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  1. Anyone who thinks MFCSS is some sort of joke, read this post. Only on Demonland could we have someone post something this negative about players finally returning from injury.
  2. Same as asking why we wore our red-backed jumper on Friday night. We played West Coast in Perth twice last year and wore our normal jumper with white shorts both times. There's no clash at all between their royal blue/yellow and our navy blue.
  3. What Viney does well, he does very well. Unfortunately what he does poorly, he does quite poorly, and that's his kicking. If he can't improve his kicking he'll never become a A-grade midfielder.
  4. I suspect much of it is psychological. Tonnes of inside 50s, but the longer we go without scoring a goal the more pressure builds every time we take a shot that we convert it.
  5. This is a terrible take. This is better. There was no need whatsoever for Jetta to pin both of Smith's arms and drive him head first into the ground. There was no need for him to take Smith to the ground at all. The tackle should have been penalised because it was dangerous. The suspension is the right decision, the free kick on the night was incorrect and it had a material impact on the game.
  6. When discussing this game there are two non-umpiring issues to bear in mind: 1. By my count West Coast had 2 best 22 players missing (Barrass and Naitanui), whereas we had at least 8. 2. They lost Venables late in the second but we then lost ANB early in the third, and also later lost T Smith and Salem in the fourth, finishing with one on the bench. 1 exacerbates 2 - it’s harder to cover for injuries mid-game when the players trying to do the covering are already reserve/back up players.
  7. Let's be fair though, most people on here had written us off before the game, so the fact we led for 80%+ or something like that and should have won should be a positive to the same people who thought we were in for a 10-goal loss or a repeat of the prelim.
  8. I see Fritsch's problem as being fumbles. He seems to make a number of errors when going for the ball or handpassing. He nailed some kicks today though.
  9. Garlett's miss, when he had entire 50 in front of him but lazily kicked it from 40 instead of running in, was the worst one.
  10. I've only seen the second half and that was clearly the best football we've played all year. We lost this game because we dominated the third quarter but barely scored. We were playing top 4 football at times, other than in respect of shots on goal. We were tough at the contest, quick on the spread, we hit targets by foot, we had players leading up at the ball, but when we needed to kick the goal we missed or fluffed the mark or didn't make the distance or dropped a soda of a mark. We should have been 5+ goals up at three quarter time, not 2. Key umpiring mistakes in the fourth didn't help. I'm pretty sure Petty touched that first goal, there was the non-call on the throw, but the biggest one was Jetta's sling tackle on Tim Smith which should have been called a dangerous tackle. Each of those cost us a goal and the third one was when our confidence broke. The crowd found its voice, they had their confidence, we were a runner down on the bench and on a six-day break with too many VFL level players we hit a wall. We should have had a nice 5 goal buffer though, so that we could afford those things to happen. Play like that for the rest of the year and we can improve significantly and do far better than our current record suggests.
  11. Feels like we have one too many tall defenders - do we really need all three of OMac, Frost and Petty?
  12. Yes we do - McDonald, Weideman, Preuss, Petracca are in the former group, and Spargo, Garlett, Hunt, Petracca and Melksham are in the latter group. The ability is there, the form is not.
  13. Agree. The OP says games are "harder to watch" because there are fewer instances of a team scoring 100 points. The Melbourne v Essendon game had lots of goals but no skill, turnovers galore, and no defence from either side. I don't accept that made the game enjoyable. The scoring debate is taking over from the real debate, which should be about what we are actually watching. Goals do not make the game enjoyable in all circumstances.
  14. Did he? I read that he first went off in the third quarter, but the break happened in the fourth quarter. A 15-player injury list is sizeable. On the AFL's website (which is not up to date), St Kilda has 14 players listed but most other clubs are 10-12, and some are much less (e.g. Brisbane has three). More importantly, of the 15, 8 are first choice 22 (Lewis, Lever, Melksham, Hannan, May, Hibberd, AVB, Jetta) and a further 4 (Weideman, JKH, J Smith, KK) who are on the fringe, if not actually best 22. It's tough going for us on this front at the moment.
  15. Haven't seen anything other than the last two minutes. But I know that we had three injuries, including to Melksham who appears to have been one of our better players in the first half. And I know that GC are a better side than in 2018 (seems many don't realise that). And I know that GC haven't been involved in a high-quality football match all year, bringing most of their opponents down to their level (I think only Adelaide has looked strong against them, even West Coast at home last week struggled to get out of second gear). And from the sweat levels I saw on the players in the final two minutes, I wouldn't be surprised if humidity/dew played a role in the fumbling. And the tackle stats, particularly tackles inside 50, were at an elite level. And then on Sunday they side we beat last week dominated GWS. I'll take the win in those circumstances. Let's see if we can build on this.
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