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  1. Genuine question, but do you know much about him or just generalising? Plenty of fringe players go on to have good careers. He fits a need, would come cheap, and at the very worst would improve our depth which has been exposed this year.
  2. Didn’t want to pump his trade value up too much. Good lad. In all seriousness, I’m not sure what it will take to get this deal done. Peter Bell just seems like a real curveball.
  3. It would take a lot for me to even contemplate it. Petracca is worth more to us than Geelong would ever offer. He will reportedly play more midfield minutes next year, which I think is a good move, as he has really good agility and power in tight. Had a good year forward this year in a rubbish team.
  4. There are a few older players who need to hit back next year, such as Hibberd and Jetta. I think Garlett will be gone, and I think Jones will get one more year, but won’t be best 22 imo.
  5. Good call. Hopefully we are into him. Wouldn't cost much and would be around the mark for a best 22 spot, especially if KK doesn't get going.
  6. I’m still doubtful he can turn it around, but at least it’s good to hear that he a) is actually getting fired up at the performances of late and b) showing some self reflection at the way he approached this year in terms of game plan and preseason. He needs to make some changes to the list, appoint a new captain, get everybody on the track and overhaul the game plan. It’s not going to be easy.
  7. Fox Footy dissecting it. We scored 4 points from stoppages, despite having Gawn against a part time ruckman, and against a midfield that had just recorded the worst 5 week period of clearances ever in the history of the game. It actually boggles the mind how we never have any answers.
  8. Said it once and I’ll say it again. I know we won’t due to the length of his contract, but we should move him on. The cost of keeping him is far greater than any potential payout.
  9. I honestly don’t even know where to start. Goodwin looking completely out of his depth. Plan A hadn’t worked this year and Plan B is non existent.
  10. I know the cue is in the rack for the year, but surely we should at least be seeing some freedom and ball movement. This is absolutely shocking.
  11. He’s one of the best contested marks in the game (6th in the comp this year). He only took a single mark on the weekend, and I have no idea if that was even contested. So there’s that for a start.
  12. Definitely this. Jones was another I saw start there for centre bounces, and they were clearly under instruction to not worry about Sidebottom and drop back after the bounce. I agree with Kings article, they were both incredibly dumb moves. Didn’t agree with the pot shot at Salem at the end though.
  13. Happy to give him a free hit this year coming back from an ACL. He was starting to really impact games just before his knee injury last year, so we need a whole season of that next year.
  14. 6 - Petracca 5 - May 4 - Fritsch 3 - Frost 2 - JKH 1 - I'm really struggling now, maybe Harmes
  15. 100% disagree. Maybe when it comes to other teams, I don’t listen that closely, but when he talks Melbourne he obviously watches very closely as a fan/former player and his thoughts are often very similar to how I’m feeling.
  16. I hear a fair bit of Garry around the place and he is one of the only media types who watches Melbourne close enough to have an accurate opinion. Almost everything he says about us, which is obviously mostly negative at the moment, I agree with.
  17. Glad they bought May back for this do or die clash. FMD.
  18. Dire performance. Fritsch being our most dangerous forward again only highlights Goodwin’s ridiculous decision to play him out of position all year. Any chance he could tell Jones to man Sidebottom up instead of trying stupid experimental tactics dropping back of the square into defence.
  19. Sidebottom has his own ball while Goodwin has Jones opposing him on the wing, 30 metres away to drop back and play some other rubbish role. Just tell him to man up FFS.
  20. On paper, you would think we would be ok in the wet, but we over possess it and continually bite off more than we can chew. We can’t move the ball in the perfect conditions, not sure how they expect to do it in the wet. The number of times our play breaks down because a handball is at someone’s feet, or a kick that is A few metres off and bounces rather than hit a teammates chest is incredibly frustrating to watch. It invites pressure and it just builds until we inevitably turn it over.
  21. The writing is on the wall that Jones won't captain next year. I think you can almost take it to the bank that Viney and Gawn will co-captain next year.
  22. Out - my Mitsubishi ASX In - the new Jag I'm going to win Other than that, not too fussed
  23. Pick 2 has to be off the table as we can’t pass on the opportunity of a pick at the pointy end of the draft. Don’t mind the idea of our 2020 1st rounder being on the table though.
  24. Fritsch playing back for so long has been one of Goodwin’s many big mistakes. Dumbfounding that he persisted with him down back for so long when he is a proven forward, and one of the only players we have with the class to finish off our good work up forward.
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