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  1. I don't know why posters are referring to Lucas Cook when discussing Jackson. It's my understanding that we were looking at a big forward in that draft and were after Lynch, who went the pick before Cook. That was a dreadful pick and shows that it sometimes is better to pick the player you like as opposed to the player who may fill a need. This is about a player not a need and Jackson is seen by the club as a good long term proposition, perhaps in a couple of positions and not a forward or ruck. He finished second in the Larke medal so obviously others saw something in him as well and if you have a look at the extended footage the club and other clubs have you might change your view.
  2. I think the club will take Kickett before Weightman and it then depends on who's left for the next pick and what that pick is. Doubt Robertson or Stephens will be there, but they will be in contention, if they are.
  3. Melbourne get picks 12 and 16 from Port for pick 8. We pick Jackson at 3 Kickett at 12 Kemp/Flanders/Ash/ at 16
  4. It's a close decision and they will take all the time required to finalise it. There's more than just pick three involved, there are other contingencies to consider.
  5. I think this kid is still right in the mix for us and I believe he will be taken a lot earlier than most think.
  6. If Grundy was in this draft, do you think he'd be worth pick 3 or 4? At the moment it's all speculation Red, we may pick Young or even Kemp, who knows. We are trying to maximise our draft position and if that includes putting the wind up Freo, then why not. We may force them to swap what they don't want to, to get all three of their choices, on the other hand we may really want Jackson, I think we do but what would I know. All we know at the moment is who some journalists think we should pick and in what order.
  7. It's my understanding that pick 97 will come in to about pick 70 after all the academy picks and passes.
  8. Do you think the club has looked at more than the highlights reel you've seen? There are other highlights reels that show a lot more than what's available on you tube. Don't you think the club have watched him play multiple times, like they have with all the prospective draftees? I've seen more footage of him play and he is very good. As are Young and Robertson and Kickett and Kemp, the club has to pick the best of them and I think they will.
  9. Have you seen much of him playing at all? If you haven't, then perhaps if you do, you may change your opinion.
  10. Who's to say Jackson won't play 200 games plus? He is a very good player.
  11. Might be a few double ups but still worth watching.
  12. I had a look at some of his highlight videos yesterday, he was such a good player. It's a shame that he had issues and injuries, but here's hoping he can recover some of his past brilliance, it would make him one of our three best players if he can
  13. Wow, way to derail a thread. Give it a rest, or go to the General board
  14. That depends on how badly we want first pick after GCS. If we have a player in mind for our first pick and we really want him and know he won't be there after pick 3, then no way would you trade. If the club aren't sure that there is a clear third choice, then they may consider it. Free probably have 3 Players in their sights and having two picks almost guarantee at least 2 and maybe all three of their choices.
  15. Irrespective of all the above provisos, well done to both parties and I'm glad the Dee's have taken the punt on him. If it doesn't work out then so be it but at least it shows that Melbourne have lost that conservatism that's been stopping us from picking up players that may have a bit of a reputation. Welcome Harley and let's hope that we have some good years ahead, for both our sakes.
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