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  1. Jordon was still on for the 2nd half, was quite heavily rotated through the bench though so may have had a niggle. At times in the 2nd and 3rd quarters it looked like Richmond had a heavy tag on Stretch which was interesting, I thought he worked into the game very well with his workrate getting him to many contests. Losing Munro was massive, he's been our best player all year. Josh Wagner attended several bounces in the centre square in the 3rd quarter which I can't remember seeing before. Lockhart by his standards was very quiet. We squandered two dubious free kicks inside 50 and a 50 metre penalty against Menadue, all 3 shots were sodas that we missed, particularly White's who is normally a good kick for goal. This killed all the momentum we had in that 3rd quarter and it was only a matter of time before their senior listed players overran us. Marty Hore's game was incredible, his intercept marking and reading of the play which is his best asset came to the fore, easily BOG and if he's not selected for the AFL need week I'd be amazed.
  2. How many cheap hits did he dish out to Jimmy Munro today? To top it off for Steven, Munro ended up with 29 touches, 8 tackles, double figure clearances and 9 inside 50s, BOG yet again from Jimmy Munro, he's really having another superb season
  3. KK played on one wing, JKH the other, they both had very slow starts barely sighted in the first quarter. JKH was the spark for the team in the 2nd quarter to get them going, he would've had double figure possessions in that quarter alone. After that he was only serviceable, same as KK was only just a game from him. Lewis was BOG by the mile of the straight, he worked tirelessly all day in and under packs and the outside with measured possessions. If he's not in for Wagner next week I'll be surprised. Speaking of Wagner his brother was also immense all day, our second best mid in terms of game impact even if the stats don't show it. Pruess was so dominant in the hitouts Coburg were just trying to read off his hands rather than their undersized under siege ruckman, around the grounds he was good but not great. It wasn't a day for big marks, conditions dictated that so he didn't dominate in the air as much. It was interesting that for the whole match we didn't have a single Melbourne listed player start in the back 6 after a goal, such are the injuries we've copped this year, so the defence never really filled you with confidence. Two Casey players both got felled behind the play today, one Coburg player at the very least #29 dropped Freeman in a cowardly act for which he was reported, plenty for the vfl tribunal to look at. Of the rest of the demons, Bedford, Spargo, Kielty and Chandler were very poor, Maynard was his usual industrious self in traffic and got better as the game went on, Dunkley was only ok and still haven't seen anything of note in Jordan. The biggest cheer of the day came from the 22 blokes sitting behind me in the grandstand who happened to play on the Mcg Saturday when bradtke attempted a huge pack mark, almost pulled it in, but instead grabbed the spillage and snapped it over his head for a goal, he's obviously a big favourite amongst the playing group. He's as raw as sushi, but the building blocks are there he looks a likely long term prospect. A bitterly cold day best forgotten, Casey did just enough against very poor opposition in trying conditions, they'll just be happy to take the 4 points and move on from this one.
  4. The middle of the ground is boggy and its quite slippery and heavy underfoot out there. Can't see Billy stretch out there so far. Lewis and Wagner dominating
  5. Gee, Bruce says Gee a lot, doesn't he? His fawning over a potential Swans win Thursday night was palpable. Add Ling's fawning over Isaac Heeney anytime he went near the ball and his overuse and inability to enunciate the word brilliant correctly . It was pretty obvious that Pruess had done something to his shoulder right on the quarter time siren, but do you think the numbskull boundary reporter Jude Bolton was going to give us any updates? Oh no, but as soon as a Swans player came off injured he was all over it giving us constant updates. With commentary teams like this on prime time games, almost makes me pine for the 440 Sunday games with Gerrard Healy, Tony Shaw, Danny Frawley and any other c-Listers willing to work that graveyard shift
  6. Showed tremendous improvement as the year elapsed at Casey last year, you could see he had ability and still more upside, wrapt for Jay
  7. Former Demon Ben Kennedy, part of the ill-fated Jeremy Howe trade has signed on for Willy after a year at local club Montmorency. Recently delisted Dion Johnstone has joined Port Melbourne. Angus Scott will be missed next year he was a very handy VFL player
  8. At least he didn't have Paddy McCartin in his top ten... I think we'll miss Hogan enormously this year, his workrate up and down the ground is second to none, he was averaging career best midfielder-like numbers for the most part of the year. He was I would still hazard a guess getting the best defender most weeks from the opening bounce. His ability to be that link up marking option is one that Weideman has yet to master, albeit in the nascent stages of his career, lets hope those finals games weren't a flash in the pan for Weids, I dont think they were but we are putting all our eggs in the basket of he being the foil key forward this year, I cant see Pruess kicking double digit goals. Tim Smith is a capable b-list backup and then its tumbleweeds for our KPF depth.
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    Rams 21 Patriots 30
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    Rams 21 Saints 38 Patriots 24 chiefs 27
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    Colts 21 Chiefs 38 Cowboys 14 Rams 17 Chargers 28 Patriots 17 Eagles 10 Saints 31
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    Dolphins, Eagles, Chargers
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    Vikings, Packers, Rams
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    Saints, Broncos, Rams.. Until its mathematically impossible for me to win this I'm dreaming of an '87-esque finals run
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