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  1. Yes I do and can, that's my opinion and it isn't my problem you don't like it, enjoy your day.
  2. Interesting, as much as a cow she is, she always has the good oil. Wonder if she means general Dees supporters or ex players?
  3. He was also the fall back option, after Dew, who didn’t take the job.
  4. We’ll be right, it’s frustrating but we need a full injury free preseason. You only have to be a little bit off on any day and you’ll get pumped, we had no chance this year after those surgeries.
  5. The way Roos left us still doesn't sit well with me, almost like he took his money and team and ran. I was under the impression that he was meant to stay on as a director of coaching or similar. I've been critical of Goodwin but that certainly didn't help him, why did Roos jump ship so quickly? Wasn't he going to move back to Hawaii..... We have him until 2022 now regardless, may as well surround him with the best 2IC's in the game and let him have a crack. Our history is old, we have been irrelevant for too long, but things can change quickly.
  6. I've been saying this for 12 months! How the club cannot see this is beyond me, it was all there to see last year.
  7. No issue with May, about time we showed a bit of hardness instead of being nice, good teams of recent times were all hard on each other, STK GEEL HAW, more of it please, stop being [censored].
  8. Goodwin really does talk a lot of club spin, it’s actually sickening, I’m still not convinced he is a good game day coach, but at least he says nice things. Pressure is on, and you can see that.
  9. Well at least we have an answer after many years of bickering. With two coaches going back into development roles, it is clearly development, not recruiting.......
  10. Wasn't he meant to take on a director of coaching with us, then left......wonder why?
  11. I thought it was development.....
  12. I'm glad you brought up the elephant in the room, our ageing players, it does concern me.
  13. 2013,14,15 Roughead 2016 Boyd 2017 Riewoldt 2018 Kennedy
  14. Hahahaha. Made my day thanks mate
  15. He was standing a couple of weeks ago when he had to leave the presser in similar viewing.
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