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  1. It’s improbable. As mentioned above, win 2 more games before the bye, get some players back from injury and maybe we can go on a run, but it is very unlikely.
  2. Let's just call that his debut and forget the debacle last year at the G. That was much more like what I was hoping to see from him.
  3. You want Brayshaw to play inside and Maynard to come in who is purely an inside mid. They can't all play there. And we have finally struck a bit of a better balance between inside v outside.
  4. Agree on the goal kicking, but I thought that was the best we have moved the ball all year. Our handball chains were coming off, even under the pressure of a very good team on their home deck. Compare that to the Richmond game, where the endeavour was there, but we couldn't string 2 handballs together without spilling it.
  5. Petracca should be waking up to a 4 or 5 goal performance in a huge interstate win, but not to be, again. I actually think he is having an ok year, but he is so close to having a very good year.
  6. Best performance of the year, but ultimately we threw 4 points in the bin. In terms of the season, it is now officially make or break, need to win 2 of the next 3 against GWS, Adelaide and Collingwood, and then go on a run after the bye against Brisbane, Freo, Carlton and Footscray. Otherwise, start putting some players in cotton wool and prepare for 2020.
  7. I thought he showed some good signs last night in what was a hostile environment to make your debut. Give him at least a 3 or 4 week crack at it.
  8. Heart breaking loss, because we did so well against all odds. Many in the media said it was season the line tonight, but that was never the case, but we need to win at least 2 of our next 3 against GWS, Adelaide and Collingwood. I know full well finals are a long shot, but that was a good effort given the injury list and the lack of from.
  9. Those who were at the game would have seen this, but I’ve never seen somebody look so lame when he hobbled back on.
  10. 6 - Oliver 5 - Frost (underrated game imo) 4 - Salem 3 - Hunt 2 - Jones 1 - Gawn
  11. It would genuinely be interesting if they recorded this stat somehow, because we have been atrocious in this area. With the speed of the game and lack of space, being a one touch player is as important a trait as any.
  12. Agree with others that ANB is stiff after well and truly playing his role last week. I have never been massive ANB and Stretch fans, but the balance has been a lot better since they came back in imo.
  13. I’ve noticed “ground balls” has been the new buzz word all year. They have crapped on about it nearly every game I’ve watched.
  14. Lockhart has been a professional footballer for no more than a month or two. In each of his previous games, he was fading out quickly after a lively start, but he put together 4 quarters on the weekend and was vital. I think he will continue to improve. Hore's disposal on the weekend was concerning, but love his intercept marking, which is as important a trait as you can get in today's game.
  15. No changes. Kielty, Wagner and OMac probably the bottom 3, but all deserve more than a week after only just coming into the team. Of those who are a chance, I would prefer they play again at Casey for another week e.g. Weid, Preuss
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