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  1. I think you just take best available at that point in the draft whoever that may be, that's my opinion anyway. There's plenty other ways to fill needs.
  2. Speaking to a recruiter from another team last night, we'd want Rowell or Anderson if we finish that low but Hayden Young is a name climbing up the draft boards.
  3. I'm all for players holding each other to account but just say what you need to say and move on.
  4. We've got no hope, forget about it.
  5. It was just really positive to see Jack moving freely with that zip, I haven't seen that for a long time now. I'd just about conceded the foot injury had robbed him of his best footy.
  6. Let me guess we rushed Lever back for QB when he should've come back after the bye...
  7. He'll be fine we know he's a quality player. Just quietly the guy who out bodied him was a lump of a lad and was in prime position a couple of times. Moving forward May will take the big boys and depending on match ups id even have Frost in the team just to make sure we can always free up Lever to roam and play the intercept role, I'm not sure where that will leave Marty Hore.
  8. I arrived at halftime and saw him outmarked in a 1v1 contest 3 times which resulted in his opponent kicking goals. I definitely think he needs a couple more weeks at Casey but yes it's definitely a positive he got through unscathed, he'll be better for the run.
  9. Does anyone have any updates on AVB, Hannon & Joel Smith? Wouldn't mind all three in our forward line.
  10. Well he should fit in with the rest of our mids then.
  11. Weideman's price going down by the second.
  12. After reading your post I'm definitely doing the same!
  13. So Jesse has clinical anxiety because he's moved from Melbourne FC to Fremantle FC?
  14. The apps still not available on Samsung smart tvs.
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