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  1. The only Wagner I'd bring in is Josh. He can play half back and release Fritsch to play forward. If Preuss is okay then he comes back in. Will they have the guts to drop Weideman? Outside of that, there isn't much else at Casey, while May, Lever, AVB, Hannan, Joel Smith, Nev etc all won't be ready for the Hawks game.
  2. I loves posts like these. Let's take a look, shall we? Hogan wanted the opportunity to go home. Not much you can do there. Last night would have seen Watts go missing for large chunks of the game. He did that for years and he has done it for Port. Plus he left in 2017, not 2018. Kent has played one good game all year. Tyson is in the reserves for North. Bugg couldn't get a game. Neither could Pedersen. It was time for Bernie to retire, much like Lewis and potentially Jones at the end of the year. Losing those guys has nothing to do with how we are playing now. Apart from Vince and Tyson (who didn't do much), none of the above played in our finals. They didn't factor in. Pur confidence is shot, our depth is being tested by a large amount of injuries and we have a horribly dysfunctional forward line. We have a little mountain to climb, but it has little to do with the players you mentioned. Even if they were still on the list, only possibly Hogan would have helped last night.
  3. Oh, it's noted. He also didn't show up until late in the game tonight. I don't actually think he is a Melbourne supporter. Just probably hops across different forums to do the same thing.
  4. It's the the suggestion that Taylor can't be bothered scouting anywhere else. That is the absolute [censored] you're talking, and you know it.
  5. You talk absolute [censored], olisik. You must be loving the result tonight.
  6. I'm one of them, and not once did I blame it for the loss. I'm insane, but not that far gone. And it was annoying have to listen to it all night. I apologise if you enjoyed it.
  7. One of his best games for the club tonight.
  8. I agree re: physicality. If he is there to play third man up he goes okay, but anything else and he can be found out. He did some great stuff for us last year up forward and through the wings. I agree - time to leave him there.
  9. Exactly. He plays a straight bat to the media, and so he should. It will always be that way.
  10. I didn't think he was that bad, and he is one player who can be clean with the footy, but I agree that he is a forward first. I'd love to see them do the right thing and stick him down there for the rest of the season.
  11. I'm not surprised. Ling was salivating over the Tigers all night.
  12. Well... at least we did it for a quarter this week...
  13. I thought the effort was there. It was better than last week at any rate. Everything else kinda stunk though.
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