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  1. They clearly have not tried. Swans intent evidenced by their fierce tackling ......its night and day.
  2. Yea my mistake but I still think they shouldnt be there. So you think these guys should stay before others. Well done.
  3. Why were Stretch ...anb and spargo picked......10 touches bw them? Its not their poor performance but more the prediction of it.
  4. Cant this mob will play finals next year. Or any year now.
  5. Poor efforts all round but at the end of the day he has to cop his share of blame.
  6. Captain jnes zero tackles for a half while swans have laid 40 to 20 of them
  7. Lever for ankle surgery? Is he made of glass? poor bloke.
  8. Anb....strech and Spargo pla ying when they should be the first 3 out the door. Its a worry.
  9. Does anb getting a gig tonight mean he wont be delisted?
  10. That ump that paid that against Frost is a clear cheet.
  11. One would have thought that the guy would have done more up fwd given his season. Not a defender and not a forward. Perhaps hes holding out for some time on the ball.
  12. Well at least we lnow via a process of elimination that there is no place for omac.
  13. Can we please see more bouncers for the English tail?
  14. Plus the fact that only 5 players carry the load for those first 3 qrts.
  15. Was his biggest supporter arguing for him to be selected. Sorry.
  16. Dont know how Max gets the motivation to play with these blokes. Their lucky they cant look him in the eye.
  17. I want the club to raffle chances for members to address the players.
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