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  1. Even in 2018, I said our game plan was unsustainable as it relied on having to absolutely batter teams around the ball week in week out, and apply crazy pressure, to generate a score. I thought last night was a step in the right direction, and while we still dominated the usual stats (clearances, inside 50s), I thought it was a more measured and sustainable performance across 4 quarters. Still plenty of improvement to go, but at least an improvement.
  2. All in all, the “connection” and the composure was much better. Assuming TMac is out for a couple of weeks, which hurts, really liked the way he was working up the ground early with Weid deeper. It looked like a much better setup. Positives: Gawn - he was massive, and I actually feel he hasn’t quite been as influential as usual this season...until last night Viney and Oliver - both had great nights imo, and I think Oliver’s game has been underrated on here. There were a couple of rushed disposals, but thought mostly he composed himself and took his time Weid - provided a target and did plenty of good things, still room for improvement Hannan - thought his work inside 50 was first class Langdon - playing his role very well Rankine - wowsers, I’ve rarely had an opposition player strike fear into me like that every time it went forward, let alone a first gamer Negatives: Melksham - having a bludger of a year Brayshaw - just doesn’t seem to have a role that suits unfortunately TMac - as touched on at the top
  3. There was zero movement all night from kick ins, and to me, it looked like the tactic to just bomb it to Gawn. Luckily for us, Gawn was having a field day and it came off more often than not, but not a strat I’d be relying on too often.
  4. That’s why he is the odd one out in my view. He is 4th or 5th inline as an inside mid, and hasn’t been versatile enough to adapt to other positions, similar to Jonesy imo. Either we try flip him for an outside mid or a forward, or he needs to adapt and play that half forward role he played pretty well during his first season.
  5. I like Gus, but sadly, he is the odd one out and if we can flip him to fill a need in another area of the ground, we should look long and hard at it.
  6. Can only laugh at some of the early comments in this thread. Provided he was even remotely fit, which is still a big if to be fair, he’d be our best forward by a mile.
  7. Omac is a spud, but he needs to come in for team balance to free Lever up. Jetta for Lockhart is an obvious one, although I still think Lockhart is a player. Not sure on Jones. There isn't really a place in the middle, and while there are a couple of half forwards who should come out of the side, we need to bring in a tall or 2 for team balance, and we also need the class of Bennell in place of VDB. Anyway, we are a bees [censored] away from planning for 2021, so it's all becoming a bit irrelevant.
  8. I am mostly happy to write this farcical year off, and get some games into some young guys to prepare for 2021, but then I remember we traded away our first rounder this year. That trade is going to look absolutely embarrassing by the end of the year the way things are going.
  9. Goodwin spoke of starting to get continuity with the side through the week, but there are plenty who are straight away on the block, and some other bigger names who are not giving us anything, so there just has to be changes. Jetta in for Lockhart - I like Lockhart, but has struggled the last 2 weeks, and Jetta is ready to come in Jackson in for Melksham - Jake has frustrated me no end the last 2 weeks, so has to go, and we need another tall Bennell in for VDB - if we have an injury plagued player being managed through games, we desperately need Bennell's class over VDB ANB in for Hunt - bit of a deck chairs change, but Hunt has given nothing the last 2 weeks OMac in for Smith - can't believe I'm saying this, but maybe this frees up Lever to play the role we need him to
  10. I lost faith long before today, but with his contract and the general current situation, he will at least see out the year. He has 13 games to show some BIG improvement, or we have to look elsewhere. We can’t afford not to.
  11. And the OP saying he is lazy is actually offensive to someone who is cracking in more than just about anyone out there. He has some things he needs to, and can, improve on, but he’s not lazy, that’s a [censored] call.
  12. I’m not off him like some in this thread, but he has to take more time and responsibility with his possessions. He is unbelievable at getting the ball in tight, but too often he just dishes it off without thought or throws it in the boot. Wish he would slow down a second. He might get tackled every now and then, leading to a ball up or even the odd free kick, but more often than not, the game would open for him more than he thinks and he can be more dangerous.
  13. No idea how to create scoring opportunities. Everything is so bloody hard for us. The hallmark of the Goodwin era.
  14. That’s uninspiring. From that lot, I would like to see Jackson in for one the small/mid sized forwards and the rest can stay unchanged.
  15. Ouch. He's been ok this year, but certainly a level below his best. His role really interests me at the moment. In 2018 in the absence of Lever, he was constantly dropping back deep and taking lots of intercept marks. These days, it seems to be like he is playing more traditionally between the 50 meter arcs. As outlined in a few posts up, given our dysfunctional forward line, I would like to see him get forward a bit more.
  16. Jobe Watson made a good point about using Gawn as more of an offensive weapon. Obviously being a marking target is one thing, but it was more about him rucking inside 50, as opposed to TMac, and using his ruck work to try and get on the scoreboard. As Jobe kept banging on about, Gawn rucking to Petracca and Kossie inside 50 could be a real weapon.
  17. It's a fascinating challenge as the problem with our style of play is staring the whole football world in the face, but whether Goodwin has the solution is the big question. The good news is if he can figure it out, we can jump up pretty quickly. But if I'm being honest with myself, I think it's looking unlikely.
  18. They have some serious young talent (again), complimented by some harder bodies, and then aided by a shipwreck of a season where they’ve been able to play at home in front of small crowds against teams who are being massively put out like the Perth teams.
  19. Salem was one of our best against Carlton, and featured in the coach's votes from memory. Melksham is frustrating at the minute. End of the 1st quarter summed it up with an amazing lace out kick to Fritsch (who dropped a sitter), and then gives away a cheap 50m penalty and late goal.
  20. He's been close to impacting games this year, but has been a little uncharacteristic missing simple marks and set shots, both of which are usually his strengths. Given it's only a small sample size, I'm not too concerned about him yet and reckon he will tear a game apart soon. In saying that, I agree he needs another big body up there so he is the 3rd option.
  21. Lockhart had 2 mistakes, but he was one of our best against West Coast, and was clearly struggling after starting well and copping an early knock. I personally think he deserves a good crack at nailing that spot down.
  22. I would love to hear Jackson clunked a couple of marks up forward.
  23. The performance in isolation isn’t the end of the world. It’s the fact that it was another game we should have won on the balance of play, yet we again showed no consistent way to goal. Tbh, I’m not even fussed about this season, but we need to show improvement going forward before the end of the year, otherwise we should make a move imo.
  24. My priority is a semi functional attack for 2021, so either, or both, of Weideman and Jackson in for me. VDB isn’t quite right, so only one of he and Bennell can play.
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