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  1. So you watch him at Casey regularly I guess
  2. Didn’t get one Because I didn’t continue my Membership Because I refuse to contribute to Lewis’s superannuation
  3. Agree he’s just as good a prospect as Weid and has a better football brain and is very disciplined
  4. Plenty on here want to get rid of Kielty But having watched him at Casey he is a much better prospect than Weiderman .He is always praised by the coach for his discipline and team first approach. His two senior games weren’t too bad and he’s had far less chances than Omac and others
  5. Watching Hodge play for them makes me think they got Denis Lillie and we got Jimmy Higgs
  6. RHi Both of those to if given the opportunity that O Mac has been given would eat him for Breakfast And I’m not anti Oscar but Kielty is a far more rounded footballer. And Mitch White got almost no opportunity to prove himself and is playing his best footy as a forward atm
  7. Hopefully he’s just going to get some sun Just heard on tv he and and a few others want to donate their brains to science to study concussions mmm not saying what I’d like to
  8. But surprisingly Hunt really is a footballer
  9. Think Kielty will make a better CHF than Weiderman Hes just not a footballer
  10. I played for the Rye Demons in the seventies The. coach then was Danny Jennings son of the President Danny played at Melbourne under Norm Smith Only about 7 games but a reserves Best and a Fairest So lots of Melbourne Supporters lived in Rye back then
  11. I’m a big fan of Kielty He is a natural footballer and team player Does what the coach asks Had they not decided to turn him into a forward and part time ruckman I believe he would have taken Oscars position this season and done a much better job
  12. V Yep Was going but much better at home Than the Casey wind farm
  13. Just hope Lewis can keep his wig on in the Casey wind
  14. Well Said TGR Have hated him being at our club from the start And he’s proved me right
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