty was promising and Fritsch is a better forward than he is a defender/wing, but my view is that if we don't markedly lift our defensive pressure in our forward half, we aren't going to improve. Conversely, upgrading out defensive pressure in our forward half will make significant difference given the rest of our gameplan.
  5. Watched from just after Lloyd's two goals. We're doing better than this thread suggests but still not great. Massive amount of ball in our forward half but continued poor kicking inside, dropped marks, poor positioning, mistakes (e.g. Brayshaw's lack of awareness) are killing us. Dominating through the middle though and their last goal was just an appalling free kick against Gawn. I reckon many on here are over-rating Preuss. Maybe his shoulder is sore but his tapwork is nothing special, and when it hits the ground he's a liability at the moment.
  6. He's certainly talented and capable of tearing us apart, but consistency is not his thing. He's kicked 22 goals but 9 of those have been in two games (5 when he ripped Richmond to shreds, 4 last week vs Geelong) meaning 13 in the other 12 games. He'd only kicked 4 goals in the previous 6 games before last week. We have to back May in to be able to stop him.
  7. Enjoying the debate in here about the issues between our mids and forwards. IMO it's a combination of weaknesses in both areas. I think our mids are doing a lot right, and certainly a lot right in terms of the way Goodwin has trained us to play, but we still have a number of mids who make bad mistakes by foot when trying to kick inside 50 - Viney is too up-and-under with his kicks, under pressure Oliver goes for distance, Brayshaw is unreliable (but to be commended for at least going onto his non-preferred). Early-season we had a team-wide problem of failing to lower our eyes as well, just sending it as deep as possible. However, I think some (but not all) of these issues are caused or exacerbated by the forwards all being down on 2018 levels of output. There's less confidence, less leading up at the ball carrier, too many leads to the pockets, and a lack of marking form (TMac, Weideman and Hannan all worse than last year and obviously no Hogan). And then, possibly the biggest problem, is the lack of pressure when it hits the ground. All year it's been too easy for our opponents to rebound out of our forward 50 - Spargo and ANB nowhere near where they were last year, Garlett not consistently defending when he was in the side, the talls who have been down there (TMac, Weid, Preuss, T Smith, Keilty) all struggling with their defensive pressure in various ways. My view is that some incremental improvements in these areas can lead to drastic improvements in our form - even like 25% more defensive pressure is going to prevent a number of the rebounds out of our forward 50, we'll generate more scores when we go inside, the game will be played more in our forward half, all of that will lead to confidence building from our mids and forwards and it spirals from there (just as it has spiralled the other way this year). But that 25% improvement won't come without hard work, better coaching and targeted list improvements over the off-season.
  8. Petty if we have to. We need to be getting games into May, Frost and Lever (along with Hibberd, Jetta and Salem, and Hore if/when we can) as a defensive unit.
  9. Hoping to see Petracca, ANB, Dunkkley and Lockhart on the bench (with Petty making way and joining OMac and the Wagners as emergencies). Just not sure we need May, Frost, Lever and Petty in the side, let alone against the Dogs (and certainly not OMac on top of that).
  10. Agree with the OP. We haven't had too many players who have improved on last year but I think Petracca is one. For someone who is such a confidence player, I would love to see him fix up his goal kicking technique. The effect of nailing easy shots (or more importantly not having the deflation of missing easy shots) could be quite significant for him.
  11. Ah, that is indeed correct. Point still stands, just minus the Judd-robot thing.
  12. Also, on the topic of over-celebrating, just have a think about how the players would have felt in that moment when the siren went. They were spent. They had been working as hard as they could, with almost no rest, to try to hold on and prevent a loss which would have opened up so much criticism (given how much they're copping despite winning, imagine what they would have been thinking about the ramifications of a loss). So the siren goes and their natural reaction is to be happy. FFS. In the heat of the moment, sometimes humans exhibit emotions. In this instance it was 100% justifiable.
  13. You're making my point, Jaded. It's not criticism of our 2019 season that I'm finding it difficult to read - the season has been disastrous and we have a number of lessons to learn, and beating Carlton doesn't necessarily mean we've learnt them. What I'm finding increasingly frustrating on Demonland is the unnecessary pessimism and the inability to enjoy positive moments when they arise, even where in context they do not change the season. So saying I am on a "high horse" because I "can't handle anyone mentioning negatives" is both inaccurate and OTT. Saying things like we wouldn't have been 6 goals up against Collingwood or Richmond is irrelevant - we didn't play Collingwood or Richmond, we played Carlton. Dismissing the rotations issue (which is what you've been doing) ignores the reality of it. In the first half we had 42 rotations and Carlton 44. In the second half we had 25 rotations and Carlton had 44. In the fourth quarter it was 6 to 18. We should have been 10 goals up in the third quarter and the fact we weren't was indicative of the ongoing problems we have had all year, and last year. But holding on against a fast-finishing side when we're out on our feet is something to be happy with regardless. The frustration arises when posters either can't, or don't want to, see the positives and just want to talk about the failures. I haven't seen the full game so I can't be sure, but based on what I've seen/read and the stats, is this completely true though? Or: I had been leaning towards this, based on what I've seen/read so far. Our kick-handball ratio was 221-151, or 1.46. Against Brisbane it was 217-186, or 1.16. Fremantle was 237-150, or 1.58. I wonder whether post-bye we have tried to kick-mark more than pre-bye, and when it has worked (Fremantle and Carlton) we have played more controlled football and performed better as a result, but against Brisbane we went away from that and struggled as a result. This is obviously too simplistic an analysis, but I'm not sure @stevethemanjordan is 100% on the money about how we played vs Carlton (although there remain problems with our entries and our forward line in general).
  14. This is the sort of OTT pessimistic stuff that infects this site. You've just chucked the "with limited rotations" bit in there without thinking about what it means. For the first three quarters we built a 6 goal lead. Then the bloke who had kicked 6 goals in three quarters went off, we had one rotation for a quarter, and you're upset that our lead got eroded? We'll never know what would have happened without the injuries but when the numbers were even we were 6 goals better. As to their "top 3 players", they won interstate last week with the same players missing so it's not like they've fallen apart without Cripps. Curnow and Mackay have each played maybe 3-4 good games this year. And it's not like we were at full strength. But it's the sarcastic comment about being thrilled to be 16th that gets me most. If you want to be gloomy, fine. But the fact that some people have enjoyed today's win in the context of the season doesn't mean we're happy that in 2019, after the progress of 2014-2018, we're happy to be third bottom.
  15. Gawn to replace TMac is probably fine, although we don't want to be too tall at Marvel against the Dogs. I can't see a good argument for OMac getting Petty's spot, the more so if Lever comes in for Hore. I'd like more run, whether that's JKH or J Wagner.
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