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  1. G'day all! With the 2020 season upon us and the 2010's now in the rear view mirror, the time seems appropriate for a video or two reflecting on some of the Melbourne Football Club highlights from the decade that was! First on my agenda is a top 10 countdown showcasing our best wins of the 2010's! Although I have a rough list of what I consider to be the best victories of the decade, I thought it might be intriguing to gauge what some other fans consider to be the best wins from the last ten seasons, and make a new list based off suggestions from the supporter base! Well...what are you waiting for? List some games/top ten's below and I'll review them over the next few days! EDIT: I've just added a poll with some contenders I had floating around my personal list. Feel free to vote for as many or as few games as you desire. Obviously, you're also more than welcome to mention some games below that I haven't listed in the poll.
  2. G'day all! Tune in to the link below at 7:00pm tonight for the premiere of the next instalment of 'The Three Votes'! In this edition, Russell Robertson claims best on ground honours against Collingwood during 2007's Queen's Birthday clash with an equal career high 7 goals!
  3. A quick video I've clipped together of our former skipper bagging ten against Footscray back in 1994. Correct me if I'm wrong, but is this the most recent instance of a Demon kicking ten in a match? I think the closest since is the Wizard's nine goal second half performance against Collingwood back in 2000.
  4. Cheers for anyone who tuned in to the live premiere! Yze's destructive performance against the Eagles can now be viewed as per normal on YouTube through the link above! Thanks for the feedback on the series thus far! Also, always happy to accept suggestions for future instalments! I've already noted some listed above in previous posts. Wishing all Demonlanders a truly red and blue Christmas! TMD
  5. G'day all! The next instalment of 'The Three Votes' featuring Adem Yze's 29 touch/5 goal performance against the Eagles in round 22, 2000, will be premiering on YouTube tonight at 7:00pm! You can tune in live tonight through the link below.
  6. Thanks to anyone who tuned in! The video can how be viewed as per normal on YouTube or through the link a few posts above. Another thanks to the positive feedback from those who commented above! Jakovich & Demon Jack: Happy to add to the growing amount of Demon content circulating the web! You can never have too much! Little Goffy - Thanks mate! Always happy to take requests! Jonesy is already in the pipeline for the near future. It may or may not be the game you specified. That match against St Kilda back in '91 was an absolute cracker! So as an added treat, Allen Jakovich's eight goal haul from the same game will be available for viewing on YouTube tomorrow. I'll post the link when it's up!
  7. New video going live in five minutes! Tune in below!
  8. G'day all! Been a while since I've been around the Demonland traps but I've started a new series that I thought would interest a few posters. Apologies for the shameless plug, but for those who don't know, I've been editing and posting Demon highlights to YouTube going on 5 to 6 years. After a fairly dull 2019, I thought I'd rev up production on a new series to fill the red and blue void over what's sure to be a long summer. This series is called 'The Three Votes' and showcases some of the many best on ground performances we've seen by those donning the Demon gurnsey! First cab off the rank was Max Gawn's BOG and breakout performance in our iconic win against the Cats back in 2015! I'm proud to announce that the next instalment will be premiering on YouTube at 7:00pm tonight and will be highlighting the much loved Jimmy Stynes and his round 18 performance against St Kilda that would see him awarded three votes on his way to winning the 1991 Brownlow Medal! You can watch the highlights package at 7:00pm tonight through the link attached below. Rest assured, there'll be much more to come over the summer! Go Demons!
  9. Hi all! Been a while since I've posted here, but for those who don't know, I post Demon highlight compilations to YouTube. To commemorate our first finals appearance in 12 years, I've put together a short video celebrating the year so far. Go Dees!
  10. G'day all! I posted a video featuring Jeff Farmer's nine goal second half against the Pies a few days ago and thought I'd follow it up with another video I've been working on for some time. To celebrate the Doug Nicholls Indigenous Round, I've put together a highlight reel featuring one of Melbourne's most exciting players from the last decade, The Warlpiri Wizard himself: Liam Jurrah! On a side note, congratulations to Nathan Jones on his 250th today! Go Dees!
  11. Hi all! In celebration of the upcoming Doug Nicholls Indigenous Round, I've put together a clip highlighting one of the greatest Demon performances of all time: Jeff Farmer's nine second half goals against the Pies! Was anyone at the MCG that day?
  12. Hi all! For those who don't know, I edit together Demon highlight compilations. In this week's highlight reel, we're featuring Bomber turned Demon, Jake Melksham! A move to the forward line midway through the season proved to be beneficial for Melksham who kicked 21 goals in the last 12 games of the season! Just for an additional plug, be sure to LIKE The Mighty Demons Facebook page for more Demon related videos!: https://www.facebook.com/TheMightyDemons/ Coming Next Week: Something very, very exciting! A highlight reel featuring one of Melbourne's most thrilling players.
  13. G'day all! For those who don't know, I edit and upload Demon highlight compilations! On the agenda this week, we have Christian Petracca kicking all of his 26 majors from the 2017 season! Also, (apologies for the shameless plug) be sure to LIKE The Mighty Demons Facebook page for more Demon videos! https://www.facebook.com/TheMightyDemons/
  14. G'day all! It's your resident Demon highlight guy here with a little something to whet the appetite in the lead up to 2018! So without any further ado, here's Tommy Mac kicking his 23 majors from 2017. Fingers crossed he's good to go for round 1! Plenty more to come during the season! Also happy to accept requests if there's a highlight reel you'd like to see!
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