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  1. Good topic. Whenever I listen to the odd podcast, I think to myself how I get so much more out of it, compared to listening to same old footy media identities wheel out their groupthink rubbish. I am keen to hear some good recommendations.
  2. JKH started with a bang. Dominated a scratch match in preseason and then put together a handy first year. For whatever reason, he never went on with it and actually declined if anything. Stretch was always a good squad member, but had no attributes that really made it look he would ever lock down a role. Anyway, best of luck to the both of them.
  3. On the little we saw of him last season, his kicking was 100% the thing that surprised me the most. He is a beautiful left foot kick.
  4. A good trade and draft period. Now the dust has settled, I really like the addition of a younger Langdon for a second rounder, rather than selling the farm for Brad Hill. That would have likely meant no Jackson. Langdon + Jackson > Hill IMO. I'm not even including Bennell. While it's potentially exciting, anything we see from him will be a bonus.
  5. Demonland’s lofty expectations? Now I’ve heard it all. Are we meant to be happy with making finals once in the last 15 years and no flags in over 50 years?
  6. I agree those new highlights have given some fresh hope he could make an impact up forward
  7. Welcome Kozzie. For whatever reason, I’ve got a good feeling about him.
  8. Jesus Christ, I’m usually a bit of a pessimistic supporter, but some of you lot are next level.
  9. More feedback from another Essendon supporter is promising. Says his main strength is his kicking and he is capable forward or back. He couldn't believe they let him go. Our key position depth is non-existent. I was originally hoping we would go after Josh Walker, but I've more than come around to Mitch Brown.
  10. We need another mature tall on the list. We’ve been linked with Mitch Brown, while Josh Walker and Henderson also available. Personally I’d try to sign Walker.
  11. The game has changed a hell of a lot since those days, where violence and big hits were accepted and celebrated parts of the game. Add to that with the increased knowledge around concussions, although there is still a way to go, and Joel is playing in a very different environment to that of his father.
  12. My favourite player as a youngster. I’d be all for another Yze running around.
  13. He says he is staggered by moves “this year”, then talks about Lever and May. The only decision he mentions from this year is Harmes. 5 years did seem a bit long, but he is probably the most reliable player on our list, so it’s hardly “staggering”. If he’s on 800k or something like that, then maybe, but obviously that wouldn’t be the case.
  14. He had a fair few games where he played really well, but kicked 2-4, instead of 4-2. He seemed to miss a lot of gettable set shots. It would have turned a decent season into a very good one.
  15. I agree we could do with one key position player as insurance. Buzza, Walker and now Brown are available. I would definitely rookie Josh Walker if he is available.
  16. It’s a good move. My expectations are reasonably low given his injury history, but he is more a chance of helping us than a dump pick at the end of the draft.
  17. We have played well 2 of the last 3 games there. Pretty much a free swing. Bring it on.
  18. If he plays again, it should be for the Saints. Hopefully they can find him a role off field and he can start getting better. Poor bastard.
  19. Heard a rumour before trade week that we were one of a few clubs "interested", but haven't heard anything since
  20. Carlton keep picking up recycled outside types, when they are screaming out for some inside help for Cripps. Pretty much the opposite of us.
  21. Hard to forget seeing him limp on for the last quarter of a JLT game with a clearly bung leg, only to miss the whole year. The club can say it was unrelated but regardless, it was gross mismanagement in a preseason game. More than anyone, Smith deserves a proper crack at it for 12 months. He could be a real x-factor in a side lacking pace.
  22. A little too clever by half perhaps, but not a bad line of thinking if we could pull it off tbh.
  23. If we are upgrading a rookie, I'm hoping it is Lockhart. Looks far more likely than the others imo.
  24. But in that case, any player out of contract is effectively a free agent. Why trade when you can just wait, let their contract expire and then sign them as a DFA.
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