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  1. Hannan came back after one average game in the VFL and hasn’t even looked close to it. At his best, he has something to offer, but I would much rather play Baker, or even give JKH one last 4/5 week spell in the team to make a case. ANB is just too much of a momentum killer. Every move that goes through him dies a slow death. Not sure why Jetta was rushed back? Lewis was decent today but we need to move past him. I’d rather see Jordan or another youngster get a game. Perfect opportunity. Petty showed a bit, which was equals parts encouraging and frustrating given how little Weideman has shown this year. Other than that, all good.
  2. 6 - Oliver 5 - Jones (underrated game imo) 3 - TMac 3 - Petracca 2 - Preuss 1 - Fritsch
  3. Really weird game, because I thought we played pretty well in the first 3 quarters. Anyway, I’ve said in the past that we find a way to lose when we shouldn’t, while at the same time good teams are finding ways to win when they shouldn’t. So at least we got the 4 points.
  4. These debut announcements are getting more elaborate.
  5. I was thinking this the other day. Up until now, parking the game plan and skill level, I don’t think you could fault the effort. Now that this season is 100% gone, I will be interested to see if there are more drop-offs like there was in the second half against Brisbane.
  6. If Brayshaw dumps one more blind handball over his shoulder this year, I might just spew. For the love of god, show some care with the footy.
  7. He’ll get another year, but not as captain. And I don’t know about most skilled, but I think he’s actually a really good kick these days. My criticism is more decision making i.e. long bombs inside 50 rather than lowering the eyes.
  8. I would be checking the validity of his birth certificate before picking him…he looks about 30.
  9. He has literally just turned 19, so he was a pick for the future. He doesn’t need to play this year to justify the selection, however I suspect he will get a couple of games.
  10. I’d just like to put my flag in the ground and say I’ve claimed him! Love his composure in traffic, especially around goal. Stands out like dogs balls when other, more fancied, teammates are so quick to dump it by hand or foot when under pressure.
  11. He was ok before the injury/bye, but he was poor today. So many chains of possession broke down due to an ANB missed handball or similar. He is depth, and given the year he has had, surely a 1 year extension would be fair.
  12. Michael Walters has rocketed straight to the top of my most disliked players also. That was painful to watch at times today on at least 3 or 4 occasions. Pity too, because he can obviously play.
  13. Said it a couple of weeks ago, but Jay Lockhart is a goer. Baker and Hore also offer something. The 3 of those guys will play every game for the rest of the year, injury permitting. And worth mentioning Petty as well, I think he has been quite solid when called on this year.
  14. Agree on Stephen Hill. Injury concerns but is an unrestricted free agent who wouldn’t cost us a draft pick and fills a massive need for us. I don’t think his salary would be massive either given his recent history.
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