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  1. He's a very good chance to still be there at our pick 8.
  2. 100% a forward and from what i hear will train as a forward this pre season.
  3. When I watch his highlights on the NAB app I can see his kicking skills but I'm not seeing much pace.
  4. I don't believe Goodwin will be sacked BUT if that did happen I'd put my money on Ross Lyon getting the job. Pert, Roos & Lyon are all very close, I could definitely see that happening if Goody got the flick.
  5. There's absolutely zero chance we'll swap our first round pick in any deal to get Langdon.
  6. We've got our eye's firmly on pick 2.
  7. St Kilda could offer him a lot more cash, our salary cap is getting stretched.
  8. No I understand Hill for 2nd round and pick swaps maybe a younger player?? Pick swaps? Are we talking later picks? Younger player i assume would be steak knives. Still think they'd demand a 1st round pick regardless but that's just my opinion.
  9. 2nd round for Hill? no way they'd except that. They'll want a 1st round pick for sure. Does anyone know if we can trade a future 1st this year?
  10. I think you just take best available at that point in the draft whoever that may be, that's my opinion anyway. There's plenty other ways to fill needs.
  11. Speaking to a recruiter from another team last night, we'd want Rowell or Anderson if we finish that low but Hayden Young is a name climbing up the draft boards.
  12. I'm all for players holding each other to account but just say what you need to say and move on.
  13. It was just really positive to see Jack moving freely with that zip, I haven't seen that for a long time now. I'd just about conceded the foot injury had robbed him of his best footy.
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