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  1. Enjoyed watching Dec at Casey and chatting with your Dad Nearly ever time I approached the 1/4 or 3/4 huddle Dec was getting praised by the Coach Really believe he deserved a better opportunity in The Seniors But I’m sure he will get plenty of offers to play on at some level
  2. Thankfully someone says it as it is
  3. Your usual reply to any praise I give him Was it you or your sister he knocked back for a date
  4. He should get another year If had been given the same chances of some of the other less disciplined players Im sure he could have been a valuable contributor Casey sure will miss him if he leaves Will be a great pick up for any country or suburban club
  5. Had plenty of heroes to pick from as a Demon fan in the early 60s But it was easy to Include Polly in the list of players you wanted to be like As a battling bush Ruckman for 25 years the best compliment you could ever give me was ( you played a bit like Polly today)
  6. And their doing their best to kill off country footy as well
  7. He’s slightly off balance his wig is so large on the back of his head
  8. Agree and the Umpiring is great also Using common sense unknown in the AFL
  9. So you watch him at Casey regularly I guess
  10. Didn’t get one Because I didn’t continue my Membership Because I refuse to contribute to Lewis’s superannuation
  11. Agree he’s just as good a prospect as Weid and has a better football brain and is very disciplined
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