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  1. Back out in the f truck tomorrow night. Great way to spend our one month wedding anni.
  2. Thanks for the reports Saty. One thing I've been wondering about is our drop off in skills this year. It seemed like from the reports pre season last year compared to previous years that maybe there wasn't the level of ball work combined with hard running etc. Do you think the skill work was at the same level last year as there was in the previous couple? I remember how people remarked that after Roos took over that a lot of the fitness stuff included ball usage and match simulation. Maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree from interstate.
  3. We don't usually blink, just shart our dacks. 😏 Worth a try I guess.
  4. Oh Springfield. Horrible option
  5. He'll probably be a better player at a club with a better culture and a better coach.
  6. I reckon we'll really regret this. Our backline is brittle and small apart from May. Jetta is awesome but getting on. How much longer can we keep playing him on bigger blokes and continue to see him crunched? Lever and May, will they be fit? Oscar? Pfft Lockhart is good but small. Frost has improved every year. The game is getting faster and faster. He's got great closing speed. He wasn't used enough last year for kick ins and breaking lines. He's our second big backman and he's off. Roos built our team from the backline up. It's looking shaky and Tomlinson ain't going to fix it.
  7. Should Gil give GWS a priority pick after this? 😜
  8. They're playing like us. Over handballing and bombing it in forward.
  9. Totally agree. His short passes really improved especially in the second half of the season. Go back and watch the last few games. Ummm no, no-one would do that.
  10. I think there's a couple of key things that think we'd be mad to let him go. - speed. The games getting faster. Jetta, may and Oscar aren't. He has great closing speed and breaks the lines. - size. Who do we have besides and injury prone May to use on the big forwards? Oh that's right, let's crunch Nev. - improvement. He has consistently improved from being a ball watcher to being more accountable. People keep bagging his disposal but if you watch the second half of this year, you can see he is now stopping and using the short kicks much more and being more accurate. - effort. Something that was lacking at the tail end by quite a few others. He keeps putting in. He has the right attitude. - durability. Nev is getting on, May and Lever are a bit shaky. Do we really want to risk losing one of our best backmen at the moment. He's stayed pretty fit throughout. We are going to regret letting him go.
  11. Just checking in with Tobes to see what time suits him for another fine.
  12. One of the worst umpires finals I can remember. They really lost control of it in the first half and Lions did a Dees in the second
  13. They get the Greene light from the AFL don't they. Boomtish
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