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  1. Do people here actually want to talk about the other games, or is this just an opportunity for most to find other ways to sink the boots into the club? Dean Kent gets a couple of kicks and all of a sudden we've let go a future Brownlow medallist. Ben King kicks a few goals and then doesn't touch it in the second half and we've allowed an amalgam of Wayne Carey, Gary Ablett Sr. and Tony Lockett to slip through our fingers. To the actual game, I thought it went as expected - GC were always going to find it tougher outside of their own state, while the Cats are a 6-8 goal better side on their home deck. When Ablett, Selwood, Hawkins, Danger etc all retire in the coming years, they won't be much chop.
  2. Maybe over the last couple of years, during the middle part of this decade we beat them on a regular basis. We generally match up well against the Tiges and I'm confident we can knock them off.
  3. "Melbourne's Grand Final this weekend." They wish. That's Queen's Birthday, so joke's on them.
  4. Dazzle - I'm not backing the reason, or justifying it. It's just the only one I can think of. Yes, you make a fair point on the above, but I can't think of another reason why Harley is out of the side. Edit - while I might be drawing a long bow, it's not always about tackles. Pressure don't always result in an actual tackle. However, it still doesn't reflect well on some players.
  5. The only reason I can think of is that what Goodwin wants from ALL forwards is not just the ability to hit the scoreboard (which many of them are struggling with), but to also put on the defensive pressure to lock the ball in there. Bennell, for pretty obvious reasons, doesn't have the capacity to do that just yet. Yes, he got a bit of the footy in just half a game against the Blues, but his willingness to put his head over the footy was lacking (which will come with more game time and confidence) and he didn't exactly look all that keen to chase hard the other way. I'm stoked that he is back and playing footy, but I can see why they might be holding him back at the minute.
  6. The Pies are also showing how not to use a mid/small forward line. They're bombing it in there in the hope they can pull something out of their back pocket, and it's not working. If we want our experiment to work, then we had better use it a little more efficiently than this.
  7. Okay... but going by your opinion from earlier, you said Kozzie and Rivers are being gifted games. If that's the case, then you would believe that others deserve to be there ahead of them. Otherwise, they are there because they deserve to be and are not being gifted games at all. While I have plenty of respect for him, and think he has always given 100% during some very tough times, I think the game might be passing Jonesy by. That's not to say he can't play a role in the side, but he was awful against Carlton. He deserved to be dropped. I'm not too sure he is the answer.
  8. Absolutely. Nothing wrong with having that opinion. I'm just taking a different one. No worries from my end. To me, I think it's terrific to see that injection of youth. Both Rivers and Kozzie are giving us something we lack - Rivers is playing the 'Hibberd' role a little and we can see that he is already confident enough to take the game on, while also doing some good work defensively. Kozzie is fantastic to watch and he already looks as though he belongs at this level. Age should be no barrier to selection, and those two are good examples of it. Just curious - who would you play instead of both Kozzie and Rivers if you had to make those changes? If they're being 'gifted games', as you put it, then I would have thought you had others in mind to play that role.
  9. But the idea that someone is being 'gifted' games is that they don't deserve them. Clearly, both of these boys deserve their spots as they have been good at senior level so far. Rivers looks like a 10 year plus player for us, while Kozzie brings an exciting dynamic to our forward line, one we have been crying out for for a while. They have more than justified their selection in the side, and thus are not being 'gifted' games. And on form, right now, is Jetta better than Lockhart? Hard to say. I love Nev, but his form has been poor. Lockhart probably didn't do a whole lot better on the weekend so they would cancel each other out. No, Bennell isn't a better option than Kozzie. Kozzie has already proven that. While Harley is a slick ball user, he can't run out games and doesn't do nearly the amount of defensive work that Kozzie does. So, in my opinion, those three you mentioned are not being gifted games at all. While Lockhart would need a better game than last week to potentially keep his spot, his pre-season form and his game against the Eagles suggests that he has earned the right to get games. Rivers and Kozzie are, to me, already best 22 players and will be for a long time to come.
  10. What 'kids' are being gifted games? And no, Lockhart isn't in that boat. While he made a few mistakes last weekend, his pre-season form was excellent, as was his game against the Eagles prior to the shutdown. Even Goodwin said he was unlucky to miss the Carlton game. What other kids are being 'gifted games'?
  11. Its my only minor problem with selection. I do think we need that extra tall in the side to complement T Mac. Otherwise the side is fine. We can moan about no Bennell all we like, but it ain't changing much.
  12. He is a young tall, and one who showed some good signs at the end of 2018. With Hogan on the way out we needed to ensure that we kept those young players around. I still have some faith left that we can turn him into a player, as he is still pretty young and some talls take more time than others. The coaching staff must want him to work on some things before he gets a run in the seniors, and with a full list to pick from I'm not surprised that they might go for someone like Brown ahead of him at this point in time.
  13. To be fair, our back six has been good so it would be tough for Jetta to get a look in. Jones was awful against Carlton so I'm not surprised that they haven't brought him back into the side just yet. While I'd be happy to see Weid given a run, I think right now Brown would offer more forward, while Jackson can also ruck and then leave Tomlinson to play a full game in his natural position. Spargo is a 'meh' selection but I highly doubt he'll play.
  14. @dazzledavey36 - you might have been slightly off in this prediction...
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