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  1. Melbour Melbourne supporters are more biased than collingwood yelling "ball" for every opportunity. Bit sad you all have such double standards. We blew our picks, simple. We don't know what talent GC have, but they sure play as badly as what we did. The best teams like hawthorn, Geelong, Sydney don't waste their pucks, they finish top 4 religiously and still get high end talent. Time for us to stop caring where we finish from a draft pick perspective. It's quite sad really
  2. 2020 well be lucky to get off bottom 4. I'm not giving up a top 10 pick (or even top 20) for Langdon
  3. You've just described a club identical to Melbourne in it's day. I support a PP going to GC
  4. Anyone who blames or criticises the AFL are a disgrace! The club should not be in this position of even being eligible for a top 8 pick. Expectations were to play finals, nothing more, nothing less. So dees supporters who think we are entitled to pick 2 should hang their heads in shame. The club does not give a continental whether it is successful or not (just another example here https://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/2019-08-24/we-take-full-responsibility-jones) so why should we care as supporters. Besides, we will of course waste pick 2 or 3 or whatever we get because we are Melbourne!
  5. History says we never negotiate well, at least for 10 years. How is that being a troll?
  6. Make them climb Kakoda instead...and then again in January in the middle of summer
  7. Perhaps a late 3rd or 4th rounder but nothing more...but Melbourne will offer pick 3 of course
  8. A year like this in 2020, Gawn will request a trade. You'd be stupid not to. I hate this club so much
  9. The club has not recruited or traded like a professional organisation for over 10 years. I have no faith in it's ability to do so now
  10. We will ruin his career like most players that play for melbourne
  11. All good Mahoney will ask for 3rd rounder or straight swap for Langdon. An utterly useless negotiator
  12. Langdon has some of the worst kicking efficiency in the game so of course Melbourne want him
  13. Why wont the club make the right call and tell Jones his times up? He has NOTHING to offer and is selfish as f***
  14. Whatever we do, we'll f*** up the trade and get peanuts back. Only have to look at Hogan and Lever deals to know the MFC have no understanding over negotiations. Well do Langdon and offer a pick + Brayshaw or something ridiculous. Hell let's offer Viney and Gus for Langdon now and well throw in our 2nd rounder. F*** off Mahoney
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