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  1. Sounds like there's plenty on your plate Dazzle. Hope all turns out ok for you and your family and I guess it puts supporting this club in to perspective. I really like this forum too most of the time but it is a waste of valuable time in lots of ways
  2. Exactly. I suspect thats where Clayton Oliver and a few others are at. Now, they're heading out on the road for weeks with a club they don't seemed to be engaged with
  3. My great grand father was captain in 1876. Supported the club for 50 years now. Interstate member for at least the last 10. I can't bring myself to donate anymore. I have previously, because I believed the club could succeed. As I said to my wife tonight, I no longer have hope that this club can survive or succeed. Watching Brayshaw, Oliver Melksham etc this year, they've lost hope too. I'll keep buying a membership but I think this club is toast.
  4. Thats the worrying bit. If the likes of Oliver, Brayshaw, Melksham aren't buying in and just jogging, it's up to the coaches to drive the culture and get them to buy in to the game plan. Why would a player buy in to our current game plan? Anyone?
  5. Passengers everywhere. Sparrow, Jones, Jetta and Weid / Brown have to come in.
  6. Watching this team every week is like being loaded into a shopping trolley at the top of a steep hill. It can start really exciting but by halfway through you realise you're totally out of control and about to crash and burn. Lucky the coach is there to take you back up the top to give you some learnings and send you down in the trolley again.
  7. Geez I hate those ridiculous 50m frees. gifted goal to the cats
  8. I think our list management is alright. We have the talent, but we're very good at ruining it. Chaos ball doesn't really bring out the best in most people. Kent is much better at St Kilda, Howe much better at Collingwood because they have better structure and game plans.
  9. Yep, thought the same last week when they beat the Tiges. Transformed their game over summer. Good brand of footy. They're a much better team than us now.
  10. Try scotch. Get your bearings on your doorways first! 😁
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