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  1. Has a football brain Its been on show at Casey for a while now
  2. Moving that fast would cause his Wig to fall off
  3. I’ve watched him quite a few times at Casey and have always felt he has something different to say Omac or Weideman in that he doesn’t drop his head if things aren’t going his way. Strong pack marks and excellent field kicking to the right position are his strengths at Casey
  4. Think the large lump of Cow Crap on his head that he uses to cover his bald patch is a distraction. He is worried it may fall off if he tackles
  5. Don’t care that Omac was written up as one of the best at Casey last week I watched most of the game and thought he was very ordinary,they must have counted his kick outs in the stats If I was Kielty I would be spewing, he has twice the talent of Omac
  6. I’ve never been an Omac knocker Always thought he needed time to improve But after watching first half of Casey’s game The only reason he’s been played ahead of Kielty is because he’s Toms brother Kielty has it all over him in every aspect as a player
  7. Think the Tigers will go in with a very simple game plan Kick it towards Lewis at every opportunity The rest will take care of it’s self
  8. Agree think it’s almost a lost art at AFL level Was a basic skill taught at junior level in my time 100yrs ago
  9. Basically he’s playing for his Superannuation And he’s been more of a negative than positive in his time at Melbourne That he’s doing his legacy damage by not retiring
  10. Said it on another topic but worth repeating Cane Cornes summed up Jordon Lewis perfectly on 9s Sunday Footy Show
  11. Cane Cornes summed up Lewis’s contribution perfectly on 9s Footy Show
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