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  1. Yeah I think players would just try to engineer more stoppages to try and conserve energy.
  2. This is spot on. No such thing as incorrect disposal now. Also, it drives me nuts watching players tackle someone to ground and then pin the ball into their opponent. It's effectively holding the ball by the tackler. Can't wait for boundary umpires to be paying frees as well. So over officiated. They should go back to two central umpires and just put their whistles away. The NRL and soccer must be laughing at this. Hocking is a [censored]. Our game is becoming a joke.
  3. Our forward entries are like a 15 year old boy trying to pick up at a blue light disco
  4. Get ready for 16 on the field
  5. I think this sums it up well and I'd add that our chaos / handball chains to team mates 1m Apart leads us to being under immense pressure when the kick forward finally comes. There's no outside run and spread which leads to lots of our kicks into 50 being under immense pressure and through traffic. So, it's not just skills, it's playing to a formula where you find space to settle and deliver to your forwards well. The double whammy is that the rebound back out end up with the opposition players running free and of course delivering more effectively to their forwards. When it goes in to 50, it has to stay in.
  6. Agree, Clarrie was the only one worth watching today. He's a shining light in a pile of poo.
  7. Have a big fat weisenstaphaner and a schnapps for me @ProperDee first time in a long time I won't be making the two hour trip to the Gabba. I just can't be sure what they're going to dish up but here's hoping we've got the wheels back on. Looking forward to more beast mode from Viney. Go Dees
  8. There was some contested footy in the centre square during the third where he crunched 1 Freo player bringing him to ground, tripped a second Freo player over with his head and then got up and brought a third player down with another crunching tackle. What amazed me in that skirmish at the end of the third was after decking Walters, he had three Freo players come at him and he didn't even raise his hands up to instinctively protect himself. He just kinda came at them and roared in full beast mode while they tried to rip his Guernsey off. You can see in the photo, his hands stayed down the whole time as if egging them on to throw one just to make him angrier. He's just brilliant to watch when the red haze comes over him.
  9. I watched him take a blokes legs out with his head in the last then get up straight up and lay a tackle. Great game by Viney.
  10. Still bombing into the forward line. I bet we won the f50 entries again and lost the quarter as usual.
  11. I wonder if Rawlings pushed for Fritsch forward. I hope he gets a good couple of games in the forward line to prove himself. He's a natural up there I reckon
  12. I hear he had a promising pre-season and is looking ripe for debut in the JLT series in 2020
  13. Geez I hope we can hang on to him. Great to have Jade back in a senior role. It wouldn't hurt the club to throw good money at him to keep him in as a 2IC to Goody. He's not a bad plan b if Goody can't turn things around by mid 2020.
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