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  1. Firstly, let's be honest. The result means little. In fact, it might mean nothing at all. There's a fair chance that the AFL season won't really get going and, if it does, it will be pretty compromised. Getting rolled by the Eagles in Perth is, well, meaningless really. However, if we want to take a critical eye to the game, then to me we got rolled in one area - our delivery inside 50. We did exactly what we hoped we wouldn't do, and that's kick the ball to the hot spot inside 50. They picked it off, hit us on transition and made us look silly in some instances. When we lowered our eyes we looked better, but too often we would get the ball, take a few seconds and then just lob it into the air in the hope something would happen. And what happened was guys like Shannon Hurn did as they pleased. It was disappointing to see. We have time to rectify this, and I am certain in time we would right ourselves, but against Top 6 sides we get cut to pieces. They are a slick, well drilled side who hit targets and make you pay. Playing them in Perth is probably the hardest task in football, so there is no shame in getting rolled, but it was a shame to see it happen the way it did. Had we taken a few early chances things might have been different, but as it stands, we didn't take them and they did. It's pretty simple. As for the positives, there were still plenty. Viney was sensational, while Langdon gave us exactly what we were after on the wings. I thought our talls down back were excellent, and we won plenty of the footy and generated plenty of inside 50s. We just botched it too many times. Also, Pickett and Bedford did some good things in patches and will only get better with more senior footy. It's a shame that may not happen for another 12 months, but they are going to play a big part of our future. Hopefully we see footy again this season but, if we don't, then we don't. The health of the nation is the most important thing. Get that right and then we can go back to enjoying our footy.
  2. Oh Kossie! What a goal that would have been!
  3. Or looking at supporters from Perth in general. *West Coast supporters that is...
  4. If we can take anything out of 2020, it's that WERRIDEE has won the worst post for the year award in March. I don't think it can be topped.
  5. Yeah, don't care about the game at all now. Couldn't care less if we win by 100 or lose by 100. Far more important things going on in our country to worry about than footy. Put it on the back burner and focus on those who are ill, at risk and struggling for work. Get everything right first. I hope everyone on Demonland is doing okay during this tough time. Let's make sure we all stick together here. Love you all.
  6. It's a good point, and one I'm slightly worried about. We love the long bomb inside 50, but we need to be bringing the ball to ground at the very least. The Eagles are superb at picking the ball off and then turning defence into attack. If we're to be any chance of winning this game then we need to be smart with our use inside 50, otherwise we're in a bit of strife.
  7. I'll say it again - the bloke is out of his depth when it isn't a training report. He's proven it time and time again.
  8. I feel you mate. Plenty of amateur doctors post here. From what I can gather Jones was going to train today to see if he was fit enough, but obviously they've given him another week to get over it.
  9. He didn't. He's guessing. @Jaded - Goodwin mentioned that Salem will be right for next week, he just didn't do enough at training to get up for this one. Doesn't seem to be one to worry about.
  10. Did you miss the big article where it said he's out for three months?
  11. Wiseblood


    Regardless of what happens re: his place on the list at the end of the year, it's absolutely rotten luck for him to have this happen. It's not even related to the previous foot injuries that he's suffered. Hopefully he can work himself back into full fitness as the year goes on. When fit he is a best 22 player.
  12. Great to see both Pickett and Bedford in the side. I think both have plenty to offer inside 50 for us that we lacked last season. This means Luke Jackson will miss out on a debut but I think that's the right decision at this stage. Seeing this has me fired up for the game on the weekend. Can't wait!
  13. Cheap shot from a [censored] poor excuse for a bloke. Not surprising.
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