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  1. please help us paul -mcnamee we are a club in crisis no leadership on and off the field in spite of all the info from the cliub in recent weeks i am now very worried that we wont win a game in our 150 th year and yes i was there yesterday
  2. it is only us and the saints who have gone cap in hand to the AFL no other clubs
  3. This happens because the AFL run both the MFC and ST Kilda Membership Departmants
  4. Team Melbourne was always just a distraction to cover up the inadequacies of our real issues - declining revenue and sponsorship - not to mention the on-field performance (or lack of it!).
  5. The magazine lost its importance when Kerry Cuman left about three years ago. Don't know whose in charge of the magazine now - whoever is, I would love to read more about the players outside of football.
  6. I agree it is best that Bomber moves on BUT there are two issues here - one that Riley still has a year to run on his contract and two that Carlton are flush with funds and can buy any football staff they require and they go after the best - Mark Riley. We already had him locked in for another year. How much is this going to cost the club.
  7. we need stability now not upheavel , this board has turned the finaces around dont believe the papers
  8. He is doing the best he can in a real tough position what do we expect the season is gone
  9. It cant be true. The AFL gave us over a million dollars. I know its been a tough year but it cant be that bad.
  10. i just love him, he is our future it would be great for him to win the bluey!!!!
  11. Hutchy is at it again. When will The Age leave us alone. The storey in yesterdays Age says we are going to make a loss. Can the club take action against this.
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