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  1. No dramas, an ad here or there won't hurt anyone.
  2. Rubbish performance, but just wanted to stress how good Viney was. A preseason article even went as far to suggest he would “be a liability”, absolute lol at the clown who wrote that article.
  3. The result in isolation is ok, but the performance was ****house. Anyway, it matters little at the moment.
  4. 2 more months to work on our shortcomings, because we obviously haven’t addressed them in the previous 6 months.
  5. Feel sorry for Viney. Busting his [censored] and then they just let West Coast waltz down the other end under no pressure.
  6. Didn’t think I’d care given the current situation, but geez that was frustrating. Mainly because it’s the exact same way we came undone last year.
  7. In a browser on my phone (as opposed to the app on Apple TV etc) > open the nav > my account > redeem voucher > entered the code that was sent to me > $$$
  8. I’m already a customer, and was able to apply the voucher to my existing account. Just in case others are in the same boat are wondering.
  9. Oldest professional sports club, that’s what I’ve been rolling with
  10. I think Gil has done well. I think it's understandable that most industries try to continue, based on the government's current rules and recommendations. If that changes and the AFL has to stop next week, so be it, but that isn't the case yet.
  11. I'm inclined to wait and see how all this is panning out in 2 or 3 months time. If I'm still in an ok position and haven't been given the flick, I will make donations where it's needed, which may well include the MFC. But if others want to get involved now, absolutely, go for it.
  12. Each year, this team looks like it should be a real contender but then let’s golden opportunities slip. Never should have lost the St Kilda game, and should have iced this one as well.
  13. He is a good kick when he lowers his eyes, but is prone to just bombing it inside 50 too often to be considered the equal of Melksham or Fritsch. I’m a big wrap for Salem and he pretty much never misses a target, but he usually kicks short and safe. I would love to see him take it on a bit more. May is another who is a beautiful kick, although he turned it over a couple of time against Hawthorn.
  14. Legend has it you will still hear a low hum of boos from the Perth suburbs for 3 hours next Sunday arvo
  15. It’s going to be bizarre to watch. Even as a fan, I wonder if I will still get as invested as I normally do without the roar of the crowd when something happens. We will find out I guess.
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