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  1. He reaches for evidence from 1964, 20 years after he got home from the War. He will always do it.
  2. Backing us in for a win tonight. We play Marvel well and we haven't been playing bad footy recently. I think we are due a win.
  3. Absolutely covered myself in glory right here. Only thing I got right was the slump, but it certainly wasn't mini.
  4. Dees by 5 goals. Membrey to kick no more than 2 goals. He'll be lucky to get that. Fritta to run them a merry dance inside 50 and kick another 4. Gawny to tear Marshall a new one. Gus to have 25 touches. Demonland to still complain.
  5. Shame your body failed again. It's probably why we offered you a short deal, eh?
  6. How's the injury going, Dean? Still pissy that we traded you to the Saints?
  7. Posters said that last week, too. We generally play Marvel well and the Saints, apart from getting a 'dead coach bounce' last week, aren't all that flash. I can't see them smashing us or even getting close to doing that.
  8. We have to delist a few players at the end of the year. JKH, who is out of contract, makes sense as being one of those. If that decision has been made then there is zero sense in playing him. That's why they'll go with the likes of Baker instead.
  9. With Lever, Frost, Hibberd and Jetta in the side, you would like to think OMac will be a non-factor. He can play the second or third tall role for us which will keep him, generally, out of harms way. We know he is okay at most things so hopefully he can do that for us this weekend. The other two outs aren't surprising, and I'm excited to see Baker back in the side, and I think Tim Smith straightens us up a little going forward more than a Preuss would. I think Smith, Petty and Fritsch can work well down there together.
  10. I love that goal. What a win that was as well. I was there and I gave it to every Pie fan within earshot.
  11. This is taken from the Herald Sun article: The Demons beat several overseas clubs, at least two other AFL teams and one A-League club for his signature I'm probably going a bit far with the coup talk, but the bloke has a pretty good resume. The proof will be in the pudding of course, but it's a positive announcement.
  12. Apparently we beat out a number of overseas clubs, two AFL clubs and an A-League club for his signature. This bloke clearly knows his stuff. Great coup for the club.
  13. Let's be honest - there would still be angry supporters with an 18-0 record.
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