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  1. Exactly right Dr Gonzo don’t even know why we’re giving merger discussions any time old thinking - no one in AFL or club land is talking about it yes because of tv rights and too hard to make it happen we know that from 90s when it was all go - clubs are membership based organisations who would rather fold than merge with the opposition. AFL clearly not going to let clubs fold and we have much stronger balance sheet and debt position than at least half the clubs and we invented the game wrote the rules end of debate
  2. With respect you are completely wrong - watch this space. Also read Goyder’s letter 18 clubs going in 18 clubs coming out. Talk of mergers is 1990s type hyperbole. We are more likely to end up with 20 or 22 clubs than less Why? Media rights and the fixture. Watch this space yep heard about mergers since the 1990s
  3. Apologies English is not my first Language yes Moonshadow I think we are in agreement apologies I think this was meant for Diamond Jim
  4. You blokes are drinking and/or dreaming too much understandable in current climate wish Hoges all the best but 2018 proved we didn’t need him to finally make the finals or go deep it was a good trade for us he won’t be coming back move on we have the talent no excuses now sorry might be harsh we made the finals and he won’t be coming back to Melbourne
  5. We have already had 2 letters from Bartlett and Pert how many do you want? I suspect they have a lot on their plate and we’ll here from them soon again anyway. Supporters also need to stop putting us in same category as Gold Coast and St Kilda. We have 2m debt 10m in bank and real assets - St Kilda have over 14m debt and who knows how much Gold Coast owes. We are the foundation Club who wrote the rules - we won’t fold - AFL will make sure all 18 clubs come through this seriously if there was no drama around this there would be nothing to report on
  6. You clearly have no idea first thing you should do is read our annual report and have a look at our balance sheet we have money in bank and substantial assets that can be made liquid because they are not tied up in a home base. We are effectively debt free go and have a look or attend an AGM and ask questions if you dont understand Also any comments around scrapping Gold Coast or Norf or us just won’t happen - Media Rights! AFL need all 18 clubs and in coming years will extend comp why? Media rights!
  7. Tired experience wore us down please try the umpires and the crowd after didgeridoos being played on the roof at 3 quarter time when we should have been 8 goals up at 3 quarter time - if we attack run and take our chances we will win by 8 goals plus - Go Dees
  8. My intel is Eagles internal research is the crowd umps ground etc is on average a 5 goal head start
  9. I agree Watto also West Coast have looked underdone in both Essendon and Freo games. I think we will lead in close game at half time and run over them in second half by 8 goals +
  10. Agree totally very quick follow up and good hands very versatile and will develop into a star. In the best 22 now even off the bench
  11. Balls Jack also cleaned up Hurn in that last quarter agree with everything you said above just surprised you forgot about his mid air shirtfront! A fit Viney is a gun anyone doubt that look at this game and the 2 MCG finals in 2018 after an extended lay off - watch out everyone full Pre season and ready to go
  12. YOU should go to OUR training and Open YOUR eyes
  13. Yep great call let’s defame bully harass anyone we like geez but don’t talk about religion even if It is part of Rance’s reasons for retirement but let’s allow everyone else to be attacked - well done For the record I despise any form of discrimination Or harassment based on prohibited grounds
  14. Our home base will be the game changer - how else would we get the 10 mil to put in and get govt AFL to match it? Also didn’t we get a much better stadium deal that more than offsets the pokies revenue loss? 2019 seems like a one off on the back of 6 successive profits? Huge injury payments, not having QB and Anzac Eve and crowd drop off for the replacement games Rich Coll Syd at the end. The Darwin game was necessary but 2 NT games not sustainable if we are serious! Opportunity to build another blockbuster e.g. v Carlton for Blues Free footy or the Barassi Cup? Talk of lynch mobs or rattling tins shows no respect or understanding of where we have come from over the last 5 years, where we are really at and what is possible!
  15. Big Jim “grain of truth” sending links to what PJ said at the time about alternating hosting QB. Why don’t you do your homework properly? Send the links where Bartlett opposed the concept of even alternating at all - his position was let’s not fight over QB as clubs with the oldest rivalry let’s lobby AFL to lock in 2 games each year and share a bigger pie. yet Mr Lucifer the Hero says he agreed to “give up QB a year early” Lucifer does not have a sceric of evidence on public record or at all yet the muppets just accept purported factual statements like this! What is your position on it? I am amazed at this biased love fest with our ex CEO - he was talking about alternating it and Bartlett opposed it publicly - go figure how someone like Lucifer can say Bartlett agreed to it - if you have the evidence put it up or I suggest shut the f$&k up (see earlier advice)
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