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  1. The only thing I'm confident of is that you have no confidence in anything MFC. Yeah I know you've been following them for 250 years and have every reason to be lacking in confidence, but let's wait till the season starts before we call this season a failure.
  2. The ones who don't win enough games. Every year it's a new ball game and if we win enough games to get in, does it bother you who drops out? I'm bullish this year and expect to make the top eight, if not top six.
  3. Neita's family own a Farm just up the road from where my brother lives in SA and he 's told me that they highly regard him over there and one of the local legends ( long term player) told him that he is the best player to come out of Centrals in his time. Ripper kid too.
  4. The scars from the operations on Harley's legs
  5. Really? That's important to know. I was very concerned about the side, before the first game this year and I believed we had too many VFL players on the squad, we've eliminated quite a few of them and replaced them with AFL players. I think we've had a good draft/trade person and I'm now quite bullish about the upcoming season. We made the finals in 2006 and at the start of 2007 we were expected to play finals again, I looked at the side and just couldn't see it and by quarter time in the first game our season was over. That was the same feeling I had at the start of this years season. This time I think we've done a very good job of replacing those VFL players and we have a year in to the recruits we picked up last year, they will be the better for it. Weideman cops heaps on here but I have faith in him, he's only 22 and most big forwards take a while to hit their straps, I know he can play and it's now a matter of him putting it together consistently. He had problems with injuries and confidence, his contract and the [censored] he copped on social media, that plays a big part in young players of today. I'm rapt in the recruits we have and we've finally added some excitement to the team, Jackson be a revelation as will Kossie, Rivers will do a good job of replacing Young and will surprise a few. The view we have of some of the players is not shared by the club, players like Spargo are highly regarded by the club but some posters on here want them sold off to the lowest bidder. Hopefully after we win a few some of the negative posters on here, we know who they are, will change their mind, although there are some who would still complain about someone playing a bad game in a winning grand final.
  6. So you reckon we are a good chance for top 4 this year.
  7. It's my understanding that we are no longer interested in Murray, unless things have changed, and I don't know that they have.
  8. More like Lay down Miserable, Picket I mentioned earlier in this thread that I'd seen the extended highlights of Jackson, Pickett too and if you have a look at them you must at least be a little more convinced than before. Also if you listen to the interview with Jackson, you will see he is keen to be here and loves Melbourne, the town.
  9. Maybe the recruiters pick the correct players but the club fail to develop them? Of course nothing is guaranteed, but if the club the right system in place, there is a lot more chance the players will develop.
  10. Except Robertson who may turn out to be the best of them all. I doubt Serong will be in our sights.
  11. I think Freo will take him before we can, but it will be a very good draft for us if we get him, he is a gun.
  12. I’m not sure if we’ll take Jackson at 3 but it appears if we don’t, he’ll go soon after, this tells me that we aren’t out on our own and other clubs are circling him. There are probably 4 other clubs in the top ten who would jump at the chance at grabbing him. I’ve seen additional footage of him and he really looks the goods to me, he is a really exciting player and could be anything. We can go the safe route and pick another midfielder, or go for a player who could bring some excitement and star quality to the team. If we could get Robertson as well it would be my dream draft, but i’m happy if the club picks Kickett, he will be long gone by our next pick at 28, if we don’t take him he will go to the doggies. Flanders may be a chance to be selected
  13. Maybe the player we are after is Flanders and not Pickett, if that’s the case.
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