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  1. What was his role in 13,14,15? Hawks played just as bad as us at times this year.
  2. What were his key points Ash?
  3. The same issues were all there last year, just people decided to drink the koolaid. I didn’t notice improvement, but I did see it deteriorate. Also I have said right from the start that injuries and no preseason were our biggest problem, since then Goodwin has also admitted fault in himself.
  4. You're all just guessing without knowing facts and putting far too much faith in the failed Mahoney and the controlling Pert. Are the decisions the right ones? Jennings is highly praised across the industry, McCartney also. When does Josh fall on his own sword? Goodwin is the poorest tactical game day coach in the league and these clowns signed him up before the start of this season? Trust them if you wish to, but they'd want to deliver in 2020.
  5. Nah, it's very bizarre. Would you take on a job not knowing what it was? Never. It actually doesn't even phase me really, because I know Goodwin won't listen to Richardson from what I gather.
  6. I find the Richardson situation bizarre and poorly communicated to be honest. The club and Alan know what his role is, he would've been offered something to consider and make a decision, why the club isn't telling members/supporters is a bit weird. He didn't just come onboard and find out his role later.....
  7. Is that Damian Barrett.....
  8. Thanks Todd, you have taken us from 18th to 17th, well done.
  9. I reckon he did try but Simon was too stubborn. Simon is now getting a very big wake up call.
  10. Like every single one of your posts. Still yet to see anything productive from you troll
  11. facts are facts, open your eyes. You should probably put some time into your spelling and grammar also.
  12. Lewis, Jones, Hibberd, Jetta, May, all not getting any younger then you have the bottom tier which are VFL players. If we end up being 5 years away, it is relevant, then you have Gawn 28, how long can he be the battering ram? I'm willing to give them a good pre season under a new regime but there are certainly many red flags, especially if key players want out.
  13. Pretty easy, aging list, no superstars or few coming through, on field, sale of pokies, revenue comes from?, a coach that is useless, a head of FD that has more lives than a cat, near certainty to lose thousands of members next year..........
  14. One of my biggest concerns re Goodwin is if he has the ability to listen to others' opinions, surely he would have been told not to persist with the constant rubbish week in week out. If that's the case then Richardson is of no use to us.
  15. Roos, Pert, Lyon - Fitzroy connection?
  16. You would think and hope those extra years are performance based with triggers, quite clearly missed this one in a big way.
  17. Wonder if Goody feels nervous now.
  18. Well, to be honest, I feel literally sick in the stomach. Last night was 186 equivalent, if it wasn’t for Sydney who are terrible I fear what could’ve happened really. Goodwin cannot coach and must go now, he’s clearly lost the players and as I’ve always said, has no clue on game day, literally clueless of the highest order. We need a new coach
  19. Goodwin is absolutely clueless in the box, you can see he’s not up to it
  20. So many rule changes and changes in general yet they can't even get the umpiring or look of the game right, Gil must go, the current standard is the worst I've ever seen. This will just make it more uneven IMO.
  21. Funny you mention this, on On the Couch I think they said WCE are 18th in contested possessions and Richmond 16th. Hmmmm, why do we bash our players around while other teams laugh at us.
  22. We also rushed around last year to sign our players up on stupidly longer deals and earlier than needed, just to keep the list together, maybe they’re happy collecting their paycheque and Goodwin has lost them already, bad scenario for the club I’m starting to think. They also rushed Goodwins extension which is just plain dumb.
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