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  1. They do post the raw stats, it is call the prospectus and it is released every year. Don't mistake the medias presentation of the stats as champion datas opinion. Of Course stats can be interpreted is many different ways which makes them somewhat debatable. However in this instance all the teams stats are counted and analysed in the exact same way, they then present there findings based on those stats.
  2. Its purely on sats, they base everything on raw numbers. So are you saying the stats are wrong? or that you just don't like the organisation?
  3. Trading for Gaff would be one of the all time trade blunders.
  4. I agree with you regarding Ronke, however Gresham has had a much better season the Trac,
  5. Not a very fair comparison IMO. When Kruezer is fit he is a gun. Been plagued by injury nearly his whole career.
  6. Not sure if Williams will come straight back in. only played 1 game in 12 months. I think they will build him up for finals . Greene the same I think. Kelly will most likely play.
  7. I noticed this too, I was fuming after that.
  8. They swap opponents a lot during the games but i think he main man was Bernie. Unfortunately he is looking fairly slow out there at the moment.
  9. That 50 was %100 there. both our players infringed blatantly, you would think they would know that rule by now.
  10. He is the type of player we need however he is arguably the softest player in the league. Wouldn't want to go all out for him IMO.
  11. This kid will be a gun, I agree on De Goey though bizarre choice.
  12. Brenno

    AFL Live App

    Oh thats annoying, I just stream it on my laptop and use the HDMI output to run it to the TV. Think it cost $139 for the year last year, Could be wrong though.
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