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  1. Why waste my time? I've found that I've enjoyed the football far more from week to week, regardless of the outcome, since I stepped away from here. Best decision I've made in a long time. Cheers.
  2. Probably. But I don't give a stuff.
  3. Of course we can still make it. Until we can't mathematically do so, then I'll continue to give us a chance. And anything can happen in finals. I would still expect the club to be thinking long term around what has happened in the first six rounds, how we fix it, what players we might need to draft/trade for and beyond, but I still believe we have a side that can get a run on and sneak in. There are no standout sides, and clubs like St. Kilda and Gold Coast won't keep winning games and sticking around the pack. We can overtake those sides.
  4. Sorry to get this thread going again, but I thought it was the most appropriate place to put it. I got the opportunity yesterday to speak with the friend of mine within the McCartney family. It's the only contact I have in terms of knowing anything from within the club, so I tread carefully in asking a few questions. The main thing I got out of it was that the McCartney/Goodwin 'feud' is rubbish. They are pretty disappointed and annoyed at Tom Morris, who is either making the stuff up or has horrible contacts. The day that story broke Goody and Macca had already spoken numerous times during the day, and that has occurred for the entire pre-season and the first six rounds of this season. Both of them are on the same page, as are the coaches. There is absolutely nothing to those rumours. The second thing I asked was around our start to the year. I didn't get anything hugely specific, but it's been a heap of mitigating factors that we have discussed on here - the off season surgeries, a few players not coming back fit enough (I got no names, nor did I press for them, but I was also given the impression that these players did not come back 'unfit', they just could have done more over their break) and teams adjusting to our game style and us not making changes quick enough. So plenty for the club to work on, no doubt about it, and we're learning it the hard way. But one thing is for certain - Tom Morris is an A grade [censored].
  5. I thought Lewis was pretty good on the weekend. Played on Caddy for most of it and kept him pretty quiet. He still has a role to play this year. No doubt he will probably retire at season's end, but it won't happen this weekend. Happy for him to move in to an assistant coaches role for 2020 and beyond.
  6. I think a few days away from the club might not be a bad thing at all.
  7. It was - in Round 1! Classic Melbourne.
  8. He sure did. Completely missed it. Cheers!
  9. I'll be interested to see if anything happens to Riewoldt and his 'chicken wing' on Fritsch.
  10. He's next on my ignore list. Happy for people to have differing views when they take a few minutes to present it in a constructive manner. This bloke just badgers you like a five year old. Not worth your time.
  11. The difference between 06 and now is that we were incredibly 'top heavy' with our best players - they were all beginning to head for the twilight of their careers and we didn't have a whole lot of quality waiting in the wings. We have the opposite here. Our best players have all pretty much played around or under 100 games, so there is still plenty of improvement to come.
  12. Two of the players mentioned - Stack and Gibbons - were not taken in either the AFL Draft or the Rookie Draft. They were supplementary selections. If they were taken not long after our picks in the Draft, then you have a point. We aren't taking blokes that high, or even that late, in the draft. Gibbons is lucky to even be on a list to be honest. Parker is a medium forward, Hind can't even get a run in the seniors and Ross, who has shown a bit, plays a relatively similar game to Sparrow. So we didn't 'miss out' on anyone.
  13. Well that's why we recruited them. I'll look at how it pans out long term, you can cry into your coffee about it now. Again, who should we have taken other than Sparrow? Only a handful of players picked after him have played senior footy this year, and none I would class as having 'pace'.
  14. It's a fair point DZ, and I know @Redleg will be nodding along vigorously. But when we think about our drafting over the last couple of years, what has been the area we have been crying out to fix? Our key defensive stocks. I don't think as a supporter base that we can deny that. So we went out and fixed it with May and Lever. From there, I think we have tried to add a little pace and run (Baker and Bedford come to mind, as well as KK) with the picks we've had. I know some are already bemoaning the pick of Sparrow, which is harsh on a kid in his first year, but who are the players picked after him in the draft that we should of targeted? Not many have come into their respective sides, let alone brought blistering pace. I think we will continue to address the issue, but we went out and sorted some other areas before that, which is understandable.
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