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  1. ANB, Hannan, Lockhart must be dropped, first two are a waste of space, Lockhart needs a break at Casey
  2. Yep, I’d play Billy and JKH ahead of ANB
  3. Reckon if Spargo got properly fit and turned fat into muscle he’d be a good rover forward pocket
  4. I thought we kind of played ok, they were at it and only lapses let the filth get a few easy goals, still some players who are dismally out of form, like Viney, Jones, McDonald, and players who shouldn’t be in there, Spargo, Wagner. Hannan was dodgy but he’s just coming back, and I reckon Lever and May will be absolute guns for us if they stay on park. Blokes in middle still doing it for us and Petracca was good too... keep them on park, get Milkshake and VDB back we’ll win 5-7 more games this year!!
  5. Pruess must get a game next week, [censored] to death of Wagner, Spargo getting games before him, Goodwin must stop playing favourites, and play deserving players
  6. WTF is Wagner still getting a game for, ANB is better than this bloke
  7. Max is a champion player, never stops giving, he must be captain next year, Jack needs to step back and work on his game, he needs one focus, and that is playing good football, at the moment he’s not!!
  8. You are full of such joyous wonderment.................NOT FFS, the kid is 19yo, he needs to lose a bit of fat and get a couple of pre seasons and he will come up!!
  9. Geelong have peaked too early, they’ll die in the [censored]
  10. Stretch wasn’t near our worst
  11. Absolutely dude, get sick to death of 'experts' on this forum continually having their whipping boys, ANB and Wagner's are far worse than Stretch, at least Billy touches the ball
  12. Exactly, TMac will be back, and Weideman only needs to get his hands on it 10 times a game, he can kick goals
  13. Reality is, Stretch and Maynard only 2 who’ve done anything
  14. Out: Jones In: Maynard
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