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  1. I'm unsure how to rate this, seems like we've gone very left field apart from Rivers who should be a steal. Really need to nail these high draft choices. Jackson moves well in the juniors but hasn't been playing long and there has been many a KPF who have looked the goods and never made it for whatever reason. I thought we'd target high top end talent for immediate impact, not a 4-5 year view. Yes he may come in and go OK. I have a strong view on picking up ruckman early in the draft and history relates to that also. I love my indigenous players but Pickett only averaged 3.5 effective disposals a game didn't he? At pick 12 I think it's a bit of a waste tbh, yes we need his type but is another project player IMO. How would you rate our draft with our original pick 3 and 8? Freo - Young, Serong, Henry Port - Bergman, Georgiades, Williams on top of Rozee, Butters and Duursma last year who have had immediate impact. GC - Rowell, Anderson, Flanders, Sharp on top of Lukosius, Rankine and Ben King. Carl - Kemp, Philp - last year Walsh and Stocker. GWS - Ash, Green - Caldwell, Hately, O'Halloran Melb - Jackson, Pickett, Rivers - Sparrow, Jordon from last year and Hore who has been great. This opinion wont sit well with the optimists but I'd say a B- until proven otherwise and I do hope I'm wrong. In Taylor we trust, apparently... Apart from bringing in Rivers, who may not even play next year, we haven't brought in any elite users of the ball, Langdon is not the saviour there either. Time will tell, it's all one big lottery at the end of the day but it's always frustrating to see other clubs nail their picks while we.....tbc
  2. I can’t believe they signed off on that, especially since it was assistance. Shonky organisation anyway
  3. Port, Freo, WB, GC in the last two years.... incredible, that’s how you build a future. Still unsure on our left field picks, time will tell.
  4. This is the first thing I thought of when I saw the latest highlights package revealed - Kouta changed the way the game was played in the early 90's, tall, athletic and flexible. But I will say, I have my doubts. Until then, all the best Luke, I hope you become our next Buddy or Kouta.
  5. Ok thanks mate, yeah Ben needs a rocket of late.
  6. Which community/tribe/small town is he from? Club website says WA yet everywhere else is SA. I imagine hes from remote WA somewhere and moved to SA to play footy this year.
  7. That's the thing though, we've already moved from pick 8. So the chances of someone sliding from around 6 to 14 are very slim. Anyway, is what it is, let's hope it's Buddy and Byron Pickett!
  8. So Stephen Wells, the best in the business wants to move into the top 10, yet Demonlanders (and the club) want two picks in the teens. In a nutshell LN.
  9. Just call things as I see them DD. Not here to fluff around. I just think the picks are too left field, but will see and hope for the best mate.
  10. All the best to Taylor and all of the draftees tonight. Not going to lie but I have a bad feeling about us in this draft, Jackson at 3 doesn't sit well with me, although I of course hope he turns out to be the next Buddy. And Pickett at 10 seems a waste, surely we have similar talents from our zone in the NT coming through? Weightman seems better from the limited footage I've seen. I just feel we really have to nail this draft, especially if it's a one off before we rise again. Seems to be better players than these two at the picks we're allocated, but what would I or anyone here know. Most of the top 12 draftees came in and made an immediate impact this year, then you have Jordan Clark at 15, give me class and elite foot skills anyday, unsure if these two provide that and seem very left field. Anyhow as I said, all the best to all of them, I hope I'm wrong and they become club and competition stars. If they're not, wolves will come circling once again.
  11. About time we got Peter Jackson back I say, happy with pick 3.
  12. That isn't what I meant, my mistake. I'm just saying the resting mids down there can rove and set up goals, not do it full time. For eg: Dusty, Danger, Bont.
  13. Why do we need a "small" forward? We just need a crumber who can kick goals, whether they glide, spin, dance or whatever they do.
  14. Another thing I'll add here is, it looks likely that we will pick up Harley Bennell. I don't think he'll get back to his midfield best so as I've said in another thread I'd play him as the small forward option, skillful, indigenous goal sense. He comes for nothing, do we really need Pickett at 10? Just a thought.
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