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  1. I'm just happy neither are soft tissue injuries, they'll both be fine.
  2. I'm interested to hear if Bennell has stepped up his running?
  3. Yeah i see the similarities and i like Austin but from my eye Jackson looks a class above Bradtke. I mean there's good reason LJ was All Aus, 2nd in the Lark medal & pick 3. More than happy if Bradtke can prove me wrong over time.
  4. I'm not going to tell you he's going to run out there from day one a dominant because like all kids they need time to develop but i honestly don't think ive seen a kid that quick & agile for his size, he's super competitive, he can obviously take a big mark and his awareness in congestion was excellent. Also im not sure what the panic was with his kicking, it looked just fine to me. I could honestly see him playing as a midfielder in a few years.
  5. I went today and haven't seen this many in full training for a long time. I was so happy to see Jack Viney fit and in everything, you can just tell he's loving being out there. Like everyone else has mentioned this pre season you cant take your eye's off Petracca, I'll tell you right now the penny has absolutely dropped, he's in for a big one. Others that are way ahead of this time last year - Lever, May, Weid, Hibberd, Oliver, TMac. My only concerns are Tomlinson who's starting to miss a large chunk of pre season & KK who seems to be in no mans land just at the minute. Also this was the first time I'd seen Luke Jackson up close..... Wow.
  6. The exact thing happened with Oliver on Friday and he returned with the red hat on.
  7. On the waters untill Jetta goes home.
  8. Oliver came off in clear discomfort with his shoulder again. Went back on with the red non contact hat on. He's definitely carrying the injury.
  9. This from my mate who's a mad Bombers supporter. Pros: He has a huge tank and will literally run all day leading to flanks (like a decoy at times) creating space inside 50. Can kick well beyond 50 and tends to take a lot of his shots on goal from 40+ so his goal accuracy is probably negatively skewed given the degree of difficulty for his shots on goal. Cons: Not good in one-on-one contests, not a key forward despite his height, forward pressure almost non-existent. Overall he’s a handy depth player. Probably not in best 22 but ready to go when needed (i.e. no Daniher, Stewart). Underrated by most Essendon supporters but his running capacity alone makes him an asset and his long kicking is elite.
  10. He's a very good chance to still be there at our pick 8.
  11. 100% a forward and from what i hear will train as a forward this pre season.
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