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  1. If you can afford it I guess you just pay your membership and give the club some financial support, in these trying times, It won't always be this way and when this finally passes over the clubs that have received the most support from their members will come out in the best shape. I can afford it so I will continue to pay, but I'm sure there are those that simply don't have the funds to continue with their monthly payment. We all get enjoyment (?) watching our club play, so if we have the opportunity to help keep them afloat, I guess we do it, but not at the expense of putting food on the table.
  2. On another matter, I saw Jake Lever doing a solo of the Tan the other day, he looks fit albeit really thin.
  3. Perhaps we should annex off the bottom part of Western AUSTRALIA, Perth and below and divvy up the rest between South Australia and the Northern Territory. Or rename it North Western Australia.
  4. If you get the chance to listen to the Premier of WA's press statement it's worth a listen. I never realised that they weren't part of the greater Australia.
  5. https://www.news.com.au/finance/work/leaders/an-impossible-needle-to-thread-two-questions-corona-critics-should-ask-themselves/news-story/bd217bdc36bcddf24aace15bb20f0894 "Now as anyone who knows me knows, I’m not exactly the head cheerleader for this government but I am quite fond of Australia. And it’s hard to shake the sense that for some it doesn’t matter what the PM does, they are actively willing him to fail. Sometimes there is a fine line between predicting disaster and praying for it. Personally I have grown quite attached to my life and my house and so I wish him every success in tackling anything that threatens either." Joe Hildebrand
  6. https://www.theage.com.au/world/asia/the-war-within-the-war-over-coronavirus-20200327-p54ee0.html Let the blame shifting commence.
  7. https://www.theage.com.au/politics/federal/inside-morrison-s-expert-medical-advice-circle-20200327-p54ekq.html
  8. I have to agree with that. Too many trying to score political points and forgetting the issue at hand.
  9. I watched the first quarter and then turned it off. We looked insipid and incapable, and I think it showed that to the opposition, they were effectively laughing at us and treated us with disdain. It was embarrassing. The coach, the plan, the players, something has to change. The Club is fighting for its life and that effort(?) won't help, we have been serving up the same [censored] for years and something has to give. We need Roos back, for five years, to end this apathy that is shown by the players.
  10. My response was to your post but could have been to many before, I picked yours because it was closest to the end of the thread. I have no love for Don and couldn't give a rat's about him or the USA, I probably should have responded to one of the digs at Morrison, I'm a bit over all the armchair experts blaming him for the way it's been handled. I dare say that none of those that have had a shot at him, wouldn't have done so if it was the Labor party in charge and Elbow making the very same decisions.
  11. There's a lot of wouldn'ts there but not too many woulds. What about what you would do to fix the problem. I see, none. I think that the hatred of Trump is a requirement of the left. My comment was about the overall discussion that includes Morrison as well. Morrison takes advice from the Chief Medical officer, not Karl Stepanovic and the other buffoons on morning television. BTW, do you think "creepy" Joe Biden would make a better President than Trump? If you don't know what I mean, look that up.
  12. Tell us all what you would do if you were in charge? I await your words of wisdom. Albanese
  13. Care to share the plan you have to stop the virus and keep the economy afloat and enable people to earn a living and support themselves? I'm sure the Word leaders are waiting for your advice, for that matter the advice of all those on here that have cut and pasted the words of journalists telling us how we should go about it. As was said earlier there are plenty on here that want to turn this in to a right wing bashing competition. What has Elbows plan been, i must have missed it in amongst all the garbage in the papers.
  14. Imagine if there was an outbreak of Man-flue?
  15. You will be out before the first match, won't you?
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