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  1. I like Cornes as a commentator too, says what he thinks and doesn't care what others think about it, unlike many ex footballers in media who are too scared to say anything bad about current footballers. Don't agree with Harmes comments though, Harmes is a good footballer, will go probably another 7-8 seasons and play over 250 for Demons, wouldn't be on too much, maybe $400k a season, why not give him a 5 year deal, don't see the issue here..
  2. Melbourne football club never take a chance, probably one of the reasons they've been so crap for years, it's always by the book #boring
  3. Harmes a C? Brayshaw(3rd in Brownlow '18) a B-?, Lever a C+? that's just a few, Buckenarra is f*%kwit
  4. dave

    Tom Papley

    Twats at Princess Park are giving up number 9
  5. dave

    Tom Papley

    Yes agree, but I reckon Andrew Gaff would come home in the right circumstances, and that would be playing for the team he supported as a kid, he has a clause in his contract that if there are personal reasons for coming home WC will find a way, what about pick number 3 for Gaff?
  6. dave

    Tom Papley

    Papley is a young gun who's only going to get better, I reckon considering there's apparently not much difference between pick 3 and 20 we should be giving Sydney pick 3 for Papley, he's nominated Carlton but says just wants to get back to Melbourne and doesn't really care where he plays!
  7. Been supporting club from day i was born, over 50 years, this year, 2019, was the most disappointing year I’ve ever seen. I was going every week and by the end I was speechless, that Sydney game was just heartbreaking, they played, except Max, Trac, Fritter and Ollie, like they couldn’t give a rats tossbag, couldn’t care what the coaches were telling them, it was horrible. This was Sydney we were playing, no buddy and they hadn’t won for 6 games, and they flogged us. It was disgraceful!
  8. Whoever had the idea of playing Fritsch down back for first 30 games of his AFL career should be sacked, we all knew Fritsch was a forward and if left there could kick 40-50 goals a season
  9. Mike Sheahan just said on SEN, Todd Viney is leaving Demons Right at the End from about 34:48
  10. About 15 players had injury interrupted pre season, that’s the main reason we had such a horrible year, speaking to Corey Maynard, who retired recently, he’s absolutely positive about next year, says we will be back as a force when everyone is fit and firing!
  11. It aint Jones, he’s been a stalwart of our club for 14 years, it’s numbnuts like ANB, Wagner, JKH, Spargo who are not good enough to be on AFL lists
  12. And what the [censored] has happened to Salem, Goodwin is the worst coach ever, he has ground these blokes to the point they have forgotten how to bloody handball and kick
  13. Commentators are [censored] idiots, Hudson was going on and on about [censored] Brown all day, I mean FFS, the bloke is an actor not a footballer
  14. ANB cannot possibly play again, to think we got rid of Watts and kept this bloke, plus Goodwin keeps bloody playing him FFS
  15. That’s exactly my thought too, ANB couldn’t kick a set shot from 30 out if his life depended on it, he’s the WORST player on our list!!
  16. It is simply the coach, I like Goodwin but he’s been out coached every week of this season, its been quite pathetic to watch, I couldn’t watch on Friday, it was deplorable sitting there embarrassed for the football team I love, we need to get rid of Goodwin and pay Roos $2 million to comeback for another 3 years
  17. Normally at the footy I’m yelling and screaming and giving it to umps or whatever, tonight I was just embarrassed, it was the most inept performance I’ve seen in a long long long time, I can’t even remember being this embarrassed before. Neeld years we were young and list was inept, we have some very good players at the moment, few that have been all Australians, one that came third in Brownlow last year. What the hell Goodwin has done to these players I just don’t know, there’s at least 6 in tonight’s team that won’t be there next year but they’re playing with no confidence no heart no nothing, it has to be the coach, he doesn’t get them playing for him, they’re pathetic, half the time tonight I had my head in my hands, just could not watch, they’re a fifth rate team, they need a new coach and a total cleanout!
  18. Lever is a gun, he’s still only 22, he did he his knee and has never had a real run at it, he’s worth everything we gave for him, and he’ll play 200 games for us, May the same, an absolute gun who will be a great player for us for 5 years
  19. Offer him $2 million a year
  20. Yes I reckon he’d be good for another year, but I’m pretty sure he’s decided this is his last.
  21. Yes we’ve had injuries, so have many other clubs, we’ve got no depth, we continue to play Wagner bros and the ‘runner’ ANB thinking he can play football🙄. Goodwin is not the guy for the job, this years coaching performance is the worst since Neeld in ‘12, ‘13, the players have no confidence, cannot kick the ball, cannot handball properly, continually fumble, and worst of all seem to give up when going gets a bit tough, soft is the word for it. Goodwin is NOT the man for the job and should be replaced at end of year!
  22. Garry Lyon speaks the truth, he’s a died in the wool demon supporter like all of us, what he says comes from the heart. We have been an absolute disgrace this year, to go from where we were last year to dishing out the absolute inane diarrhoea the team is spewing out this year is unforgivable. Goodwin has to be given the flick, this year has been the worst coaching performance since Mark Neeld, we have seen the same mistakes made week in week out for 18 weeks and nothing done about it, I’ve never been more angry with this pathetic excuse for a sporting team before, and considering some of the garbage we’ve played over the last 50 years that’s saying something. Pert needs to take Goodwin into his office and stamp his papers, the man is not a coaches [censored]. Get Ratten!!
  23. Currently in Denver but listened, great to see big Tom MacDonald back
  24. absolute bollocks from an obvious bung-nut!!
  25. Reckon he's gonna be a gun, seems to have plenty of time
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