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  1. Has a few tricks up his sleeve, and can jag a goal, but he isn't close to being Top 10 material and he'll be gone by the time our last pick rolls around. Won't be a factor for us.
  2. Can't complain if he comes for free. At best he can slot into our best 22, at worst he is handy depth.
  3. I know I am. I look down after a big meal and it seems as though I've ironed my shirt on a wok.
  4. Yep, great get by the club. I have a feeling that, if everything goes well, that we won't see the best of him until 2021. I'd say the club will nurture him through 2020 to ensure his body is right, and he may not play a whole lot until the second half of the season, with most games being at Casey. Then we use this as a launching pad for 2021 where he will be terrific for us on a half forward flank. Fingers crossed for a positive outcome!
  5. Don't let facts get in the way of a good bagging, Fine.
  6. Why would he be understudy to Nic Nat? He's only 182cm tall. I believe Luke Jackson might be the one you're thinking of there. But I'd be skittish about taking him. Sounds like he has plenty of links to the Eagles and would be a prime candidate to go home. I think we can look elsewhere at our picks.
  7. See, had you left it at the end of the bolded part then I'd be far more inclined to believe you. Adding in that he indicated that senior leaders thought his contract length and the dollars he is on is excessive is not believable in the slightest. No chance a senior player, who knows far better, would say something like that to someone at the races.
  8. I've admittedly only seen bits and pieces of highlights, but he doesn't do anything for me at the pointy end of the draft. I think there are better players who will fill bigger gaps than Jackson will. If we had a pick in the mid to late teens then I could see us taking him, but in the top ten? Nah.
  9. We can't sign everyone, nor is everyone going to be interested in joining us. If we have major interest in Bennell then it stands to reason that would probably wouldn't also chase Sam Gray, someone who I don't think improves us in 2020.
  10. If we'd given a five year deal to, say, Alex Neal-Bullen, then I think his opinion would be justified. Giving a five year deal to a bloke who has improved every single year since being on the list, who hasn't missed a game in two years, who can play multiple roles across the ground AND has done so in finals, is a good piece of business. Cornes is entitled to his opinion, but I think the club has done the right thing in this instance.
  11. I think I was closest to the pin. We've done well to get three Friday night games, even if two are away games. Richmond, Brisbane and Hawthorn are good opponents to have in those games.
  12. Neither really. I just noted that you've mentioned that you've had inside mail a bit this trade period and was interested in your strike rate. If it's been good then you're someone to look out for, like Chook in Perth, in the future. If your strike rate was poor then it's the opposite. Not a dig at all. I can't be bothered actually looking though. Would take too much time.
  13. You've had plenty of mail over the last few months. I'd love to go back and see how much of it was right.
  14. And we also came within a whisker of winning down there a few years back when there was a massive gale blowing to one end. We play that ground quite well.
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