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  1. BT, Bruce and whoever the [censored] else is commentating still haven't made mention of the lopsided umpiring performance.
  2. The hawks supporters I know, unfortunately quite a few, don't rate him at all. No idea how he has stayed on the hawks list for so long.
  3. There is a recent article on the AFL website discussing small forward trade options. One bloke from the Lions, Lewis Taylor is 24 yo and OOC, see blurb below. Any thoughts on him as a player? "They used him more through the wing for the last couple of years, and away more from the half-forward role, which he's really lost, with (Charlie) Cameron coming in, (Dayne) Zorko playing that mix of half-forward and mid, and (Allen) Christensen. His best footy was really good in the contest, being a pressure player and dangerous around goals, getting busy in transition, getting multiple possessions in a chain, getting up the ground pretty high, then being a bit more creative on the way through. He would offer value for money."
  4. God, did these guys get into the lube again, clumsy [censored]. This is hardly watchable.
  5. This is [censored] laughable now, we are seriously [censored].
  6. Again Oscar was nowhere near Bruce when he took that mark.
  7. Did Goody feed these blokes sleeping tablets at half time.
  8. Brayshaw, Viney, Oliver and Jones all having ordinary games. I'm actually starting to cringe when Jones is about to kick the footy. I know his foot skills have never been fantastic but they are horrid tonight. Does Brayshaw even look interested?
  9. Oscar absolutely pitiful...does he ever make it to a marking contest. FMD.
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