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  1. I'm in again. Team name was 'Van Buren Boys'. Cheers for running it for another year @DeeVoted.
  2. To be fair, BPP did say 'most' of our injuries have been peripheral. The bonus here is that it looks as though May and Melksham are only minor and, as you say, aren't too far away. Nor should their injuries hamper their ability to be ready for Round 1.
  3. True, but at least we have improved out of sight in this area. I'll take that over anything else. Having said that, the only way was up after the pre-season we had last year.
  4. Honestly cannot wait. Keen as mustard to get into the good stuff.
  5. I'll agree that his 2017 season wasn't too bad to go along with a good 2018. However, in both of those seasons we saw flashes of what quickly became a regular occurrence in dropped marks, missed targets, fumbles under pressure and missed shots on goal. I'll say it again - he is handy depth for us, but if he starts in Round 1 next season then I'll be disappointed in those who haven't come on to take his place. I won't blame ANB for that - if he is fit and doing everything asked of him, while others are not, then he deserves his spot. But if guys like Hannan, AVB, Melksham, Pickett etc are doing what is expected of them, then there won't be a place in the side for him. He is best 30, but not best 22.
  6. 2020 will tell us which season was the anomaly - 2018 or 2019. My money is on the latter.
  7. What is his role, though? He had a pretty good 2018, although hints of true form were there throughout. I even defended him when others knocked him. However, the hints we saw in 2018 became major issues and ones in which I don't think he can overcome. He has a dip but is an extremely limited footballer. He doesn't go hard enough, doesn't hit the scoreboard enough and, this season especially, didn't hit the scoreboard enough. We just can't have that in our side. Hopefully with a fitter Melksham, Hannan and even AVB, he will become nothing more than a handy depth player in 2020.
  8. I actually think ANB gets the best out of his skill set most weeks. The problem is that still isn't quite good enough. I can't fault his endeavor and commitment to the side, but if he lines up for us come Round 1, then I'll be disappointed that others haven't improved enough to take his place. That won't be ANB's fault.
  9. I gave it an A. Do I know what I'm talking about? No. No I don't. I have to go on gut feeling. While it's taken time to warm to selecting Jackson, I think we've absolutely done the right thing. He might take some time to develop, which means he will come under some scrutiny when some of the mids and half back flankers hit some good form, but we need to be patient. He shows all the right traits of being a modern ruckman/forward/midfielder and he could be something special. Pickett was a no brainer. One of the areas on the ground we struggled with was not only retaining the ball inside 50, but having someone kick goals when it hit the deck. This kid might struggle early to see out games and be consistent, but he has the talent to turn games on his own and kick goals out of his back pocket. Not only can he win us games, but kids will have his number on their back and come along just to watch him play. And Rivers looks like an astute selection. Good size, a very good user of the footy and someone who isn't afraid to take the game on. Could slot in across half back but could have the capacity to run through the middle as well. Again, I don't know much more than that, but I've got a good feeling about these selections. We've taken some risks and they are ones that could pay off handsomely in the future.
  10. Would he? The bloke is unproven at AFL level, where as we know what we get with Brown. I see the reasoning behind wanting someone like Sokol, but nobody picked him up. That's telling.
  11. Don't know a whole lot about him, but it seems like an astute pick at the minute. We've gone tall, small and in between with our picks. Makes plenty of sense to me.
  12. I wouldn't necessarily be against selecting him, however you get the feeling that we might just go with best available with our final pick. It seems like there is still some serious quality on the board for us to choose from, so I'm intrigued to see what we do with it. With Kossie on board, and Bennell potentially waiting in the wings, we might feel like we don't need to select someone like Taylor.
  13. I may be wrong, but I believe he is related to Nev Jetta. So he may end up living with him to begin with anyway. Absolutely ripping pick, though. He may take time to build his tank and find some consistency, but he will light up the G on a regular basis when he gets a run in the senior side. I can't wait.
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