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  1. Exactly, TMac will be back, and Weideman only needs to get his hands on it 10 times a game, he can kick goals
  2. Reality is, Stretch and Maynard only 2 who’ve done anything
  3. Out: Jones In: Maynard
  4. Watching this Casey team looks like I’m watching Demons 2012
  5. Gotta be the wind, all our players going up 2 secs too early
  6. ANB: gutless and pathetic OMac: just hopeless Frost: comedy capers Umpires: an absolutely disgusting disgrace, should never umpire a game again
  7. Jones and Viney both struggling
  8. Out: ANB, OMac, Frost, TMac In: Stretch, Pruess, Keilty, Petty
  9. ANB, a midfielder had 8 touches
  10. Umpires the worst I’ve ever seen
  11. Some of the mistakes by Frost and OMac are laughable, I honestly don’t think they’re good enough for Casey
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