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  1. What a misconceived statement - if you understand governance it is not for the board to interfere or approve list mgt deals - if you really think our list management is poor how did we go from prob the worst list five years ago to arguably the best list which btw has already been improved over trade period and with picks 3 and 8 to come, all in the space of 5 years. If the list mgt team is the problem do you reckon board CEO etc would have done something? Of course they would have just look at the track record
  2. Hey Beezlebub there you go again bashing the Club and leaders and criticising no matter what they do. When Roosy talked about the veil of negativity he was probably talking about you. Why don't you go along and disclose who you are. I suspect you will be well known as a former director/staffer who is disgruntled and was either sacked or asked to step down! We are a membership Club and good on Pert etc for engaging with their members - don't have to do this. Looking at all the other changes/work they have on and have in front of them they have plenty else to do. Of course I think this is something only someone like you would support after a GF or where back slapping is involved. There is an idea why don't you front up and lift your cover - oh I suspect plenty of people on here have already worked out who you are.
  3. How stupid is that comment - a club can’t speak lol - people lie not company’s or clubs - also Goody is like our next Frank Checker Hughes. Norm is a legend of course but Checker coached him and mentored him , was with him for all 10 flags. Checker is the most underrated character in AFL history!
  4. Seriously - how stupid you all are. Why woudl be believe what some oen writes. One with logic woudl ask how would a jurno know the detsils of a confidential meeting that had nothing to do with what he is writting about. Wake people
  5. This is a rubbish . There is no truth to this article. This is more reflective of the clabrre of the journalist than the facts.
  6. Don’t you have better things to do on a Saturday night than just club bashing - that is not a real supporter - boyz club weren’t you on the board who oversaw a disaster before the current regime? Or were you overseeing another corporate disaster?
  7. Presidents and Board members of all clubs in the AFL are not paid, they are volunteers - paid not one cent
  8. Ethan, The President and the Directors are not paid a cent. They are volunteers and they put in thousands of hours of their time, and deal with serious issues, have to be avilable to deal with everything that I suspect we dont get to see, and have comentary thrown their way in the public, either in the press or online, while doing their day jobs as well. Your point re about being a supporter of one club and therefore your pain and frustration is some how more legitimate than the board, coaches etc. becasue I suspect you are refering to the fact that some may have no been life members or played for other clubs, proir to taking on their current roles does not stack up. Why ! I suspect including the President was a supporter and member of MFC before he took on the role, you have board directors who have been life long members and your argument is rediculious, why!! you conveniently left out the players. Some of our players have come from other clubs and that goes for all the clubs in the code. Further, At work, does an organisation breed its own kind from birth, then hold them hostage all their lives so people cant move from organisation to organsiation, growing and learning and devloping their minds and experience.
  9. Dear Administrator, I didn't know that the Demonland Administrators provide us with a weekly analysis of the game. Sure no probs one would say, but aren't you conflicted not becuase you wrote a roundup of the game, not becuase you chose to throw so many back handed slaps and remind us of that "melbourne person of old" the negative dribbly toffy critical person".( Seriously ) Arent you some what conflicted my friend!!!. As an administrator, of this website who in the past has I am sure enjoyed a cozy relationship with some in the inside who felt it ok to furnish your pages with targeted, campaigns - and continues to host present and past players!!!!!. As a unionised lot ( the players) ( and they probably don't realise the power that they actually have) why should they (players) engage with your website. mmm let me think, As a player, besides the continious online abuse they cop from a number of your members, who's online behaviour is in clear breach of your own code of conduct, (which ultimitely makes you responsible) why should they engage with your website - or do a podcast with your team on this website. I dont... but continue with your weekly roundup and the melbourne way and lets see.. it only takes one person to start a revolution....... you know!!!!!
  10. Oh MB, I know you know what actually haeppend, and the fact is that Jesse is correct and you know it. No 2 sides of the story on this one, and the one thing about Jesse is that he saw right though things, he was a very keen observer of behaviour so MBashu best leave this one alone- don't you think!!!!!
  11. DazzleDavey36 - I will tell you why it got taken down - it is called "trolling" and if this harmful abuse from you continues I suggest lawyering up because you will need one I would suspect.
  12. The behaviour by Michael Warner and Robbo is unacceptable, irresponsible and would be in any other industry characterised as bullying and intent to intimidate. There is no purpose to this story no connection nor relevance of today. The purpose of this story and subsequently the decision by the herald sun to published a full front page story is designed to harm, injure and shame people, living and those who have passed away. It is time for the AFL industry as a whole to collectively make a stand and say enough is enough. The impact on mental health and damage to the emotional state of people, players and volunteers who make up a club is enormous. On the day that the Melbourne Football Club launched its stamp out bullying campaign these people chose that day, on an evening when our tv screens and digital platforms have been broadcasting our anti bullying campaign these 2 men, the editor and the decision makers of the organisations that approved these stories and tactics chose to publish and run with this story. To choose to list names of people who participated willing or unwilling in a confidential process that would have been stressful, and to publish a confidential AFL document that was part of a process over 10 years ago would be unacceptable in any other industry. There are standards of behaviour that we all have to abide by, if we don't as employees or representative of organisations we are held accountable. In an era where the AFL, the wider community is trying to stamp out bullying, harassment and unacceptable behaviour, how come there is no accountability levelled at these two people. What makes their behaviour even more damaging and calculating is that they on their own video segment are laughing about "dredging this up after so many years". This is a point that can't be ignored. They know that running this story will affect the people who were involved, affect the players who are playing this evening, and will affect the families of the Stynes and Bailey families but both Michael Warner and Robbo chose to laugh and make light of their intent of running with this story. My responding to this article and their behaviour is not advocating suppression of freedom of speech or opinion, and I know that a lot of people and these two journos would argue that footy is a tough sport, you have got to take the bad with the good. There is no good from this. It is designed to harm, and hurt. On the eve of a very big game for both Essendon and Melbourne they choose to do this. Robbo is the first to hold people accountable. The AFL community need to collectively say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH before its own people, from players, staff, volunteers and board members pay a massive human price. We can not take fox footy or the herald sun seriously let alone the industry of AFL when they talk about mental health, workplace safety for its people working within the industry, if journalists are not held accountable. May I say, I do not know much about tanking , I didn't even live in this country at the time, and I don't know any of the people involved but that's besides the point. As football fans and as people in general we should say ENOUGH is ENOUGH before people and their families suffer further mental anguish and hurt!!!!! There is nothing good going to come from this - shame on Robbo and shame on Michael Warner.
  13. Not an easy task to take on the West/Karl Langdon and get that kind of result. The Club is in good hands in terms of what it now stands for - leadership starts from the top, finally some respect, integrity, character and courage to stand for something. Clearly a grovelling apology; I wonder what really happened; would love to have been a fly on the wall!
  14. Dear Rolling [censored] It's called having some values and having a backbone,
  15. Good Lord George indeed - seriously - that't not what is in play here. This is a new era for our club, and how do you know what is at play here. Simply her paid engagement was cancelled. So - this is how it actually is - She writes a [censored] article on our club's biggest day that is on the PF against West- Coast designed to cause distress and you think it is ok to have her at paid gig where our sponsors will be there as our guest - get real - its called having balls and a backbone. Unless you are very simple person who believes what you read. Its called making a story where there is non!!!
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