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  1. Who was that kid kicking for goal? Get him in!
  2. Yep. Your brain is not your friend. The whole process has to be so ingrained it's just a routine. Coaching and mountains of practice.
  3. We looked much faster out of our defense without Lewis
  4. But as per the North player last week. Durdin I think it was. Got suspended for a perfectly legal shepherd because his opponent was concussed. So... the logic (haha) would be suspension for the Eagles players as per the new rule introduced this year. Accidental head knocks which lead to concussion get you suspended
  5. So that would be 3 suspensions for wce players right? Watch the mrp backflip
  6. Great post. It maybe too late for the season but we played some fantastic footy. Fix our forward entries (And Traccs brain) and we'll be flying again. Hore is a great find. Really composed. Gawns ruck work was brilliant. Still love Frosty and the way his season is building. That one handed Guernsey shred tackle was brilliant. Hunt is finally in the right spot. Fritsch should probably be up there too. Go Dees.
  7. Collingwood did it last year
  8. I had a squiz on the Norf big footy forum and of course they were [censored] off. The mentioned another rule change this year I wasn't aware of. Even if it's an accidental head clash, you're liable for suspension. That's what has happened. See this great article from Nathan Burke. https://thenewdaily.com.au/sport/afl/2018/12/14/afl-rules-changes-footy/ It almost seems like the best tactic now would be if you're involved in a head clash and you're opponent is dazed and needs help from the ground.... Feign concussion and wobble off with them because you're gunna get a week at least. If both players are concussed do both players get suspended? Wtf Just imagine how this rule could play out at finals time. Geez they're wrecking the game so quickly at the moment.
  9. It was like a rugby maul in parts
  10. Yep agree. With us losing more defenders and the two best players in the VFL being forwards (Preuss and Smith), someone has to roll back. Tmac is the likely candidate. It's not like our forward line functioned well last night. Might as well change it up.
  11. Totally agree chook. Oscar just doesn't man up and keep his opponent accountable. He completely missed 3 spoils tonight. Needs to go back to vfl and find his form. West Coast will monster him if he plays.
  12. I thought he might have been pushed off it as he kicked. The kick wobbled so I reckon it was fluffed or miskicked from contact. I'm sure he was having a ping at goal.
  13. Frosty looking more confident every week. Wagner did some good things too. I think Keilty can make it but Preuss will take his spot unless he can crack in today
  14. Feel like we've travelled back in time 6 months.
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