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  1. Bummer, but anything we get out of Bennell will only be a bonus. I can only assume that a small setback or 2 were to be expected, so it will be interesting to see how the club responds. I’m assuming he can’t just keep training with us indefinitely without a spot on the list?
  2. Heritier Lumumba - the prince who was promised. Quite the character. No idea what he is up to post footy.
  3. When TMac kicked that goal, I ran the length of the house, jumped and fist pumped like an idiot, and when I went to run back, I slipped and put my heel through the plasterboard in my hallway. It always brings a smile to my face whenever I see my slightly off colour patch up job.
  4. Tbf, one poster made that claim, most likely without looking at the above list. But regardless, Fritsch as a full time forward is a real weapon.
  5. I’m bullish to be honest, here’s why... Players who had down years (mostly due to playing through injury): Brayshaw, Viney, Hibberd, Jetta and TMac Players who missed most of the year: May, Lever, Melksham, VDB Players added: Langdon, Tomlinson (not expecting much, especially with his preseason) Most of those guys get back to their best and we are an infinitely better team. Add to that 2 crucial positional changes: Fritsch permanent forward (don’t get me started) and Petracca to the midfield (always thought he was better contested/in close player than he gets credit for)
  6. Good topic. Whenever I listen to the odd podcast, I think to myself how I get so much more out of it, compared to listening to same old footy media identities wheel out their groupthink rubbish. I am keen to hear some good recommendations.
  7. JKH started with a bang. Dominated a scratch match in preseason and then put together a handy first year. For whatever reason, he never went on with it and actually declined if anything. Stretch was always a good squad member, but had no attributes that really made it look he would ever lock down a role. Anyway, best of luck to the both of them.
  8. On the little we saw of him last season, his kicking was 100% the thing that surprised me the most. He is a beautiful left foot kick.
  9. A good trade and draft period. Now the dust has settled, I really like the addition of a younger Langdon for a second rounder, rather than selling the farm for Brad Hill. That would have likely meant no Jackson. Langdon + Jackson > Hill IMO. I'm not even including Bennell. While it's potentially exciting, anything we see from him will be a bonus.
  10. Demonland’s lofty expectations? Now I’ve heard it all. Are we meant to be happy with making finals once in the last 15 years and no flags in over 50 years?
  11. I agree those new highlights have given some fresh hope he could make an impact up forward
  12. Welcome Kozzie. For whatever reason, I’ve got a good feeling about him.
  13. Jesus Christ, I’m usually a bit of a pessimistic supporter, but some of you lot are next level.
  14. More feedback from another Essendon supporter is promising. Says his main strength is his kicking and he is capable forward or back. He couldn't believe they let him go. Our key position depth is non-existent. I was originally hoping we would go after Josh Walker, but I've more than come around to Mitch Brown.
  15. We need another mature tall on the list. We’ve been linked with Mitch Brown, while Josh Walker and Henderson also available. Personally I’d try to sign Walker.
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