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  1. I worry that we can ruin blokes like Kossy Picket. I don't think I've seen a better display of delivery by foot into a backline. Just dumb.
  2. Geez, I haven't seen Gawny play a game like this for ages. He seems crook or something.
  3. Oliver just walked after an opponent then. Is Viney the only one that didn't go out on the pi$$ last night?
  4. He'll swing the changes for the last and we'll have a cracking last qtr
  5. OPPO waltzing out of the backline all day
  6. Brayshaw still needs to yell over the non existent crowd
  7. Do we have enough players to field a team? Bloody hell. Good luck girls. Here's hoping for a final series against all odds. Go Dees
  8. Is that 16 x 30 second quarters 😁 Kinda like NFL. Whack an ad in between each play. I dont see the point in this unless we're going to be running a compressed schedule. I doubt they'll return to longer quarters next year. We've finally built up a fitness base this year too. Won't be as big of an advantage now.
  9. Its was so very Melbourne. 3 goals 6 behinds and three kicked out on the full.
  10. Screen and quarantine all teams to Tassie! Play all games down there for the year! 18 Tassie teams haha
  11. Not according to Joshy Friedenbrain this morning. All was pumping along strong before this.
  12. Looks a bit like our forward line setup!
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