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  1. If he's unlikely to play in 2020 then what's the point? Would like some more info on his expected return now. Any doctors here that know the surgery details and likely recovery times? I'd just assumed he was ready to start training and play round 1?
  2. So can he not play until July/August next year?
  3. Good post, it's for that exact reason I'd play him in the F50 as a goal sneak, he knows where they are. I cant see him getting back to his best in the midfield, it's been too long. He's talented enough to maybe boot 40 as the X-factor/small forward option.
  4. Possibly, without knowing the GPS data for all small forwards across the league I wouldn't know, the biggest shift is possibly defensive pressure rather than km output? Couldn't imagine Eddie Betts racking up too many kms?
  5. Err, there's been a fair bit of info come out re his injury status since early September.....wouldn't you agree? Sounds like a fair bit of risk has been taken off the table.
  6. I'd be happy to just use him as the small forward/X-factor option in the F50 rather than expect him to pump out 14kms of gut running in the midfield, worth a shot, will cost us SFA really.
  7. I was also not pro for getting Yze, he had been in the role for just a year and Hawks played just as bad as anyone this year. I'm all for getting people in, but I think we should be aiming for a lot better. Maybe all they had to do was get rid of one person, we shall see by round 6. I struggle to see what Tomlinson adds besides maybe overhead marking around the wing, Langdon is also a butcher but both upgrades on Stretch and JKH. We need a star, but in the box and on the field.
  8. And how did Port perform with him in the role? Massive underachievers. Yawn from me.
  9. From memory came 2nd in Cats VFL BnF, have been watching him all year, a yes for me, even if it's depth.
  10. Maybe I'm on my own here but I don't get the hype on Papley, perhaps I just haven't watched many Swans games either this year. It seems we want Weightman so buggered if I know.
  11. Why help GWS out anyway when we are potentially competing against them for what we hope is a top 4 spot next year. I'd say, heres pick 3, we want finlayson, pick 6, then take 6 and 8 to the draft. Tomlinson, Langdon, Finlayson, Pick 6 and pick 8. Not a bad day out for only losing Frost. A pick in the 20-30 range next year in a shallow draft is useless.
  12. Agree. No way I’d accept the GWS first rounder next year, I’d be peed off actually. It’ll be in the 20’s, essentially a second rounder and complete suicide giving up on this draft. I can’t see us doing any other deal with them unless it’s 6 and a top player, one of their forwards. We need young top end talent, stars, or they can give up Cameron. F em’
  13. Didn't they swap those picks yesterday?
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