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  1. Very happy to see Ablett win tonight....... He is a wonderful player and obviously a very classy person. As for the Dees, well an awful season gets the results it truly deserved. So onwards and upwards for next season, hopefully!!!
  2. Unfortunately there isn't a lot in this comp that is "fair and balanced"....... But our lot is what it is' and it is up to us to fix it. And if others are whinging maybe we are getting something right. Thankfully we are finally seem to be doing the right thing for this club to get back to where we all want it to be. Bugger everyone else, we get this right any bitching and moaning won't matter.
  3. Now wouldn't that be awesome !!!
  4. It is what it is, we now just move on with who we have and who we'll pick up....... The biggest issue we have always had is developing the great picks we have into the great players we need them to be. This coach has a well-earned reputation of doing exactly that, so lets hope he brings our kids up properly. As for the pick, the likelihood was always pretty low, although if our crappiness isn't enough then heaven knows what will be.
  5. Miller was an excellent clubman, while never a great player and did frustrate the living hell out of most of us, he was never questioned in his commitment to the Dees. He was, and I imagine still is a very hard worker, had true leadership and has Paul Roos' backing now which is more than enough for me. Personally he was always a favourite of mine and I spent huge amounts of time defending him on here, so I love this move. Welcome home Brad !!!
  6. Congratulations to all for their wonderful work..... I've been away from here for a long time & have watched the season with the same horror as everyone else, but the truly excellent membership campaign is a testament to those involved & to those signing up. I for one am proud of the work being done!!!
  7. QueenC


    Yeah, but they got there in the end, amazing game, I honestly didn't expect my Niners to pull that off....... I always thought highly of Cousins coming through Michigan State and was thrilled to see him do so well. It must be very comforting for the Redskins to know that they have so much class even at back up, not all teams have that. As for Wilson, he is doing great but I think, given the outstanding year rookie QBs have had he will fall short of Luck or Griffen for ROTY.
  8. And was looking forward to "working with a young mid field"....... As opposed to ours, who are apparently drawing pensions!!!
  9. Not much fun to be had there unforutnately..... But honestly all clubs can put together these kind of lists, of the road not taken.
  10. All too true (on all fronts)..... This is quite sad (esecially given his draft number), but I wouldn't exactly call it a big shock.
  11. I tend to agree..... Was Darling a missed opportunity? Of course he was, along with a multitude of others over the years. Are the players we have now disappointing us all to the point of insanity? Yes, they are but at the end of the day, they are ours (and we are theirs) and it's not like they are a completely untalented lot. It is there or at least it was, but the biggest issue I have is that it has not been brought on in any way shape and form. Bad choices happen and maybe Cook will be another one, but poor player development is inexcusable and all too common here.
  12. This is sadly very, very true......
  13. I agree Tatu, the hate on here is amazing, who needs the press when we can turn on our own...... That being said, he sure as hell needs to toughen up and get himself more involved in the game. He has more pure skill than most anyone, but the physicality (and body strength) is a real concern. We need this to improve, he needs to want to be great, but he is not the only, or even our biggest concern.
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