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  1. "We're" all aware "you're" a tool lol
  2. Your all so sad...you seriously want to blame the umpires for Melbourne loss. Think the likes of hawthorn, Geelong, Sydney would blame the umpires for a loss. Accept were garbage and deserve a bottom 4 finish.
  3. Typical Melbourne supporters. Act like we're a great chance after the hawthorn game, some of you should be so embarrassed by being 'excited' about the win Then you praise Frost and suggest he is loyal and many suggest he is ahead of May The year is over, accept it, move on and stop blaming the umpires when we are [censored] and inaccurate
  4. Time to trade Jones, Tyson and Hogan. Vince and Lewis to retire F*** this club!
  5. Bit rich telling Geelong FC how to stand...how many finals have they played since us?
  6. I suggested this weeks ago and was shutdown. So I suggest we shutdown that thought as its just rediculious. 2 first round picks, na lets keep Hogan...i mean wtf!
  7. I'd love to see McCartney spend the summer taking a special focus on Petracca, as I think he can move into a A grade midfielder. I also believe Melbourne will be far better off without Hogan (for what we can receive for him as a pick). If we could trade Hogan + Kent to Fremantle, we would be asking for 2x first round (or a Bradley Hill / Andrew Brayshaw / Lachie Neale + 1x first round) + 2nd rounder for Kent - hate to see him leave but this is a good outcome as we have so many forwards). And someone asked me whether I would trade Hunt (he's my favourite player) however how does he break the side (possibly when Lewis retires - you would assume end of 2019). If we could draft Gaff, that would be ideal. Whats the story with Tom Liberatore? I know there are rumours hes not too professional but he has very high potential. A big risk but the reward could be worth it (if we cant get Gaff or some high profile players)... And could we land May from GC for a high end draft pick, swapped for Hogan. And land Preuss for a 2nd rounder? We currently have: 29, 31, 36, 57 (I assume this is about right) aprox picks Get: Gaff, pick 29, p 36, p 57, 1x first rounder, 1x 2nd rounder (Kent) so taking 1-18 pick + p,29 + p.36 to get 3 quality midfielders (say 2x inside and 1x outside) Lose: 1st rounder (May), p. 31 (Preuss), Hogan (receive 2x first rounder) , Kent (receive 2nd rounder) With a 6-6-6 format, I'd like to see: Jetta O. McDonald Lever Lewis Frost Hibberd Petracca Viney Harmes Hannan T.Mdonald Melcham Weideman Preuss Fritsch Gawn Oliver Brayshaw Neil Bullen, Salam, Jones, vandenBerg Spargo, Stretch, Hunt
  8. Instead of Gaff, I'd consider McGovern or Liberatore over Gaff. We need another defender so McGovern could be FB with Lever off HB. Or Liba, Oliver, Brayshaw, Viney,....WOW!
  9. I was initially disappointed but subsequently I feel OK about the loss. Were now in games up until the end, have tons of talent, second highest %, defend and attach well which I couldn't say even 3 years ago. We're young enough to see this team mature well together and our spine of the team is excellent (perhaps except O.McDonald). I watched a team last night who I could tell they were reading their way through the defence and we were a much better team than what I believe is being credit for. I'm OK with waiting another year or two for this team to have a serious crack at the flag, and most players will still be well under retirement age. I do think we must delist JKH however and think about possibly trading Garlett and Tyson for a 4th and 3rd rounder Anyway as Big Kev says "I'm Excited!".
  10. Ok, I know I'm going to cop abuse here. But for what it's worth please hear me out. Hogan to be looks to have decided in my view that he is leaving. And I dont agree with the overwhelming consensus that he is vital and integral to the team. Yes, I wouldnt be trading him if he chose Melbourne but clearly he was affected this year by homesickness/injury or bad form. I would suggest to the MFC to now be on the attack and bluff Hogan by addressing the AFL media to announce ALL AFL clubs will be considered in trading Hogan. Being proactive and both advising we want to trade him and all clubs will be coincided. Even if we finally agree with Fremantle, we will be in a better bargaining power than if we had two clubs competing. A first round pick (3?) and Fife (or happy alternatively very happy with another 1st pick - their next years - likely to be 1-2 which we use this year) . If we had 2 first round picks (3 &1-2) we could on trade these for Brust (Hawks, 2nd round pick), Balantine (our pick 3 for their pick 1 & 2nd round) and then use these for recruiting or drafting (Hibbert with our second round) Arguably we could find a good CHF to replace hogan with perhaps a little more experience? But Buddy and Dangerfield have shown the individual is less important to the team. And Ablett hasn't exactly been god at GC. OK tell me in mad! Or we trade our first pick for Hogan (3 + keep in mind fife or there is another 1st round) for Brust & hawks first pick (16) - they need another low pick to satisfy GC for Jager Omera (give GC pick 3 and GC would sacrifice something else). We need to use the Hawks situation to our advantage and would be in the best oportunity to do so as were giving up the most in Hogan. 16 + 23/Fife + pick 37 (Hibbert) + 55 + 73 + Brust (2017 round): Pick 12-14, pick 40 + pick 60 + pick 80 Or how does this prospect sound, trade Hogan (rec pick 3) which we trade for Rance (Richmond also want draft picks) and probobly a swap of picks Fife or another 1st rounder for Brust for pick 16 pick 16 - Delidio & a late swapping of picks in our favor Pick 37 + melbourne 2nd round for Balantine Add: Deledio, Fife, Brust, Balentine, Rance I beilieve melbounrne need to speed up the deveopment of the team with some experience and what are we really risking, a potentual star and 2 years of 1st and 2nd round picks for Rance, Deledio, Fife, Balentine, Brust?
  11. Um we lost you delusional wa*****. Easy to tell me to support another club when you have all criticised this club and jumped off the wagon before. F**** this club and f**** anyone who wants to tell me to [censored] off!
  12. Your a stronger man than I, I guess I envy those clubs who perhaps have not reached the ultimate success but are able to go to games knowing they have some chance.
  13. Perhaps there isn't anyone. This club is f******
  14. First time, long time. I'll keep this short as I can't stand reading long winded discussions. As a member since 2002, I can't help but believe the MFC is in fact going backwards compared to almost every other team (perhaps Carlton, Richmond and Essendon to the exception). While we have some potentially good players, and a couple of greats, every other teams list far exceeds ours. Look at doggies, Saints, Collingwood, port, Adelaide, kangas, wce, Brisbane, Geelong, hawthorn, Sydney, gws, Gold Coast - there list far exceeds ours. While I have absolutely no appreciation for roos(in my view he has been a cancer for this club) given the game plans, his erratic comments based around anything but teamwork and aggressive play- I simply can't see any future for this club in the next 10+ years. I wIll cop significant flack for this (yep let the abuse come, I can handle it) I can no longer support this club. I'm completely broken and have given this club till the completion of 2017 to make finals or I will leave this club forever, not supporting any team but enjoying the rivilary between the best teams in the comp. I suspect I am not alone...
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