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  1. With GWS chasing pick 3 and Geelong also wanting a pick in the top ten, maybe we could try something like this? Trade 3 and future second(hawks) to GWS for 6 and Caldwell (or another decent player) Then on trade 6 and 50 to Geelong for 14 and 17 and hope to get Weightman at 14. I also think we should give Sam murray a chance as he will cost us nothing. IN: Tomlinson, Langdon, Caldwell, Murray, Picks 14 (Weightman), 17, 26 Out: Frost, Pick 3, 22, 41, Future second
  2. I like the Idea, but I think they would want more. Next years 2nd rounder maybe?
  3. Not ideal, but kicking efficiency and pace seem to be a trade off in the AFL. Its rare to find a player that has both.
  4. This is from Knightmare's 2018 Phantom draft over on Bigfooty. 7. Jye Caldwell (VIC) Best position: Inside midfield Height, weight: 184cm, 78kg Recruited from: Bendigo Pioneers Projected draft range: 5-15 Similar to: Luke Shuey Rationale: Caldwell has had limited exposure with just three TAC Cup matches this year due to hamstring troubles. A powerful ball-winner with breakaway speed. Moves up power rankings on the back of review of match tape as a prospect who has been out of sight/out of mind for much of the season. October Ranking: 14 Strengths: Stoppage work Contested ball-winning First possession winner Distribution by hand Acceleration from the contest Competitiveness Tackling Dual sided kick Weaknesses: Consistency by foot Little exposed form due to injury
  5. Those four played 36 games for 35 goals.....Jenkins scores 22 goals from 11 games.
  6. Disagree, only Ryder wouldn't be in our best 22.
  7. Would be crazy to delist Spargo. He is only 19 and showed a bit in his first year.
  8. Brenno

    Rory Laird

    I feel Hibbo might be cooked to be honest. I hope he can bounce back to his best but he has been poor since his AA year. Laird would be a good replacement for him. Cant see crows moving him on though, hes a gun!
  9. Its astonishes me how many people still do not understand free agency.....
  10. I think I speak for all D'landers when I say #$%* Eddie!
  11. Care to explain why it wont happen?
  12. It's not like it is one or the other. Tomlinson costs us nothing and adds run that we desperately need.
  13. Well yeah, It might not be that straightforward. Just trying to explore the best way to maximise the impact that pick 2 can offer us. I don't think any of these hypotheticals are overly unrealistic though.
  14. What are peoples thoughts on this? Not sure how doable this is but it was a fun exercise. Leaves us with a pretty good draft position and addresses a few of our major deficiencies (outside mids and small forwards) Pick 2, future second and 56 traded to GWS for 11, 13 and Hatley (or caldwell) 38 for Amon 20 for Langdon Pick 13 and ANB to Crows for 21 and 26 Pick 26 and 74 to Lions for Lewis Taylor and pick 35 Pick 35 To richmond for Butler Jamie Elliot - FA Adam Tomlinson - FA Rookie List: KK, O Baker, J Smith IN: Elliot, Tomlinson, Langdon, Amon, Hatley, Taylor, Butler, Picks 11 21 Out: Pick 2, 20, 38 and future 2nd JKH, Lewis, Garlett, Stretch, Wagner x 2 , ANB, Keilty, Maynard
  15. The kid can play. Turns it over occasional but gets the ball a lot and gains meters. Matches up well with Sidebottom who is considered by many as an elite outside player.
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