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  1. Angus Brayshaw going from third last year to not getting a vote this year epitomises our season, bloody horrible to say the least!!
  2. Yep, me too, was a young kid in 70’s, then the rest😩😫🤬
  3. That is the coaches fault, why do we only play 2-3 quarters a week, there’s a complete lack of motivation from the players and the coaching does nothing to rectify this, Goodwin is not up to it, get rid of him!
  4. Yes we have, but it’s not just poor disposal, it’s bombing into forward line, not even looking to pass it to one of us, it’s complete lack of motivation, basically putting in for 60 min in a game then giving up, you’re right, it’s not just poor disposal it’s everything, and there’s no signs of rectifying any of the problems!!
  5. And Goodwin is NOT the right guy, we’ve been playing same way all year, turnovers, bombing into forward line, he’s a pathetic coach and we must get rid of him! Pay Roos $2 million a year to come back to club and finish the job!!!
  6. WTF?? Who listens to that stupid mutton anyway, she’s a Richmond POS and nobody cares about her, what a way to treat the 52000 meembers of Melbourne footy club, Caroline Wilson is a sad old geriatric fart, wish she’d just [censored] off!!
  7. Goodwin is not the man for the job, we have been playing the same football all year and he has been unable to rectify our pathetic disposal. He’s had ALL YEAR to do something about it and has done nothing, we should give Roos $2 million to come back for 3 years. Goodwin is a ‘nice guy’ but he’s a useless coach, if we are going to do anything next year we need to get rid of Goodwin!!!!!
  8. Goodwin is not the right guy, he does nothing, NOTHING, to change what’s going on on the field, get rid of him, sick of it, just sick of it!!!
  9. Wagners both need to be dropped and not played again, our problem is our bottom 6 players are trash, Wagners, OMac, ANB, Baker and Smith were absolute rubbish, it’s the difference between winning and losing! Baker is young and will be a good player, the other 5 are not worth persevering with!
  10. I give him 10 games next year, if we are less than 5 wins he can pack his bags, sick of this [censored]
  11. Needs to be an investigation into what happened this year, letting Roos go after 3 years was a mistake, should have given him 2 million to stay on. Don’t think Goodwin is up to it!!!!
  12. If Goodwin doesn’t improve this team next year he is finished, I’ll give him 10 matches next year
  13. Melbourne football club are mentally weak, I knew when scores were level we’d get beaten by 12-24 points, we have got a losing mentality
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