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  1. These are the things that irritate me listening to footballers being interviewed: Obviously: ‘Jarrod is obviously disappointed’ or ‘Mum and Dad are obviously rapt’ or ‘obviously very painful’ No it is not obvious at all, we can’t see these things! A little bit: a qualifier so that any opinion is not seen as too strong or controversial – ‘we are a little bit upset that Toby will miss the prelim’ or ‘Jack was a little bit disappointed at being delisted’ For myself: ‘a great honour for myself’ or ‘it is not about myself’. No no no it is ‘me’
  2. Why can't we ever hear the questions on coach pressers? It is really annoying Microphones are not that expensive ffs
  3. Big statement! We took a punt on Liam Jurruh, who was very much not the stereotype you created.
  4. I agree. It annoys me that Jeff has been very unfairly criticised. I am amazed the number of times the midfield kicks to Garlett when he has 2, 3 or sometimes the whole opposition backline on him. If he is unable to beat the key backs he gets labelled as ‘soft’. Why does he get in this situation? – because he is the only one who seems to knows how to lead properly. It clearly is not his role to be the marking option, but he has to do it when he is alone in the 50. Where are the other forwards? Leading to the wrong places or too far up the ground
  5. So he reeled me in? Anyway he was a lovely guy, and I really enjoyed meeting him.
  6. At my Auntie’s 80th birthday party I got chatting to an old bloke who was a friend of hers. The conversation turned to footy and after a while I found out he used to play for the Dees. Alan Krause, #13. I asked him how long for etc and he told me only a couple of years then he was cleared to Sandringham. Why? I asked. His reply: ‘’a young feller called Ron Barassi came in and took my spot” - said with a chuckle!
  7. Legit query - who are Walker and Bedford?
  8. Next number depends on how many goals Jeff Garlett kicks in 2019. Hopefully lots! The sequence = the number of goals he has scored per season since 2011
  9. My brother-in-law is a GC member (although he follows Melb). He reckons Kade is a whipping boy for the fans up there, almost on a Watts scale. He has undoubted talent, but there is something missing. What that is he doesn't know.
  10. Players can't be traded without their agreement, and certainly can't be "on-traded" as you suggest. Picks can be, but not players.
  11. There's also a clue to our next CEO on the advertising. If only we'd seen it...
  12. Yes. It is also worth noting while Oscar did make some awful mess-ups, his opponent Bruce had almost zero impact on the game.
  13. Really? I have seen him picking up the ball on the move and dishing off to team-mates in a way that is breathtaking. Poor at ground level? No way
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